The week in review

Latest in the McDonnell scandal: The Washington Post reports that the investigation into a $15,000 wedding gift for catering to Governor Bob McDonnell's daughter from Star Scientific's Johnnie Williams is expanding. Former Albemarle winemaker Patricia Kluge has been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury. Her lawyer tells the Post she is a close friend of First Lady Maureen McDonnell, and denies any impropriety.

But wait, there's more: The Times-Dispatch reports that Williams treated Maureen McDonnell to a shopping spree in New York in 2011, and put a $10,000 Oscar de la Renta suede jacket on his tab, along with two pairs of designer shoes, a Louis Vuitton leather handbag and a designer dress.

Worst home invasion: A 24-year-old man is shot and robbed when he opens his door at 1:30am June 18 in the 2300-block of Shelby Road, according to the Progress. The victim's wounds are non-life-threatening, and the suspects are described as two black males.

Worst trend: Two more armed home invasions take place the evening of June 20. The first is reported in the 200-block of Colonnade Drive around 11:16pm and the suspects are described as two "unknown men," according to a release. About an hour later, Albemarle police respond to the 200-block of Lakeview Drive, where three "unknown men" had robbed the resident at gunpoint, in both instances absconding with electronics and cash.

Worst hit-and-run: Motorcyclist Oneal F. Newman, 50, and passenger Joyce A. Herriot, 53, both of Spotsylvania, are killed after being struck and ejected from their bike, and then struck again by the same vehicle June 22 in Louisa. Police say Kenneth G. Wadford, 30, was driving the 2003 GMC Savana 3500 van that hit the couple and continued on for about a mile when the van broke down. Wadford fled on foot and was arrested two days later in a business near the scene.

Loss: Former Curry School of Education dean Dick Brandt, 90, dies June 14 in Crozet. Brandt headed Curry for 10 years starting in 1974.

Loss: Percy Montague III, founder of Montague, Miller & Company realtors and developer of projects that include Greenbrier and Woodbrook subdivisions, and Fashion Square Mall, dies June 22 at age 91.

Loss: Former Albemarle supervisor Tony Iachetta, 85, who represented the Rio District for two terms starting in 1975 and is the father of Charlottesville registrar Sheri Iachetta Owen, dies June 24.

Worst news for the Ebola virus: UVA School of Medicine researchers have discovered that a drug used to treat female infertility– clomiphene– and one used to treat breast cancer– toremifene– can effectively block Ebola infections in mice. Ebola infections are fatal 90 percent of the time and there is no cure.

Best getaway story: The man who robbed the Union Bank on the Downtown Mall June 17 allegedly made his getaway by cab. The unnamed cab company source tells NBC29 the robber waited 20 minutes to get picked up on South Street, counted money in the back of car and said it was an inheritance, and was dropped off at an address outside Charlottesville. Police say they can't confirm the escape by taxi.

What police can confirm: Richard Nelson Hawkins III, a.k.a. Squirrel, is arrested June 23 in Staunton in connection with the United Bank robbery. Hawkins, 37, is charged with entering a bank armed to commit larceny and is being held without bond.

Best get for Parkinson's disease: The Michael J. Fox Foundation donates $600K to the Focused Ultrasound Foundation to see if focused ultrasound is effective in treating involuntary tremors.

Best documentary: The Center for Politics wins an Emmy for its Out of Order: Civility in Politics, which was produced with Community Idea Stations.

Most welcomed departure: The term of UVA Board of Visitors Rector Helen Dragas, she of last year's President Teresa Sullivan-ouster debacle, ends June 30, and the American Association of University Professors issues a statement that there is "reason to hope" the governance crisis at the university has ended.

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2013 promo for Cville Restaurant Week is the same lame look as the day it started.

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