Family in the dark: Police still mum on who shot Greg Rosson

July 8 was the one-month anniversary of Gregory Rosson's death. His family visited his grave, their tears mixing with the rain that was falling. "It still feels like it just happened," says a family member.

More than five weeks after the 21-year-old's June 8 death, police still have not identified the officer who fired the fatal shot at Rosson, and his family tells the Hook they don't understand why.

"The investigation is still ongoing, and it's a State Police investigation," says Albemarle police spokesperson Carter Johnson.

"The investigation remains ongoing," echoes Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller.

Albemarle Commonwealth's Attorney Denise Lunsford, who will determine whether charges will be filed, did not return a phone call from the Hook.

County police received a 911 call of a domestic abuse situation at 2:16am June 8 in the 9000-block of Rockfish Gap Turnpike, according to a state police press release. The responding officer allegedly saw Rosson assaulting a woman, and when Rosson ran toward him, fired.

It was Rosson's mother, Denise Moore Rosson, who had called police for help, says a family member, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity. "She wanted help for both of them," says the relative.

She was worried because of Rosson's tumultuous relationship with the former girlfriend, and because her son had been diagnosed with dissociative personality disorder following an altercation with police in December at a Greenwood gas station, according to the unnamed relative. Rosson had been scheduled to appear in court June 11 on charges of assaulting an officer and disarming an officer of a stun gun.

"No I haven't heard anything, and no I'm not satisfied with any of it because my child is dead," says Denise Rosson in response to a Facebook message from the Hook.

Rosson's was the fourth police-involved shooting in the past six months, and the third involving an Albemarle police officer.


I think I'm gonna puke.

Rosson's was the fourth police-involved shooting in the past six months, and the third involving an Albemarle police officer.

So much that the mere mention of his name cannot be tolerated?

And Love.

Greg didn't have a huge reputation. If you can't tolerate his name then stay off the articles. None of yall have a clue what all went on and you shouldn't speak upon it.. Those of you who feel the need to judge should just keep your mouth shut... There's only one judge and that's God... So get up off Greg and worry about your own lives cause no ones perfect and especially those.who judge... does it make you feel food about yourself bashing someone who is dead and can't defend their self??? To read these negative comments makes me wanna puke... KNOW YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU SPEAK ABOUT GREG, YOU DON'T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIM NOR WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM...

Hi All:
I would first say that the police need a serious shaking out, the good old boy network here is appalling to me. I've had my traffic issues with these good old boys and it's really a matter of how they feel and who they'd like to support, justice in the south is a fallacy..
About god judging, no...another fallacy, only humans judge and we are masters at it. When you understand that that's what the mind does you can take it with a grain of salt and even laugh at ourselves when the mind engages.
You see, we kill in the name of god, god would not do that.

@Ignorant People Makes Me Want To Puke. I was talking about Jimbo. You are right to be angry at me, but you should be more angry at the Hook for deleting my first comment about having a vague idea why the police are keeping mum, followed simply by one name. (They let my next two comments remain, which stupidly was addressed towards them. I can only imagine the pain the Rosson's are feeling and I'm truly sorry and I should have just said so. I didn't know Jimbo well but I knew him well enough and he wasn't the type of person you forget. He had a big heart, he had courage and he commanded respect and if you killed one of his family members well, you had just better hope he finds a way to forgive you, and you had better hope those who care about him and his family do as well.

Knowing Jimbo, he probably blames himself as much as anyone for what happened. That is, if he is even from the same Rosson clan. Pray for him and pray for the family.

And if you can find it in your heart, pray for me as well


Public safety is a first duty of local government! But Albemarle Supervisors seem willy nillly disinterested in public safety, if MULTIPLE SHOOTING by County Police can go on and on and on without UNCONFLICTED investigation. INSIDER investigations are worthless: they further violate public trust in their public safety.

And, btw, remember that Albemarle Police were caught in a racket of on-the-job and in-the-workplace sexual orgies, not long ago! They tried to HUSH THAT UP quick. But, truth is that Albemarle Police were engaging in group sex ON THE JOB, and IN THE WORKPLACE.

What does that tell you?

Jimbo is Gregs family..... Thanks God-fearer

ipmmwp, I'm sorry that I have disrespected the Rosson's privacy. I'm not sorry for trying to do what I can to resolve whatever can be resolved of this tragedy, if that's even possible. If there's one thing I do know it is that Greg's smile is even wider now than it is in the photo now that he is in the loving arms of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Actually, I don't even know this. But I do believe.

Maybe waiting a while for the family to process this before concluding the investigation (or releasing the results of the investigation) is a good idea, but it's already been over a month and a half. It's beginning to add insult to homicide. Whatever's going to happen will happen, I think a jury trial is in order myself.