Last picture show

Sunday, Aug. 4, 2100 hrs. Moviegoers approach Vinegar Hill Theatre, one last time. A very different experience than the multi-screen, acres of asphalt Movieplex.

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Too bad that local gem wasn't in the hands of someone who knew how to make it work. Any word on what's to become of the community funded projector?

do you realize how hard it is to make a business work when you're living under the threat of your building being sold at any time? operating on a month-to-month lease basis is incredibly difficult. also: do you have any solutions for what the theater should've done as the competition basically wrecked their chances of bringing in any profitable movies when they opened up the regal on the mall to independent films?

as for the projector: this is just a guess, but it's probably in harrisonburg's court square theater now, as they have partnered up with the visulite folks.