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Remembering Jim Crow
As a boy growing up on Dice Street in Depression-era Charlottesville, Eugene Williams felt the pain of segregation and racism. A family tragedy compounded the pain, but Williams persevered and, now in his 80s, continues to fight for equality.

Dangerous drug
The death of four young adults including UVA student Mary Shelley Goldsmith has brought national scrutiny to the popular party drug with the cutesie name "Molly." Also known as ecstasy or MDMA, it has shown promise as an aid to psychotherapy but UVA's top toxicologist says there's no way to take it safely– and he's seen near tragedies firsthand.

Schoolhouse rocks!
A county home that blends a former turn of the century schoolhouse with an art gallery sounds like just the place for a cultured buyer who's looking for something more— and less— than a standard McMansion.

Life changer
Nearly 10 years ago, essayist Carroll Trainum penned a piece for the Hook about the hat that changed his life. A decade in, his "Sox lid" is still firmly in place on his head, and Boston is still in his heart.

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