Ovation time: UVA baseball returns

news-uvabaseballcelebration-mednews-uvabaseballcelebration2-med"We had a heck of a run," exclaimed coach Brian O'Connor, as he welcomed the returning UVA baseball team to Davenport Field Thursday evening after its first-ever appearance in the College World Series. "This team," O'Connor told a crowd of over 1,000 fans, "will be remembered as the greatest team in UVA baseball history." As the applause from the standing ovation subsided, he cracked, "That's until next season."

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Awesome season - the best thing to happen around here sports-wise in many, many years.

Better start raising money for a stadium expansion in a hurry! As good as this team has the potential to be next year, we don't want to see them shipped three time zones away because the stadium is too small.

You made us all proud and ignited a love for baseball in this community that now on fire will not soon fade--looking forward to next season and a wealth of wonderful returning players.