LETTER- Calling all pledgers

Thanks for covering Planned Parenthood of the Blue Ridge's Pledge-A-Picket program ["Picket payday: Planned Parenthood one-ups protesters," March 1]. In the few days following publication of your article, we've received pledges of varying amounts from over 20 new donors! 

Hook readers can join the Pledge-A-Picket campaign at the Planned Parenthood of the Blue Ridge website, ppblueridge.org. We accept pledges of any amount– a quarter, dollar or some other amount per picketer per day – and donors can indicate a maximum limit on the amount they would be willing to pay each month. Funds raised through the Pledge-A-Picket program support the Women In Need fund that provides grants to low-income women seeking any of our reproductive healthcare services.

Planned Parenthood of the Blue Ridge is a non-profit organization and receives no public funding in Charlottesville. Donations from supporters are absolutely essential in  maintaining our low-cost services, including birth control, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, pap smears, and emergency contraception– all of which prevent unintended pregnancies and the spread of infection.

Sadly, even these prevention services are under attack. One bill considered during the 2007 Virginia General Assembly session (HB 2797) would have defined constitutional personhood from the moment of fertilization. This bill was not only aimed at undermining Roe v. Wade, but also threatened access to FDA-approved methods of contraception. What's more shocking is that this extreme measure received 43 votes of support when it came to the floor in the House of Delegates!

If readers believe that women, teens, and families should be able to access confidential, compassionate, and comprehensive healthcare, I urge them to join Pledge-A-Picket, write a letter to their legislators, initiate a conversation with a friend, or do whatever they can to support access to these much-needed services. 

Becky Reid
Grassroots Organizer, Planned Parenthood of the Blue Ridge


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