Locals know it's 'chello'

After reading Marlene Condon's letter [September 2: "Do locals always rule?"], I must admit I am offended. Having grown up and lived in this area most of my life, I know the pronunciation of Monticello has been mont-i-chel-lo.

So to blame the "transplanted intelligentsia" for the proper pronunciation rather than those from the area is insulting. Usually, the other pronunciation comes from those trying to speak faster than they should or wishing to add a false local flavor. A prime example would be in Norfolk where the locals have some difficulty with the four-syllable Avenue called Monticello and try to get it down to two.

Should Marlene Condon have any questions, she should think about this: a violoncello is pronounced 'violon chello' or simply 'chello.'

Howard Huffman