September 9th, 2004 issue #0336

September 9th, 2004
  • No mercy: New DUI laws even tougher

    Drunk driving got a little bit more dangerous– for the drunks doing the driving. Second-time offender Bill Gordon, author of the accompanying story, for instance, would now face 10 days in jail, double the sentence he served earlier this year. On July 1, Virginia enacted 25 new laws in an effort to show no mercy to drinkers who get behind the wheel. "If you drink and drive in Virginia, we will catch you, and we will convict you," warns Delegate Rob Bell, who carried five of those bills. "The goal is not to lock people up. The goal is to get them off the road."

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  • Roadless area: Confessions of a drunk driver

    It was maybe four in the morning when she asked me if I wanted to see her nipple piercing. "Sure." I admired the view, she pulled her bikini top back into place, and I sat back against the wall of the hot tub, taking another gulp of box wine.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Most ambitious UVA plan: To become a chartered university and gain more autonomy from the Commonwealth of Virginia, which only provides about eight percent of UVA's budget....

  • The week in review

    Worst aftermath of Tropical Storm Gaston: Richmond's Shockoe Bottom is still staggered by August 30 flooding from a foot of rain that caused an estimated $60 million in dam...

Editor's Note

  • Welcome to Janis Jaquith

    You've read her in the Daily Progress. You've listened to her on WVTF public radio. You've even heard about her famous son, Waldo. Now, the noted essayist Janis Jaquith joi...

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Question of the Week

  • Have you ever driven drunk?

    Matthew Hernandez: "No, I have not. My brother got a DUI, so I've chosen to never drive drunk. In Iowa they're called OUI (operating under the influence) because folks can...

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    CHARLOTTESVILLE 6/29  Nancy C. and Winsor D. Simmons to MEZ Properties LLC, unit in Jefferson Park condominiums, $126,600. Myrtle R. Marks to Nancy R. and E.M. Pryor...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate - Update


    APPEARED IN THE HOOK: January 15, 2004, in issue 0302 ADDRESS: 217 Fifth St. SW, Fifeville ASKING PRICE: $375,000 NOW ASKING: $349,000 LISTED BY: Joan Esposito of Roy Wheel...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    September 10, at 1:30pm, at the Albemarle County Courthouse Property: 3243 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick Debtor: Kevin M. and Deborah T. Barry Amount owing: $383,200 Bidde...

Movie Reviews

  • What's it like? Depends on who you ask

    The HamiltonsStarr Hill RestaurantSaturday, September 4 I met a dude about a week ago who had just moved into the area from Florida. He proclaimed himself a diehard music ...

  • Mule train: Maria more slick than gritty

    The economy sucks everywhere. In Colombia they have the overwhelming numbers of poor people, the legitimate businessmen who exploit them, and the people involved in the dru...

Music Reviews

  • Dangerous skies: Picnics and harmony below

    Uncle Henry's Favoritesat Rhythm on the River at Dorrier Park in Scottsville September 5 Last Sunday, September 5, saw yours truly, for the second time ever, making his wa...

  • Let's look back: Save Dexys from oblivion!

    Dexys Midnight Runners':Too-Rye-Ay  Hey kids, remember 1982? The release of Thriller? Effusive praise for Quaker Oats PB & J cereal? The first artificial heart tr...


The Brazen Careerist

  • Bang-up jobs: Good letters get them

    Most cover letters are addressed to people you don't know, so let's just stop referring to them as cover letters since what they really are is sales letters. You're trying ...

Sports Doctor


    The Week in Review: Fastest four miles: Cynthia Campbell-Spangler dominates the September 4 Women's Four-Miler as she blazes the course in 23:48 en route to a 56-second vi...

Strange But True

  • Back to life? Shelley's tale pure fiction

    DRAWING BY DEBORAH DERR McCLINTOCK  Q. What famous real science experiment inspired the fictional coming to life of Dr. Frankenstein's monster? Could a dead person be...



  • Buckeye Howell: Show him the patience

    Because Ed Howell has loaded his McKim Hall office with sports memorabilia, one gets the sense that his high school coaching days are never far from his mind. But if you as...


  • Locals know it's 'chello'

    After reading Marlene Condon's letter [September 2: "Do locals always rule?"], I must admit I am offended. Having grown up and lived in this area most of my life, I know th...

  • Morris missed the boat

    In his August 26 letter to the editor, "Socialists in our midst," Jim Morris cites his leading objection to Where We Stand, Voices of Southern Dissent as being the fact tha...

  • Wolfe said it best

    Regarding architectural credits in your feature articles [Letter, "Our mall will be botched," September 2, 2004]: I love architects. Their efforts often tremendously enhanc...

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Real Estate - $old

Real Estate - Update

Real Estate Property auctions

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