Kerry's kid: Vanessa stumps at UVA, JMU

UVA pundit Larry Sabato looked calm as Vanessa Kerry, daughter of Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, spoke to UVA students at Newcomb Hall on Thursday, September 2.

Then– after a talk circuit that included Norfolk State and Virginia Commonwealth University as well as UVA– it was on to JMU for an afternoon appearance where Vanessa decried Democratic Georgia Senator Zell Miller's ringing Bush endorsement.

"I was listening to NPR this morning as I was running," Vanessa told JMU students, "and I had to turn the volume down because Zell Miller was absolutely screaming. And then I had to stop to keep from crying, to be honest. Because I'm just blown away that this is what they're resorting to."

Also on the campaign trail are Vanessa's older sister, Alexandra; their stepbrother, Andre Heinz; and Cate Edwards, daughter of the vice-presidential nominee. Only 27-year-old Vanessa stayed for the UVA and JMU appearances.

"When I think of the words campaign trail," she said, "my mind immediately goes to little sleep, lots of coffee, and cravings for Dairy Queen."


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