Nancy C. and Winsor D. Simmons to MEZ Properties LLC, unit in Jefferson Park condominiums, $126,600.

Myrtle R. Marks to Nancy R. and E.M. Pryor, 766 Belmont Avenue, $100,000.

Randolph Lisle to Mary R. Kutteruf, 1224 Cherry Avenue, $215,000.

Wendy F. Morris to Betty A. Harris, 409 Riverside Avenue, $137,000.

Rricor Rentals LLC to Mary L. B. and Sarah L. Pendergraft, 919 Altavista Avenue, $140,000.


Johanna Drucker and Thomas B. Freeman to Johanna Drucker, 110 Warren Lane, gift.

Eric W. and Amy Woolley to William A. Tobias, 248 Old Lynchburg Road, $189,900.

Lindsay N. Welks to David F. and Kathleen S. Bohr, 306 Monte Vista Avenue, $224,500.

Jacque C. Landry to Leah M. Woody, 1202 East Market Street, $168,000.

Ruth and Lisa M. Goodloe to Shawn T. Lyons and Bela L. Rivers-Lyons, 709 Rockcreek Road, $184,500.

D. Derek Furr and Caroline E. Ramaley to Eric Yoder and Amy M. Frazier, 610 Beechwood Drive, $184,000.

Fred J. B. Ernhardt, Ann H. and Linda Blake Gayle, trustees, to University of Virginia Foundation, five parcels on Cochran Street, West Main Street, 11th Street SW, and West Main Street and Jefferson Park Avenue, $8,800,000.

Christopher J. and Jenesse W. Evertson to Martin and Caroline Winters, 1615 Rose Hill Drive, $235,000.

Tim E. Grossman to Yvonne T. Griffin and Maryann Barnes, 1021 Birdwood Road, $155,000.

University of Virginia Foundation to Coamo Properties LLC, unit in Wertland Commons condominiums, 1305 Wertland Street, $115,250.

G. Michael and Pamela Forloines to Anselmo C. Canfora, 223 Brandywine Drive, $272,850.

Mary Ann Valente to Gloria G. D'Alessandro, unit in Charlottesville Towers condominium, $140,000.

Norfolk Southern Railway to Starr Hill Group LLC, parcel on 7-l/2 Street NW, $122,000.

Ken and Betty Jane Mori to Loving Road LLC, parcel on King Street, $125,000.

Virginia Jordan to Steven R. Paal, parcel in Jefferson Woods, gift.

Harold L. Haga, and Charles, Scott, and Ernesto V. Deomampo to Hope Foundation, five lots on 11th Street, no price given.


John R. and Thenora S. Carter to Karen Y. Valencia, 780 Prospect Avenue, Orangedale, $119,000.

Gregory T. and Sarah E. Goode to Wayne and Diane Murphy, 1136 Locust Avenue, $161,000.

Calvin C. Dean to John Wegner and Crystal McGee, 974 Laurie Glen, $174,900.

Stephen P. and Patricia W. Taylor to Tadin LLC, 918 Monticello Road, $205,000.

Kenneth D. Ball and Charles T. Fitch to Schoh M. Zwakman, 916 Locust Lane, $191,450.

Kristin E. and Shannon M. Fuller to Lisa A. Jacobson, 902 Locust Lane, $219,500.

Doris W. and LaMont Dudley Sr. and Marjorie D. Wins to Vulcan Development Co. LLC, parcel, $19,000.


Sean T. and Anne K. O'Brien to Robert Toplin, 1307 Greenway Road, $265,000.

Randolph W. Jones Jr. to David S. and Evelyn E. Jones, 114 Laurel Circle, $155,000.

David S. Winer to Mark J. Dypiangco and Leslie A. Ranwba, 202 Hillcrest Road, $379,000.

Whited Family LLC to Apostolos Boukourakis, unit in Jefferson Park condominiums, $120,000.

Elizabeth M. Cating to Jeffrey T. and Virginia S. St. Denis, 1619 East Market Street, $255,000.


Spring Water LLC to Adam L. Frazier, 707 Graves Street, $173,500.

Betty M. Goodman to Herbert L. and Mary E. Harlow, 1705 King Mountain Road, $250,000.

Bruce S. Winfield to Xingcheng Hua, 1439 Oxford Road, $300,000.

Craig W. and Nancy K. O'Brien to Roger G. and Damila H. Harlan, 807 Bolling Avenue, $150,000.

Carl E. Pippin, executor, to R. Scott and Hope E. Bagley, 2021 Greenbrier Drive, $249,000.



Clarance H. and Rachel H. Roberts to Andrea Doudera, 81.5 acres at 5591 Markwood Road, Beaver Dam Creek, $620,000.

Patricia A. Burton, trustee, to Pamela French, 2.0 acres at 1379 Buck Mountain Road, Earlysville, $275,000.

Virginia I. Simnad to Hong Pei and Runpei Wu, 630 Windrift Drive, Windrift subdivision, Earlysville, $245,000.

Two Hundred Fifty West Holdings LLC to Stephen R. Jacques, trustee, lot in Foxchase, $180,000.

James W. and Ruth R. Walker to Robert F. and Margaret D. Marsh, 1779 Old Brook Road, Fieldbrook, $289,000.

Lloyd D. and Bettina C. Hagen to Sara B. Maclin, 1247 Stonegate Way, Stonegate at Western Ridge, $229,900.

Quintain LLC to David Patterson Rock and Rosanne Baker-Rock, 43.88 acres on State Route 722, Old Green Mountain Road, $129,500.

Lewis F. and Patricia E. Cotignola to Dean H. and Deborah Musser, 5232 Chestnut Lane, Chestnut Grove, $285,000.

Contour Construction LLC to Robert D. Brugh, 2.182 acres in Airport Industrial Park, $445,000.

Betty J. Snider to James R. Terry, 3.040 acres at 7200 Fortune Lane, Keene, $135,000.

Roxane A. Shifflett and William E. Shull to Daniel J. and Debra L. Bean, 930 Holly Road, Stony Point, $126,000.

David H. and Alison J. Nohara to Lance O. and Jill L. Strain, 864 Swan Ridge Road, Redfields, $287,500.

John M. and Virginia B. Harrison to Frelin R. Compton and Patricia A. Uhlig, 201 Westbrook Place, $256,300.

Happy Valley LLC to Weston Development Co. LC, lot in Walnut Hills, $141,750.

Carolyn W. Fowley to Vassilios and Stella Hatzigeorgio, 3887 Pritchett Lane, $322,500.

B. Ramsey and Kelley M. Hathaway to David A. and Stephanie W. Robinson, 981 Pintail Lane, Redfields, $282,000.

Donn V. and Jeanne K. Campbell to Anthony P. and Joan B. Larocco, 3109 Edgewater Drive, Forest Lakes, $660,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Paul L. Gardner, 2444 Pendower Lane, Keswick, $250,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to David B. and Malissa G. Drake, parcel in Glenmore, Keswick, $300,000.

Farmer Cox Huff Associates to Edward L. and Patricia A. Miller, 1479 Birnam Drive, Birnam Wood, $159,500.

Louise C. and David J. Trudel to Bruce D. and Catherine Clemons, 3346 Cotswold Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $569,000.

Jason S. and Christin R. Drummond to Michelle Gray Smith and Robert Smith III, 445 Pleasant Place, Pleasant Ridge, Forest Lakes South, $370,000.

David and Nan C. Erb to Jeffrey and Joanne Leffeld, parcel in Parrotts, $500,000.

Florence G. Pugh to Melinda P. Talley, Emily P. Huffman, and Paul T. and Sidney R. Pugh Jr., 224 Pine Road, lot in Stony Point, gift.

Pierson Properties LLC to Cara L. Chambers, 1707 Webland Park, $154,900.

O. Douglas and Anne Boswell Royals to Plank Road Investors LLC, 98.500 acres at Royal Acre Farm, White Hall District, $1,325,000.


Skyline Home Builders LLC to Bernhard Z. and Donna Marie Steinbach, 2601 Northfield Road, Northfields, $330,000.

Sarah Hendley, trustee, to F. Troost Parker, III, trustee, 3.751 acres at 433 Ednam Forest Drive, Ednam, $900,000.

Pierson Properties LLC to Dominick T. Montie, unit in Webland Park condominiums, 1818 Webland Terrace, $194,500.

Ronald D. and Catherine Z. Prince to Barbara G. McKeithan, 1145 Dunlora Drive, Dunlora, $385,000.

Sara E. and Edwin L. Patterson to Julia P. Townsend, 6.34 acres on Blenheim Road, Scottsville, gift.

Vernon A. and Barbara R. Batten to Mark E. and Ellen M. Missana, 2623 Huntington Road, Northfields, $335,000.

Penny B. and Bobby D. Martin Sr. to Dale B. Freix, 4.07 acres at 638 Ivy Hill, State Route 250, $450,000.

Gene B. Hale Jr., executor, to Dale Walden, 2118 Shepherd's Ridge Road, Dunlora, $325,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Donna W. Dratwa, 5563 Stonegate Lane, Stonegate at Western Ridge, Crozet, $271,763.

Ashley R. and Pleasant H. Bagby Jr., to John P. and Janet L. Mott, 716 Pine Hill Lane, Ivy, $350,000.

Michael K. Tomlin and Robin M. Willis to Diana L. Williams, 6056 Cling Lane, Crozet Crossing, $159,200.

Brian K. Fowler and Jill Calomeris to Douglas E. and Eleanor C. Barrese, 209 Brentwood Road, Woodbrook, $205,000.

Christian DeLaPointe to Kevin E. and Beth J. Beal, 11.851 acres at 8001 Old Dominion Road, Schuyler, $260,000.

Ernest S. and Hilda G. Taylor to Andjelko and Vesna Amanovic, 18 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons, $145,000.

Ali Forootan to Kenneth S., Pamela, and Daniel Gaines, 1232 Foxvale Lane, Foxcroft, $253,000.

Sandra L. Billingsley to Raymond G. and Susan C. Drewry, 3.5 acres at 1340 West Leigh Drive, West Leigh, $439,900.

Dorothy D. and Albert C. Shiflett to Blair Turner & Co., LLC, 0.6 acre at 2929 Morgantown Road, Ivy, $135,000.

Charles W. Hurt, trustee, to Francis J. and Michelle S. McCarthy, 5001 Advance Mills Road, Tanager Woods, Earlysville, $250,000.

First Ret. Investments LLC to Carleton Garrett, 0.177 acres on at 775 Newtown Road, Greenwood, $45,000.

Brian T. and Cynthia D. Hopkins to Jeffrey S. and Margaret M. McGough, 1494 Perth Court, Glenmore, Keswick, $410,000.

Lee J., Helena M., and Scott Brady to Hongmei and Weixiao Liu, 1153 Rustic Willow Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $246,000.

Mark A. and Arvilla C. Mastromarino to Preston C. and Elizabeth Lawhorne, 2.132 acres at 3697 Green Creek Road, Green Mountain, Schuyler, $109,900.

River Lawn Corp. to River Lawn Farm LLC, 14 tracts in 436.90 acres at 2395 James River Road, Scottsville, $4,000,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Ryan C. and Molly D. Miracle, 5524 Hilltop Street, Parkside Village, Crozet, $217,450.

Gregg Meukow to Michael P. and Lynn A. Appleby, 29.160 acres at 3435 Carrs Ridge Road, Crozet, $575,000.

Gloria G. C'Alessandro, trustee, to George F. and Pearl M. Keddie, 2770 Leeds Lane, Meriwether Hills, $100,000.

Melissa D. Hornidge to Justin B. and Brooke W. Thompson, 1176 Rustic Willow Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes South, $229,500.

MGR Development Corp. to David R. and Heather K. Whiting, 1790 Verona Drive, Fontana, $367,788.

Joyce M. Trent to Carrie L. Evans, 2319 Ravenswood Court, Ravenswood Forest, Forest Lakes South, $199,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Steven M. and Kelly D. Callahan, 2.130 acres at 3591 Garth Road, $450,000.

Samuel S. Wu to Pamela C. and Paul B. Stephan III, 4801 Mechums River Road, Highlands at Mechums River, $167,500.

Joan M. and James C. Norwood Jr. to Nasrollah and Kristie R. Fatehi, 40.32 acres on State Route 625, River View Farm, $655,000.

Big Deal


O. Douglas and Anne Boswell Royals to Plank Road Investors LLC, 98.500 acres at Royal Acre Farm, White Hall District, $1,325,000.