eugene williams

Life and death: A child's-eye view of Jim Crow Charlottesville
Published on Sep 19th, 2013
26 comments The headlines in the Daily Progress that September described a world that was as distant as the moon to the boys who slept and woke on Dice Street. “France Prepares for War Threats,” one read; in...
Williams: Massive resistance hurt whites, too
Published on Oct 2nd, 2009
7 comments Eugene Williams has been fighting for civil rights for over 50 years, and even when City Council apologizes for past wrongs, he reminds them that the battle isn't over. PHOTO BY WILL WALKER A public...
Mixed-income vision: Woodard says Dogwood housing stays affordable
Published on Nov 22nd, 2007
0 comments Selena Sims was definitely worried when she heard that Eugene Williams had put Dogwood Housing, which specializes in affordable rentals, on the market last spring. The four-year resident of Nalle...