john douglass

Two former guvs: Kaine and Warner push for Senate
Published on Nov 1st, 2012
11 comments Former governors Tim Kaine and Mark Warner stopped by Democratic headquarters on the Downtown Mall November 1 in a home-stretch push to elect Kaine to the U.S. Senate. "In five days now, he'll be the...
Whose hissy? Douglass camera bump no 'macaca' moment
Published on Aug 27th, 2012
4 comments The 5th District congressional race got a little more in-your-face at an August 21 Farmville forum when Democratic challenger John Douglass swatted the video camera of a member of Representative...
The General: Douglass battles for 5th District seat
Published on Aug 27th, 2012
15 comments The skill set of military general and Virginia farmer is a popular one in American politics, dating back to George Washington. That's why Democrats tapped Brigadier General John Douglass, who's...