Stanton Braverman

Beaten, but undrained: Litigant says City gets its water... in 40 years
Published on May 18th, 2012
32 comments One man's water lawsuit against four local governments was tossed out of court Friday as a judge dismissed the case and, in a separate ruling, validated the lead defendant's request to issue...
Drowning in debt? Water litigator warns of future shocks
Published on Apr 18th, 2012
52 comments Citizens who have seen their water bills triple over the past decade are facing another wave of price hikes and a suddenly-doubled debt load that could cause financial trouble. And they have just...
Draining feeling? Lawsuit challenges dam-pipeline plan
Published on Mar 27th, 2012
42 comments Related story: • Water wasters: Worrell decries waste, centralization   Past stories: • FLAWS- Tripled rates, spun numbers, and Conservancy conflicts: Why the war on dredging slogs on • Goodbye...