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McDonnell's desk: Governor gets clemency plea in Crozet killings
Published on Sep 29th, 2012
3 comments A little over a year after a man convicted in the 2003 slayings of a Crozet mother and son went public with his allegations that police put an innocent man in prison, the attorney for the allegedly...
Innocent kid? Davis clemency petition inches toward governor
Published on Mar 29th, 2012
8 comments While Michael Hash recently was freed after a judge's ruling of police and prosecutorial misconduct, another Central Virginian controversially convicted as a teen remains in prison, waiting for his...
Double recantation: Is an innocent man in jail for the Crozet murders?
Published on Jun 8th, 2011
11 comments It was the crime that rocked Crozet: a mother found stabbed to death in bed, her three-year-old son dead from the smoke of a cover-up fire. Amid whispers of witchcraft, four neighborhood teens were...