Costco at Stonefield: Supes vote to approve another big box
Published on Sep 11th, 2013
23 comments Back when Stonefield was known as "Albemarle Place," and still on the drawing board, developers touted the "town center" development as a place with "rich architecture, upscale boutiques and eye-...
Dinner and a movie: Stonefield's date-night options bloom
Published on Mar 7th, 2013
2 comments In its inexorable march toward local date-night dominance, The Shops at Stonefield now boasts two casually upscale restaurants with the March 4 opening of Travinia Italian Kitchen. Facing the...
What do you think of the new Stonefield theater?
Published on Nov 19th, 2012
Bond on Bond
Published on Nov 10th, 2012
15 comments The grand opening film at the biggest and most luxurious movie theater in Charlottesville was Skyfall, the newest movie in the James Bond spy series; and, appropriately, the box office faces Bond...
Gearing up: Stonefield readies for sports store and more
Published on Nov 1st, 2012
14 comments The first store– Pier One Imports– opened Friday, November 2 at the Shops at Stonefield. Trader Joe's and the Regal theater will follow in the next few weeks, but it will be six months...
Food explosion: Stonefield's six restaurants aim to draw diners
Published on Oct 31st, 2012
42 comments "It looks like it's almost open!" squeals a caller to the Hook office this week, and without asking, we knew she could only be referring to one thing: Trader Joe's at The Shops at Stonefield, the...
Fit for grazing: Pasture readies to moo-ve into Stonefield
Published on Sep 11th, 2012
25 comments Ever since Trader Joe's signed a lease in the under-construction Shops at Stonefield, food lovers have been salivating, and now there's even more reason to work up an appetite: one of Richmond's top...
Hydraulic curiosity
Published on Aug 6th, 2012
28 comments Corner of Cedar Hills and Hydraulic Road. The trees in this part of town are disappearing, soon to be replanted along the grand boulevards of Stonefield. I suppose the trees in the Route 29 median...
Published on May 25th, 2012
0 comments Stone veneer being applied to a building on the “Shops at Stonefield” site.~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
Trader's dirt
Published on Dec 15th, 2011
1 comments You have to scrape a few trees to build something, and nowhere is that more evident than at Stonefield, the 65-acre mixed-used development at the corner of Hydraulic Road and U.S. 29. On the morning...
Stonefield stalemate: Is the Trader Joe's design appropriate?
Published on Oct 18th, 2011
32 comments While it has been impossible to miss the massive earth-moving project at the site of the future mega-commercial center known as Stonefield (previously Albemarle Place), the 65-acre village-style...
Retail migration: Could Stonefield threaten Barracks?
Published on Sep 13th, 2011
18 comments Last week, we looked at store vacancy data for the Downtown Mall, completed in July by the City's Office of Economic Development, but what about the City's other retail centers? And what effect might...
Published on Aug 18th, 2011
8 comments Route 29 & Hydraulic Road, Charlottesville, Virginia• 2,000,000 square feet• A mixed-use development located in award-winning Charlottesville, Virginia – "the  Napa of the East Coast...
First view: Designers reveal look for Trader Joe's, Stonefield
Published on Aug 13th, 2011
65 comments Trader Joe's, the specialty grocery chain that has caused ripples of enthusiasm over its impending arrival in Charlottesville, will present a mostly windowless expanse of stone and masonry to the...
Shovel ready: County colossus Stonefield set to rise
Published on May 15th, 2011
33 comments Last week, local officials and developers lined up behind a row of golden shovels to break ground on a tract of land at the corner of Route 29 and Hydraulic Road, from which will spring a 65-acre...
Good-bye, Albemarle Place. Hello, Trader Joe's?
Published on Jan 6th, 2011
22 comments Albemarle Place has now become Stonefield, but the big vision for a commercial and residential village is still the same. RENDERING FROM EDENS & AVANT WEBSITE If you're one of those who bet that...
ARB approves first phase of Albemarle Place
Published on Apr 18th, 2006
0 comments The Albemarle County Architectural Review Board yesterday approved "Block C" of the Albemarle Place development, a self-proclaimed "town center" to be built at the intersection of Route 29 and...