uva lawn

Fall on the Lawn
Published on Oct 19th, 2012
0 comments A recent misty morning gave the UVA Lawn a chance to shine.
Lawn work: Freshened fireplaces improve home on the Range
Published on Aug 20th, 2012
5 comments Bright blue tarps, scaffolds, and the sounds of heavy machinery meet the eyes and ears of passersby ambling down the sidewalk running parallel to the Range rooms at the University of Virginia, where...
Rotunda rehab: Good-bye and good-riddance to magnolias?
Published on Nov 28th, 2011
10 comments As UVA gears up to begin a $4.7 million roof replacement project for the Rotunda, part of a planned $50 million restoration of Thomas Jefferson's famous centerpiece on the Lawn, a major visual...
Rice Hall: UVA cuts ribbon on $65 million smart building
Published on Nov 18th, 2011
2 comments UVA officials cut the ribbon Friday morning on a $65 million building that can provide real-time reports on its own utility usage while educating the next wave of brainiacs. The November 18 event...
Fall afternoon on the Lawn
Published on Nov 14th, 2011
5 comments Although this picture was taken two weeks ago, it depicts the warmth that has returned to the hallowed University of Virginia Lawn. Lawnies can use some warmth since they suddenly lost their...
$100K to burn: Donation stokes $3.7 million Lawn fireplaces
Published on Oct 20th, 2011
18 comments On a chilly fall day when the temperature barely cracked the 60-degree mark, University of Virginia officials announced that there's hope for the 106 chimneys of the hallowed Lawn and Range rooms,...
Snuffed out? Fire ban puts a damper on UVA tradition
Published on Sep 20th, 2011
9 comments A tradition as old as the UVA Lawn itself was recently snuffed out, at least temporarily, as University officials announced last week that students living on the Lawn and the Ranges would no longer...
Snap: It's snowing naked men, hallelujah
Published on Dec 16th, 2010
8 comments Three men and one pair of shoes. PHOTO BY NATALIE KROVETZ So this is what happens when it snows at UVA. Natalie Krovetz captured a scene of streaking today on the Lawn.
Cradles will fall: W&L deck collapse highlights dangers
Published on May 21st, 2010
10 comments Last weekend, a party at Washington & Lee University ended in disaster. VIDEO FROM WSET-TV, LYNCHBURG What Washington & Lee University officials are calling a “close call” should be a wake...
Pavilion X shows its (new) colors
Published on Apr 2nd, 2010
6 comments Pavilion X just got a new parapet and color scheme. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER A year ago, there was widespread concern among UVA alums about then-impending changes to the hallowed UVA Lawn, including...
Snap: UVA Lawn teems with sun-lovers
Published on Mar 31st, 2010
2 comments The UVA Lawn teemed Wednesday with Frisbee throwing and other revelry, as the sky was blue, the high temperature reached 76 degrees, and shorts and flip-flops were seen in abundance. (Thursday may...
Snap: UVA students defy the snow
Published on Feb 3rd, 2010
17 comments UVA students defied an overnight snowfall of three or four inches to attend their classes on Wednesday morning. So why can't the other Charlottesville and Albemarle students?
Lawn living
Published on May 2nd, 2002
0 comments By Jim Meyerle How often do a group of people with almost endless opportunities for upward mobility vigorously compete to live in 10’ by 10’ rooms without a/c or bathroom? All the time, in...