August 1st, 2002 issue #0126

August 1st, 2002
  • Risky business: Porn-loving merchant does his time

    While some men have a knack for running from the law, others have actually stumbled into it. Take the case of Robert Lightburn, a local entrepreneur who engaged in a risqué online relationship with what he thought was an underage girl but who turned out to be an undercover cop. Lieutenant Anthony Depippo of the Carpentersville, Illinois, police department explains he set up the sting in which an officer, posing as a 14-year-old girl went online and waited for adults to initiate chat. "If things turn sexual, we pursue them," says Depippo.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

      Best reckless, multiple-life-endangering police chase in a 30-foot motor home: Michael David Keys, accompanied by a seven-year-old child, flees from Augusta and Albe...


Real Estate - On the Block

Movie Reviews

  • Crop failure: Signs comes up short

    We are all Pavlov's dogs. We hear M. Night Shyamalan's name, and we begin to get scared. By the time we get to the theater where his new film is playing, we're terrified. W...

Music Reviews

  • Beleza

    By Mark Grabowski Beleza, Wednesday night regulars at Tokyo Rose, are a walking history lesson. Wednesday is often a stay-at-home evening, when folks reflect on the debauch...

  • Slow Children at SERP House on Rugby Road

    "I can't believe more people didn't leave"– M.C. Muffin.    So maybe they've played only two shows. So maybe they were both at M.C. Muffin's frat house. So...


Strange But True

  • Don't count on rubber

    Q: If you're relatively safe from a lightning strike in a car because of the insulating tires, does this mean cars with bigger tires protect you even better? ­H. Ford


Cultural preview