October 14th, 2004 issue #0341

October 14th, 2004
  • COVER SIDEBAR- Tragic tale: From Echols Scholar to two life sentences

    Until last November, when Andrew Alston was charged with the murder of local firefighter Walker Sisk, Jens Soering had the dubious distinction of being UVA's only recent student-turned-alleged murderer.

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  • No way out: How the state helped kill a convict

    Brunswick Correctional Center On the night of January 13, 2004, an acquaintance of mine was murdered. His roommate strangled him to death.   This happened in Sussex I State Prison in Waverly. My acquaintance's name was Richard Alvin Ausley, and he was a child molester.  

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  • Save your tears: Ausley was no victim

    As one of Richard Ausley's many victims, I take great offense at Jens Soering's portrayal of Ausley as a victim. Ausley's reign of terror began at a very early age and continued to the end of his life. He never showed any remorse for the harm he had caused his victims; his only concern in life was for himself and his own evil desires. He even continued to blame me (in a 2003 interview with WAVY-TV) for his assault on me.

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The Dish

  • Dairy doings: What's ahead for Preston Ave.?

    Readers of last week's Dish will recall a story on the new inhabitant of the El Girasol spaceĀ­ a soon-to-open Brazilian-owned Italian eatery called Mamma Mia. But what hap...


Question of the Week

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    ALBEMARLE 8/9  Ellis E. and Nina S. Good to George D. Miller, 1.377 acres at 1092 Hunter's Ridge Road, Earlysville Forest, Earlysville, $246,000. Dana L. and James B...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property Auctions

    October 15, at 9:30am, at the Orange County Courthouse   Property: 7.058 acres at 8398 Webb Road, Somerset   Debtor: unknown   Amount owing: $106,968   ...

Movie Reviews

  • Erin go bragh: Film captures Irish conference

    Everyone no doubt remembers the hoopla surrounding last spring's international gathering, "Re-Imagining Ireland," at UVA. Sponsored by the Virginia Foundation for the Human...

  • On the road: Travels with Che and Alberto

    Every young person should take a Great Road Trip, seeing the country or the world with little or no money. It's more difficult and dangerous now than it was in the 1950s wh...

Music Reviews

  • Big hair lives! Morphing from cover to cover

    Aquanett atOutback LodgeSaturday, October 9 I've been meaning to check out '80s hair metal cover band Aquanett ever since they first started playing at Outback Lodge a sho...

  • Virtuoso: Look, Ma, both hands!

    Greg Howardat Miller'sMonday, October 11 In music, ambidexterity can be found everywhere– or at least I have noticed a valiant quest for acquiring the skill in the a...


  • Again and again: CHS attacker back in court

    It's been nearly three years since a series of attacks by a group of largely black Charlottesville High youths upon largely white UVA students drew national attention and r...

  • Belated: Goode, Weed hold free forum

    NEWS- Belated: Goode, Weed hold free forum One thing seemed a little odd about the list of seven forums that Fifth District candidates Al Weed and incumbent Virgil Goode sc...

  • Court Square: Brick bonanza

    Court Square's year-long, $3.4 million makeover is almost done. The utility lines are buried, and although the street bricks are new, they were made to appear to be 200 ye...

  • Reeve, remembered: <I>Super</I> man left mark on Charlottesville

    For nearly a decade, the world watched Superman actor Christopher Reeve tirelessly crusade for spinal cord and stem cell research from his motorized wheelchair. His death o...

  • Virginia-centric: Sandra Bullock yes, Ebert no

    Sandra Bullock burst onto the American screen in 1994 with Speed, so it seems a natural fit she'd appear at this year's speed-themed Virginia Film Festival. Bullock gets th...

  • Young TV: The WB wants your local dollars

    Into the suddenly saturated Charlottesville television market steps another contender. The WB, the network that brought us Dawson's Creek, is opening an office for WBC, the...

The Brazen Careerist

Sports Doctor


    Best primetime performance: In its 2004 TV debut, the ninth-ranked UVA football team meets the visiting Clemson Tigers, who built a 10-3 lead in the second quarter. "When y...

Strange But True




  • Fake flower story troubled us

    In its September 23 edition, the Hook published an article entitled "Grave matter: Faux flower ban riles," taking Buck Mountain Episcopal Church to task for enforcing its l...

  • Let's separate church, state

    I agree with a few things Dr. Anderson says in his essay "Why They Kill." I disagree with his thesis, unproved and unprovable, that humans are "risen" apes. If this is true...

  • We're also to blame

    In your articles about terrorism and religion, the authors omitted critical information to help readers understand the root causes of Middle Eastern hatred of the Western p...

  • Why we're #1

    The Hook's September 30 cover story, Why They Kill, is a truly important article. The fact that the author, J. Anderson Thomson Jr., lives in our own "backyard," helps to e...

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Real Estate - $old

Real Estate Property auctions

Sports Doctor