September 2nd, 2005 issue #0435

September 2nd, 2005
  • House that roared: Crystalphonic digitized, not downsized

    PHOTOS BY JEN FARIELLO [email protected] Earlier this year, the unexpected closings of legendary facilities like Cello Studios in Los Angeles and The Hit Factory in New York sent shockwaves through the recording industry.

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  • On track: Q & A with O.A.R.-men

    Their name might be somewhat unwieldy, but O.A.R. no doubt still maintains that "Of A Revolution" is an appropriate moniker– even if has likened their "jangly pop and sing-along melodies" to the Dave Matthews Band. Yet, thanks perhaps to a liberal in-concert taping policy (hey, that sounds familiar) and four studio albums, the young rockers have been on a steady climb from scrappy regional act to college radio favorite– to today's unlikely pop-culture darlings.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Costliest hurricane– ever: Category 5 Katrina leaves a 500-mile swath of devastation in her wake across the Gulf Coast August 29. At press time, the death toll was ri...

The Dish


Question of the Week

  • Which are better, live or studio albums?

    Lizzie Collier: "Depends on the band." Maria Goodman: "Pearl Jam Live at the Garden is great. The Allman Brothers' live album Sweet Melissa is wonderful, too." John Wade...

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    ALBEMARLE 6/2  James P. Randolph Jr. to E. Grant and Barbara H. Cosner, 5.0 acres on State Route 618, 2155 Martin Kings Road, $176,000. Tracy L. Eagan to Melissa D. ...

Real Estate - On the Block


    APPEARED IN THE HOOK : October 14, 2004 in issue 0341 ADDRESS: 2418 Northfield Road ASKING PRICE: $1,195,000 SELLING PRICE: $935,000 DAYS TO CONTRACT: 335 SELLER'S AGE...

  • ON THE BLOCK- Wanted: Happy trees seek warm owner

    ADDRESS: 2920 Doctors Crossing Road NEIGHBORHOOD: Stony Point ASKING: $1,185,000 COUNTY ASSESSMENT: $687,600 ($463,200 under "land use" tax break) YEAR BUILT: 1999 SIZE: ...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    September 9 at 3pm at the Louisa County Courthouse Property: 4.099 acres at 703 Cuckoo Road, Louisa Debtor: unknown Amount owing: $78,500 Bidder brings: $7,000 or 10 perce...

DR. HooK

  • Aura-ble: Migraines cost millions yearly

    What is the deal with all the TV reality shows? Weren't The Brady Bunch and The Cosby Show good enough? Now, when I'm on the elliptical rider at the gym, I see people on Fe...

Movie Reviews

  • Compromised: Gardner less than thrilling

    The problems in Africa are enough to provide fodder for countless films (and musical events). The Constant Gardener rolls too many of the problems into one film– a go...

Music Reviews

  • Two simple: All-star cast can't save disc

    Michael Sokolowski and friendsSoko: Two So, I received this Soko: Two disk, and, to tell you the truth, the whole thing is a bit frightening. I'm scared of it. Wait... I'm...


  • 'Mickey Finn?' Date rape stories conflict

    Did Matt Hamilton drug and rape Annie Hylton, or was she an "energetic drunk" who had consensual sex with Hamilton? That's the question a jury considered earlier this week....

  • Flaming mad: Firefighters eye county funds

    Albemarle County firefighters have saved countless homes over the years, but right now they're fighting to save their own. It'll take cold, hard cash to put out these flame...

  • Thumbs down: Traffic calming irks church

    Bob Archer would probably admit to having some uncharitable thoughts. As a board member at Cherry Avenue Christian Church, he's spent the last six weeks trying to figure ou...

  • Wrong side: Track crossers' pleas denied

    They brought pictures. They pleaded ignorance. They asked for a warning– all to no avail. Thirty-eight people on the Charlottesville General District Court docket Aug...

On Architecture

The Brazen Careerist

  • Fat lessons: Learn from pregnancy plan

    "I don't mean to be harsh," my agent said three days after I delivered my baby, "but you look terrible." The fact that good-looking people make more money is more true for ...

Strange But True


  • The aftermath: Beslan tragedy still hurts

    One year after the horrifying carnage at Beslan Middle School Number One, the Russian community's wounds are still gaping. "The school is frozen in time," reports Lisa Aron...



  • On Kelly Watt's story

    We received more letters about our August 11 story about the life and death of Albemarle High School graduate Kelly Watt than any other story in recent memory. The 18-year-...

Cultural preview


  • Boxing match: Couch-less kid takes on FedEx

    When Jose Avila, 21, moved from California to Tempe, Arizona, to start a new job, he found out just how expensive moving can be. The young software engineer had enough cash...

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