October 6th, 2011 issue #1040

October 6th, 2011
  • Thanks a million: Students raise seven figures to honor Mead

    When Greg McLean, University of Virginia Class of '95, had chemotherapy over the summer he was an undergrad and then insisted he was returning to school, a professor said, "Why don't you live with me?" What's extraordinary to McLean even today is that the professor didn't seem to see anything unusual about opening his home for several months to an immune system-compromised student. 

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Gloomiest Albemarle budget news: The county projects a $1 million shortfall for this fiscal year and the next because of a fall in real estate assessments anticipated throu...

The Dish

  • High on the Skybar

    Dish can't think of a recent restaurant opening that created more buzz than the Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar. When the place opened on Saturday, September 25, nearl...


Real Estate - $old

  • Waiting for more defense workers?

    8/5/11 Brian Miller & Vicki Lang to Etta Legner, 309 Parkway, $240,000, Charlottesville Kevin Schultz & Felicia Martin to Michael & Katrina Hennigar, 1006 Druid...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    October 6 at 11am at the Albemarle Courthouse  Property: 2556 Blenheim Cove Lane  Debtor: Milissa A. and Kenneth W. Geer Jr.Original amount owing: $231,200Bidder ...

Art Features

DR. HooK

Movie Reviews

  • Cruel odds: 50/50 finds humor in cancer

    Young people should not get sick and die. Most of us do eventually, but how sad it is to learn in your 20s that you have a dangerous cancer and your chances of survival are...

Music Features

  • Jicks joined by West... and even a Dead cover

    College rock icon and UVA grad Stephen Malkmus brought his Jicks (his band) and his buddy and former bandmate Steve West (born in Charlottesville) to the stage of the Jeffe...

  • My Morning Jacket & Avett Brothers

    Other recent rock shows that have drawn Daly and his camera their way include the August 24 nTelos Wireless Pavilion appearance of My Morning Jacket and the Septemer 15 per...


The Brazen Careerist

  • Not Jewish? Spend a day in reflection anyway

    The Jewish highlight of my life was probably Hebrew school, when I honed my ditching skills at the ice-cream store down the street from the synagogue. The reward for my Jew...

Sports Doctor

Strange But True

Online only

  • Table of Contents

    COVERErnest endeavorHow do you thank a professor like Ernest "Boots" Mead? For 100 students who say he had a profound impact on their personal and professional lives during...

  • VFH Lunchtime Fellowship Series presents John A. Ragosta

    These lectures, held in Charlottesville City Council chambers, are free and open to the public. On Tuesday, October 11, at noon, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities fell...


  • 9/11 editorial a disservice

    I can’t even begin to explain my disappointment in your 9/11 cover story. [September 8: "9/11 reflections: 3,000 dead and freedom too"]

  • Denigration of Native Americans must end

    The Hook has been my favorite local news source since its inception. I have always trusted the Hook to give me the news in a way that supports my left-leaning sensibil...

  • Freedom lives-- along with tasteless headlines

    Your front-page headline "3,000 dead & freedom too" [September 8 cover story] is a tawdry offense to the memory of Americans who were slain ten years ago.Tragically, th...

  • Schilling's story borders on libel

    Rob Schilling's article [August 25 essay: "Game over: Whites 2, blacks 0 in Democrats' firehouse primary"] is not only factually inaccurate, but it verges on libelous. The ...

Black and White

  • Sharrow

    I'm supposed to know what a sharrow is. It's a bike safety pictogram, but my first response was to wish the pictogram user had employed words since hieroglyphics don’t sp...