November 24th, 2011 issue #1047

November 24th, 2011
  • The road: Death count mounts in Albemarle

    "Let me grab my phone– I'm expecting a victim's family to call." That's Sergeant Sean Hackney on November 17, the morning after the fifth person has died in less than a week on an Albemarle County road. He's operating on an hour-and-a-half of sleep, and all the officers in Albemarle police's traffic unit are working a fatality.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Latest George Huguely ruling: A judge says November 18 that defense attorneys may see slain student Yeardley Love's medical records. Biggest issue for UVA students I: The m...

The Dish

  • Mac back at the Nook

    The Nook mac and cheese menu is back and as the weather cools down, you might want to drop in for some warm and cheesy goodness. "People were asking all summer for it," say...

  • Pho-nomenon: Pop-up to Handsome Boy Noodles (Ten)

    Looks like Ten, the fancy Japanese restaurant on the Downtown Mall, is coming down in the world. Down in price, that is, for at least one night in December. On the first Su...

  • Pigs & Whiskey at Rapture

    What's a pig and whiskey dinner? Well, at Rapture on the Downtown Mall it means chef Chris Humphrey will be putting his own special spin on ham hocks, smoked pork, and brai...

  • Spice trade on West Main

    The Main Street Market, more commonly known at the "purple building" on West Main Street (Hey, what about just calling it the Purple Market?), welcomed a new shop recently:...

  • Tavern sets closing date as Dec. 24

    The Tavern, that venerable Emmet Street breakfast place where "students, tourists, and townpeople meet," has set its departure date: Saturday, December 24. The Christmas Ev...

Real Estate - $old

  • Discounted deal on Garth

    10/7/11 Albemarle R B C Bank USA to Onyx Tenth LLC, 1701 Bundoran Drive, $1,850,000 Owen & Rachel Norment to Guy & Joan Barnocky, 1247 Courtyard Drive, $324,000...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    November 29 at noon at the Albemarle Courthouse Property: 5412 Louisa Road, 5406 Louisa Road, 5400 Louisa Road, Keswick Debtors: Lee Real Property Holdings LLC, Timothy R. ...

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On Architecture

The Brazen Careerist

  • Get creative: Use bad times to spark genius

    I’ve found that bad situations get creative juices flowing. And I’ve come to appreciate the bad times; they give us unique opportunities to find our best ideas. Here ar...

Sports Doctor

Strange But True

  • Killer bees! Insects help armies wage war

    Q. You know about warring humankind “letting loose the dogs of war," but how about "the bugs of war"? –D. PetraeusA. Fifty years ago, following the launch of the Soviet...

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  • Table of contents

    COVERDeadly roadsWith 19 traffic fatalities on Albemarle County roads this year, 2011 is the deadliest year for local drivers in recent memory, and the perilous holiday sea...

  • Two more: Fatalities mount on county roads

    The death toll on Albemarle roads continues, with two more people dead, adding up to five fatalities in less than a week, none of them wearing seatbelts. Scottsville Road w...

Black and White

  • Hooverville

    I caught the last hour of speechifying before Charlottesville City Council by the Occupiers. Peace, love, and social transformation. Justice! Drunks cured by love and com...