February 16th, 2012 issue #1107

February 16th, 2012
  • 'Out of control': Witnesses say Huguely's drinking escalated

      Day Two Thursday, February 9 - afternoon When University of North Carolina lacrosse player MIke Burns came to visit friends at UVA in the winter of 2010, he witnessed an altercation between George Huguely and Yeardley Love that prosecutors allege foreshadowed her death in the morning hours of May 3. Related stories • Tough morning: Photos bring tears at Huguely trial

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  • Analyst says: Huguely still heading for a conviction

    Despite the previous day's revelation that after getting brutally beaten Yeardley Love survived for two hours, longtime Hook legal analyst David Heilberg indicates that he stands by his prognostication that a first-degree murder conviction remains a possibility. Previous day's story • Crib death? Defense insists Huguely merely 'contributed'

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  • Brutal force? Love's injuries conjure visions of strangulation, smothering

    Day Four Monday, February 13 - PM From a hemorrhage in her neck suggestive of strangulation to facial injuries consistent with smothering to signs of blunt force trauma on nearly every part of her body, the injuries apparent on the body of Yeardley Love conjure an image of a terrifyingly violent encounter. More trial stories • Bombshells away: Huguely prosecution readies blood evidence

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  • Countdown to death: An action timeline of George Huguely V

    Huguely suited up for lacrosse action. Fall 2006 - Having excelled as both a lacrosse player (and as the starting football quarterback) at the Landon School, Huguely enrolls in the University of Virginia to begin training as a varsity lacrosse player.

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  • Crib death? Defense insists Huguely merely 'contributed'

    After getting taunted as a less-talented sex partner than a rival lacrosse player, George W. Huguely V sent on-again/off-again girlfriend Yeardley Love an email that he may live to regret: "I should have killed you." However, the first airing of that potentially damaging message in Huguely's first-degree murder trial did little to deter the defense theory, which began unfolding Wednesday after nearly two years of speculation. Defense lawyer Francis McQ. Lawrence says his client's actions amount to nothing worse than involuntary manslaughter.

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  • Follow the Huguely case online too

    Some fresh Huguely stories • Forensic litany: Lots of exhibits, less DNA evidence • Tuesday testimony: Huguely jurors get lesson in brain bleeding

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  • Huguely: 'How the f*** is she dead?'

    Day Three Friday, February 10 A police interrogation videotape began with a groggy George W. Huguely V recounting copious amounts of alcohol he began consuming that fateful Sunday morning and ending with him expressing real or staged disbelief about the Monday-morning death of Yeardley Love. Related stories: • Off steroids? Slimmer Huguely prompts chem speculation

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  • Off steroids? Slimmer Huguely prompts chem speculation

    The dramatically different look of the on-trial George Huguely could stem from a lack of steroids behind bars, says Hook legal analyst David Heilberg, who cautions that his theory about the prohibited muscle-building compounds is pure speculation. Prior steroid story • Dangerous rage? What compelled Huguely to attack?

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  • Tough morning: Photos bring tears at Huguely trial

    Day Two Thursday, February 9 - morning Jurors responded stoically as they got their first painful glimpse of a deceased Yeardley Love on Thursday morning, as the prosecution in the trial of accused murderer George W. Huguely V launched a second day of testimony with graphic photographs amid the testimony of a doctor, two police officers, and a pair of emergency medical technicians.  

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  • Tuesday testimony: Huguely jurors get lesson in brain bleeding

    Day Five Tuesday, February 14 Jurors became students Tuesday morning as Medical College of Virginia-based brain doctor Christine Fuller testified about the various cuts and blood she found in the brain of Yeardley Love, the UVA students whose 2010 death launched the trial of the century, a murder case against her alleged killer, George W. Huguely V.

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    Worst case of legislators inserting themselves in vaginas: The House of Delegates is set to pass a bill February 14 that requires women having an abortion to have an ultras...

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  • Bombshells away: Huguely prosecution readies blood evidence

    Day Four Monday, February 13 - AM Monday morning in the trial of accused murderer George Huguely may have launched a few yawns in the courtroom, as literally dozens of ph...

  • Day 3: photos of Huguely trial

    Photographs from outside the Charlottesville Circuit Court on the morning of Wednesday, February 8. The trial entered its third day with opening arguments from the defens...

  • Huguely trial: Jury pool narrowed

    Day 2 of jury selection in the trial of George Huguely ended with 27 candidates to serve out of the pool of 160 citizens called– enough to set the jury when court res...

  • More photos from Huguely trial

    Photographs from outside the Charlottesville Circuit Court on Monday, February 6. The trial, or at least the jury selection process, entered its second day on Tuesday.
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