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LETTER- In the swim

Published 07/04/02 in issue #22 of The Hook.

It was nice to read your article this week on spots to cool off in our area. But I was disappointed that you did not include the swimming pool at Claudius Crozet Park, unique because it[base ']s the only public pool in Albemarle County.

The eight-lane, 25-meter pool, built in 1997, is run by private citizens but open to all 11am-8pm daily. It has a mushroom fountain and a 0-depth entrance area great for babies and toddlers; it[base ']s also handicapped-accessible.

Crozet Pool offers swim lessons, water aerobics, early morning lap swim at 6:30am, and has a wonderful swim team, the Crozet Gators. Information about fees and season passes is available on the pool website, avenue.org/ccp.

Terry Burton



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