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PHOTOPHILE- Festive for all: Sippin' and groovin' in Nelson County

Published 07/04/02 in issue #22 of The Hook


Summertime and the livin' was easy this past weekend, June 29 and 30, at the Nelson County Summer Festival.

Having just come back from L.A. two months ago, I couldn't get over how beautiful it was at the Oak Ridge Estate, the setting for this annual event about half an hour south of Charlottesville.

With the beautiful mansion as backdrop, festival-goers sat under shady trees (mostly oaks), tasted wines from local vineyards, and grooved to some truly outstanding music-- including Batesville-based Terri Allard and the Seldom Scene from D.C.

It was an idyllic place to go blanket-hopping among extended circles of friends with children in tow. Bellies full of the requisite festival food, we lazed in the sun and grooved on some great jazz, blues, and folk. It was enough to make anyone appreciate living the good life in central Virginia.

Oak Ridge Estate crowd shot

G.P. Thompson Jr. of the Nelson County Sheriff's Office

Charlottesvillians Susan and Leila Munson

Shipman resident Charles Robinson

Steve Selby, little Maz Selby, and Joyce O'Quinn of Lynchburg


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