180: Dumler resigns supe seat

Just days after Chris Dumler fended off a petition to remove him from the Albemarle Board of Supervisors and vowed to continue representing the Scottsville District, the defiant supe resigned from the board at its June 5 meeting, effective immediately.


The unexpected resignation letter was read by an emotional Supervisor Duane Snow at the beginning of the meeting, while Dumler's seat remained empty on the dais.


Supervisors immediately began to discuss the procedure to appoint someone to fill the seat within the 45 days required by law, until a special election can be held November 5 to fill the remainder of Dumler's term through the end of 2015.

"I am so pleased," said Betty Sevachko, who carried a "Dumler must go" sign and has attended eight board meetings and court hearings in support of Dumler's ouster. "It's time we can start the healing process."

According to Steve Peters, head of the Scottsville GOP and another regular Dumler protester, "Chris called Duane on Sunday and chatted with him. He gave him the letter of resignation."

As for what caused Dumler's change of heart over the weekend, he did not respond to requests for comment from the Hook.

The bizarre turn of events began in October, when Dumler was arrested for forcible sodomy, a felony. Under Virginia state code, an elected official convicted of a felony is booted from office, but the only misdemeanor convictions that are removable offenses are marijuana possession/sale or hate crimes. Dumler pleaded guilty January 31 to sexual battery, a misdemeanor that would allow him to remain on the board. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail, most of which he served on weekends.

Supervisors unanimously censured him February 6, and voted 3-2 for him to step down— a nonbinding resolution Snow introduced. And protesters lined up to denounce Dumler at every BOS meeting.

Keene resident Earl Smith began collecting the required 372 signatures for a petition to remove Dumler from office under the state's rarely used statute. He turned in nearly 600 signatures and around 480 were verified as Scottsville District residents.

Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Doucette was appointed to represent the petitioners in the civil proceeding, and on May 31, Judge Cheryl Higgins ruled that not enough evidence was presented that Dumler had neglected his office and created a "material adverse effect" on the conduct of the office.

Outside the Albemarle Circuit Court, Dumler praised Higgins' decision even as sign-carrying protesters squeezed in behind him for the TV cameras, with some shouting "rapist."

After the hearing, in a statement to the Hook, Dumler said he was disappointed that "conservative and tea party elements behind this petition were allowed to waste such a significant amount of taxpayer money and valuable court resources on such an obviously frivolous lawsuit."

That's the statement that outraged Betty Sevachko, who appeared with a sign at the June 5 supes meeting. "This was not political," said the Rio District resident. "It was moral."

She said Dumler showed a lack of remorse. "He was so arrogant," she complained. "As a woman, it insulted me."

According to Steve Peters, both Delegate Rob Bell and state Senator Bryce Reeves have been approached about adding misdemeanor sexual convictions to the list of forbidden crimes for elected officials.

"We are extremely happy the county can now move on," said Peters. "We have no animosity toward Chris."

He added, "We do not want the victims forgotten. I think a lot of times we forget the victims."


Well now that this matter is resolved I guess the protesters can go back to feeding their cats and reading 50 Shades of grey.

Its too bad that the Boyd refused to consider a deal to guarantee a Democrat. I guess his interests lie more wih his pals than the county overall.

Looks like Dumler proved his point that the system is there for a reason.

No, I am not a "rape" apologist, I just believe in EVIDENCE and the EVIDENCE says that he did not "rape" anybody. The law also didn't allow for him to be removed for the misdemeanor. The law does allow for all the crybabies to hound him until they get tired or he relents which is fine with me. I never met the guy and maybe now that he has shown a lot of ignorant people how the law is supposed to work he can find a better fit beyond his public life.

Those of you not from his district who wanted him out of office through the courts LOST and I am glad because you all needed a lesson in civics.

The voters are supposed to be in control and in this care they were.

It was never about Dumler. It was about the process and it worked despite the ranting.

I am a Democrat, and I wanted him out as soon as he plead guilty. That woman is right - this is not political, it's moral. Rapists, or any type of sexual offender, has given up his or her right to be in political office. It is automatic 'neglect of office' and 'adverse effect' because of how it impacts the citizens he or she is representing.
The lawsuit was the opposite of frivolous. This stupid man is frivolous and disgusting. I hope he will someday be held responsible for how he has ruined the lives of so many victims.

Oh and Bill Marshall, man, please stop and consider the horrors of sexual battery. If you don't understand, ask any 5 women in your life and at least one of them will be able to tell you. Although, based on your comments here, I doubt any woman would WANT to talk to you about it because you would probably make her feel like crud. But please use a little empathy for the people who were truly harmed by Dumler. Then you will understand why the protesters protested: they cared about other human beings. They are not crybabys or cat ladies, they are people who are willing to put their own lives on hold to find justice for victims of a horrifying crime, about which we all SHOULD rant.

Yeah, good lord, Bill Marshall. That was all truly awful. Dumler should be ashamed of himself for arguing that the blame for the cost of the proceedings to unseat him should go to the protestors and petitioners. First, the blame goes to him for engaging in sexual assault. Second, if he was always going to resign then it was he who wasted tax payer dollars by waiting till the proceedings had run their course. Truly shameful. What's worse, for all his talk of respecting the voters and his constituents, to then accuse those same constituents of wasting tax payers money is to ignore that they are the tax payers he's referring to and it was their will that he be removed from office.

This story should serve as a lesson for all office seekers in how not to manage a crisis or conduct personal affairs while a public figure.

LLL From the very beginning I said bring evidence and castrate rapists.. I also said that women have a responsbility to help society help them and that while educating men not to rape was fine, women need to step up to the plate to preserve evidence to allow for succesful prosecutions. I also suggested that their efforts would be better spent having the Police and Hosptial have a special side door victims could go to without things becoming public. That was not good enough as these people are of the opinion that a woman has a right to get wasted have sex and press charges years later because there is no statute of limitaions on rape. Well the law does allow for that but the law also requires due process and EVIDENCE and until that EVIDENCE is there then the benefit oif the doubt goes to the acccused. They call every sexual advance sexual assault and any unwanted touching rape and that demans the real victims of rape. Getting your ass grabbed at a frat house at three in the morning is not rape and deserves a slap in the face and not jail time and a sex offender record unless we are going to give women sex offender records for everytime they pull out their boobs and flash somebody.

If Dumler did commit "Rape" karma will catch up with him but I am going to speak up against anyone that wants to jail a guy because some guy in their life, used them as a slump buster in their past and they want Dumler to pay for some other guys sins.

Call me a pig, I don't care. I am not the bitter person you make me out to be I am just having a good time speaking the truth that all these wimpy men will say around other men but won't say here. (I am sure some mommas boy will post about how he respects women and is proud to lick his wifes boots)(don't care)

If you want less rapes then society can try and :
1) educate men about rape.
2) educate women to protect themselves. (which includes prudent behavior and avoiding risky situations)
3) Tell women who disagree with # 2 to STFU and stop making the problem worse by demonizing all men for the actions of a few.

Those women have no real interest in solving the problem they wanted retribution. Well they didn't get it. Now he can leave and move on and they can claim victory but we all know the truth.

Bill - you're right. FOIAed e-mails show Boyd refusing to consider ANY compromise that would allow Dumler to leave earlier, knowing his seat would continue to be held by someone who shares the interests and beliefs he was elected (overwhelmingly) to represent. It was clear from the very beginning that this was a political opportunity for him, and he had zero interest in doing anything to the contrary. Shameful, but what can you really expect from ol' Kenny Boy?

Bill Marshall, what you don't seem to recognize is that often times women do report the crime and there are those in positions of authority that do nothing, blame them or we continue to say it is a "woman's issue". The thing is this, violence that anyone does (and rape is violence) against anyone is a human issue, not just a woman's issue. Until we all stop sweeping it aside as a "woman's problem" and realize it is a societal problem it will remain as it is.

About time Dumler did the right thing. If he had any dignity he would have resigned months ago.

As for all the protesters and those that collected signatures - it is a process and we have the right to protest and speak out. (Within limits and there is such thing as a time and a place.) That is what makes our nation great.

All - this article and thread are not about what Bill Marshall thinks, but that the end result is Chris Dumler's resignation. The real focus should always be on the victims. Criminals are somehow the focal point in the press. Well, this convicted criminal is political history, but the women are still recovering. Does ANYONE have anything to say to them? Does no one have words of support for those victims whose names were dragged through the mud; whose courage was the only reason a sex offender was convicted in the first place; that an abusive man can now get the help he needs? That Albemarle County can now get a new supervisor worthy of the office? How about a woman this time? Hello Supervisors...yeah, you 3 TeaPublicans...you have the majority vote now, so choose carefully. Frankly, I'm less concerned about party affiliation than I am finding someone who can represent women with courage and conviction, who will serve the children of Scottsville with the preservation of local schools, who will assist in shepherding in new businesses in the area, and who will keep an outdoor gun range away from our community so our animals (horses and dogs mostly) aren't spooked into hurting themselves or running away. After Dumler, it's time for a woman's voice on the Board.

And Bill, before you go all sexist on my sexist statements, 52% of the county's population are women, while only 20% of the current supervisors are women. I'm asking for a little parity here.

Bill, I said long ago in a comment that this was a lesson in Truth to Power. Maybe you'll remember, maybe you won't, but I asked you to wait to see how this turned out. You were right, there's nothing in the law that says he must be removed, but the world isn't that simple. The final result is just as I predicted: he is out of office.

The people opposed to him forced him out, pure and simple.

Meanwhile... and I said all along they could hound him but outside of the boardroom because their vendetta should not disrupt county business. So if they "suceeded" thats fine but the law was followed. I stand by my assertion that but for the crazies and Boyd this outcome could have been reached months ago.

Cvilian and C-ville native .... I have said all along that their needs to be changes. Imagine if all of these protesters with all of their outrage and hatred had focused that energy on the Board and C-ville city council to set up a joint special victims unit that made it so that women could report these assaults in a completely confidental manner through specially trained intake officers and special entrances at both the Police stations and Hospitals so they have no reason to not report the crime. The city of Charlottesville just approoved a human rights commission at 180k per year to attack employers who fire a minority when t that same money could surely serve people who were sexually assaulted much better. If a disgraced former Professer and his white apologists can seek backdoor reperations then the 52% of women in this town should surely be able to get this done. Why isn't Jamie Morgan hollering at the Board for not doing this instead of trying to reneuter a guy that has already been neutered? These people did a rain dance for months and when the rain finally came of its own accord they claimed responsibility.

These people vow to change the law so that this unlikely circumstance won't reoocur, and meanwhile Rome burns. Use the law and all that energy to address tomorrows victims with something meaningful. If you want to help rape victimes help FUTURE rape victims by creating an envrioment where rapes are prevented by education and deterence.

You can all hate me and I don't care but I don't see anyone else with a better idea.

Hey Civilian - that is an excellent idea - let's appoint a woman to Chris Dumler's empty seat! After all Ann Mallek being the only woman among 6 men is not really equal representation is it? (7 men if you count the County Exec.) True, a woman is running for Dennis Rooker's old seat but she wouldn't start until next year; and anyway that would still only be 30%.

Here's an intriguing idea - how about one of Dumler's victims?! The original victim is a resident of Scottsville, I believe; and she has already spoken out publicly about her ordeal so it's not like she's anonymous. I wonder if she has any political or civics interest? That would be so cool and such poetic justice for her to sit in Dumler's old seat!

What a tool. "I'm right, I'm gonna prove in court I'm right, I'm doing all this for the people who voted me into office, and oh yeah - now that I've proved I'm right and you mofos can't touch me, watch me walk away."

Bill Marshall - he pled guilty. If there wasn't any evidence, why not an innocent plea?

Jane I never said he was innocent of sexual battery.. a misdemeanor... he plead guilty to presumably what he agreed he did which probably most men could be charged with under the written law... making an unwanted sexual advance. The problem is that there is no way to know if it is unwanted until you do it. I believe he crossed the line but from all that I read and heard it was a consensual situation until it wasn't and the law does not distinguish between the guy that hides behind the dumpster and rapes someone and what she alleged happened. Perhaps there should be something in the middle. I don't know but wouldn't shut down the conversation.

And he did plead "innocent" to the felony and still does and the prosecution agreed and he cannot be charged with it again under the double jeapordy rule so he is technically innocent of the rape charge. It doesn't mean he didn't do it but due process is there for a reason and all of the zealots who wanted another pound of flesh got shown up by him. I am glad he fought it because they are dangerous to a free society moreso than him. How would people feel if all of a sudden a video showed up showing he did NOTHING and they railroaded an innocent man? That is why we have laws and protections and cannot sacrifice those to satisfy a bunch of people who never took a civics class.

This same conversation will come up a year or two from now when the Human rights commission charges an innocent person with being racist or homophobic for firing a bad employee with a good victim "profile" I will side with the employer if he is being victimized in the same way.

Bill, accepting a pea deal does not mean that he plead "not guilty" (not "innocent") of another crime. Your statement is the height of ignorance!

He was not charged with the felony once he talked the prosecutor and victim of accepting this arrangement.

Furthermore, sexual battery, which he plead guilty to and as defined by the LAW (that thing you keep mentioning) is NOT an "unwanted sexual advance"!

Stop posting incorrect statements. You make yourself look like a fool.

Dumler is gone. Your comments are about nothing. All anyone wanted was him gone and WE WON. You and Dumler LOST.

Is he even done with his jail sentence? Have you visited him in jail?

Either learn what

Dumler showed class. He refused to be pushed out, waited to make his point, then resigned once it was clear to all that it was HIS CHOICE. Good for him.
A case in point for: "You can't fire me, I quit".

Oh, please, Angel Eyes.

So far we've heard that he's plead guilty because he was actually innocent, then we heard that it was because he couldn't afford a defense (but he could afford to defend his seat). Then we heard that people pursuing the petition were wasting county tax money when he planned on quitting the whole time (and therefore could have saved the county money). And NOW you're parroting his baloney that he's resigning out of principle and this was his choice.

When does it become clear to you that he is a liar? At what point does another dishonesty break your trust in him? How many more times will you accept and repeat his lies as truth?

Don't sink to his level, it is beneath you.

"I am glad he fought it because they are dangerous to a free society moreso than him."

Really Bill! If it means that much to you, why you don't you move (if you don't already live there) to the Scottsville District and run yourself for the BOS?

Blue Spade-- What does your response have to do with Bill's comment?

In the mean time...

If anyone thinks that Dumler's woes are over, you'd be wrong. Local women are outraged that our President has called for sex abusers in the military to be tried, imprisoned, or at least drummed out of the service. Well, here's Captain Dumler serving in the U S Army Reserves who is a convicted sex offender serving jail time and who is still a Captain in the Army! Veterans and active duty military are angry because his behavior and continued service in the Army Reserves casts a bad light on their group, and by association, their service. They are calling for his "separation" from the Army (aka less than honorable discharge). If Dumler is smart, he will resign, or find himself dishonorably discharged.

Women, Chris! You can't live with them, and you can't sexually batter them.

I'm with New Day and Cvillian on this thread. There now needs to be another woman on the board of supervisors, and replacing Dumler with one would go a long way towards healing the Scottsville district. That Christopher Dumler damaged women, and by extension, violated the women of Scottsville, so shall a woman supervisor regain their trust in local government. The Republican Party has a clear advantage in this race now, I just hope they use that advantage wisely. Find someone with moderation and public appeal, a nice person with intelligence and thoughtfulness. This is not a time for political idealogues, but for wisdom and sensibility.

For goodness sakes you all, no more mugshots! No more DUI ladies with tatoos, no more drinkers and swingers, no more bankrupt business people, no more potheads, no more sexist men who think of women as their playthings. Enough! Just give us someone nice with good old-fashioned common sense and the energy to listen and carry out our will. Is that so much to ask?

Bill Marshall, I think people need to read what you wrote again: "he plead guilty to presumably what he agreed he did which probably most men could be charged with under the written law... making an unwanted sexual advance."
So you think an unwanted sexual advance is the same thing as sexual battery? Here is the state's definition of sexual battery: " § 18.2-67.4. Sexual battery. A. An accused is guilty of sexual battery if he sexually abuses, as defined in § 18.2-67.10, (i) the complaining witness against the will of the complaining witness, by force, threat, intimidation, or ruse"
If you think "most men" are guilty of this, then you have a tragically skewed view of society in general, and men in particular.

Dear Lucrece,

Nice with good old fashioned sense! Remember Forrest Marshall? That describes him perfectly. Also Reverend Peter Way, and then Lindsey Dorrier. Oh, how nice those men are and what a great bunch. Sincere and such good men. If we had a man like that again, that would be ok with me. A woman would be good. Someone with a good brain and a personality to match. Lucrece, I'm with you. No more crazies.

So you think an unwanted sexual advance is the same thing as sexual battery? Here is the state's definition of sexual battery: " § 18.2-67.4. Sexual battery. A. An accused is guilty of sexual battery if he sexually abuses, as defined in § 18.2-67.10, (i) the complaining witness against the will of the complaining witness, by force, threat, intimidation, or ruse"

RUSE ...So if you tell a woman you love her and were just using her for sex then you are guilty under the law.

No guy has EVER done that....

Chris Dumler showed he was unfit to lead the public and hold a public position when he pleaded guilty to a violent/sexual crime against another human (two women, actually). After he pleaded guilty, did he then proclaim humility or did he try to hint at innocence by saying he hadn't been being able to afford a decent defense, so instead he essentially took the easy way out via pleading guilty. Anyone who actually read his comments to the local papers can tell you that he never showed much responsibility nor remorse and instead tried to manipulate his way out of the situation he placed himself in and even "apologized" to the women if, and I quite from the Cville, because they "felt" hurt. That is not the type of man I want to lead anything.

Yes, its emotionally disgusting, but that is emotion. The bigger point is that he kept showing gross lack of responsibility, failure to actually deal with the situation and lack of concern for his county or the people in it.