Dumler dilemma: County Dems in disarray over sexual battery conviction

On paper it must have looked good. Instead of being convicted of felony forcible sodomy, which would remove him from the Board of Supervisors, Chris Dumler would plead guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery so he could get on with serving the people of his Scottsville District.

It hasn't worked out that way.


Since Dumler, 27, took the January 31 plea, which includes 30 days in jail, the calls for his removal have not gone away. At the first supervisors meeting after his conviction, the board censured him unanimously and three board members passed a resolution calling for him to resign. Former supervisors scolded him for not disappearing in shame after his conviction, and one citizen started a petition to get him removed from office.


The Sexual Assault Resource Agency called upon him to resign immediately. "By his own admission, he has sexually abused at least one woman against her will," said the SARA statement. "This is a serious crime and a violation of the trust the community placed in him by electing him to office.

Dumler was supposed to speak at the Democratic breakfast February 16, an appearance that was cancelled by an alleged death threat, according to local media accounts, which also reported two protesters at the meeting were thrown out for their disruptive calls to lose Dumler.

Dumler did not return phone calls from the Hook.

How are Albemarle Democrats dealing with the continuing controversy about their once-rising star?

Requests for comment to four members of the county party steering committee yielded zero returned calls.

"You people aren't being very nice to our community or our party," says an unidentified woman who answered the phone at the residence of a Scottsville party official. "The more you stir it, the worse it looks. You should just leave it alone."

The Hook ran into Albemarle Dem chair Valerie L'Herrou and vice-chair Cynthia Neff at Albemarle General District Court February 19. Neff, who posted $50,000 bond for Dumler and defended him at the last BOS meeting, was in court to face her own charge of driving under the influence from October. She declined to comment about party matters after she was convicted and on her way out of the building.

L'Herrou, an attorney with the public defender's office, was on her way to court and said, "We're having meetings. We're not ignoring the situation. We're trying to figure it out."

Sources describe an organization in turmoil, with a lot of people, particularly women, having a problem with a man convicted of sexual battery remaining in office.

"I think it's unfortunate that both parties are looking at this as a political issue rather than criminal activity or fitness for office," says former Charlottesville mayor/City Councilor Dave Norris.

The Albemarle board is currently split 3-3 on many issues, and losing Dumler from the Dem-leaning camp would give Republicans Ken Boyd, Duane Snow, who made the motion that Dumler resign, and Rodney Thomas a 3-2 advantage,

"The Democrats are afraid to lose one seat," says Norris. "The Republicans smell blood. Neither party is coming out looking very good with this partisanship."

Norris notes the irony of some Democrats trying to minimize the sexual battery conviction, which Dumler said he took because he couldn't afford to fight the felony charge, and of Republicans defending women. "If the roles were reversed," says Norris, "[Democrats] would be calling for his head."

Norris, a city Democrat, declines to offer an opinion on whether Dumler should resign. "Chris has a decision to make," he says. "He's got to decide whether to stay in office and in the public turmoil versus standing down and reassessing."

He does make one prediction: "This isn't going to die. I can foresee the county Democratic leadership having a come-to-Jesus discussion with Chris."

"His remaining on the board is a distraction from the important business of the board," says Charlottesville School Board member/Dem Jennifer McKeever. "As a citizen, it's difficult to understand."

She mentions the joint city/county Democratic breakfast at which Dumler had been scheduled to speak that had to be changed. "It's a distraction," she says.

The Jefferson Area Tea Party joined the clamor for Dumler to resign February 18, citing his constituents who say they're afraid to contact Dumler, which leaves them without representation and puts an additional burden on the other supervisors.

"If constituents cannot or will not meet with Mr. Dumler on issues of county business because he has entered a guilty plea to a criminal sexual offense, then he cannot fulfill the obligations of his position to his constituents," says the Tea Party statement.

"As a public figure myself," says McKeever, "I want to be able to go to constituents. When I see a barrier, that's worrisome."

Keene resident Earl Smith is the man circulating the petition to remove Dumler from office, and he, too, has had friends say they don't want to be in the same room with Dumler, and say their wives don't want to be either.

Smith says he's bothered by the number of women who've made allegations against Dumler, and that the plea agreement precludes two other women from bringing charges. "I don't like the fact that I didn't get to hear it all," he says.

Dumler reportedly has said that he would sign Smith's petition, and that angers Smith. "That's just arrogance," he says. "He should publicly apologize for the embarrassment he's brought this community."

Smith, who says he's an independent, says he's had Democrats come and sign the petition. "They say they hate going against the party, but this is against women," he says.

And as an indicator of how roiled Scottsville is over the Dumler matter, Smith also maintains he's had five women come ask him why he's circulating the petition.

Unlike California, which has a history of recalling elected officials, petitioning to remove someone from office is relatively untested in Virginia, according to Smith. He must collect 372 signatures– 10 percent of those who voted in 2011 in the Scottsville district– and turn them in to the clerk of circuit court. A judge determines whether Dumler has misused his office, and while smoking pot could get an official booted from office, says Smith, the code does not mention misdemeanor sex crimes.

So far, he's collected around 200 signatures and estimates that friends circulating petitions may have another 20 to 60 signatures. He's determined to continue.

"It's a sex crime," declares Smith. "It's not a DUI."

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He assaulted a woman. Why is his removal even a discussion?

He should resign. But there should be a special election for someone to serve the rest of his term. Residents of his district shouldnot be without representation on the board. Or, if its not practical to hold a special election before November, someone should be appointed.By the Circuit Judge or the Governor perhaps. Not the BOS- they'd just make it anothe partisan squabble.

Wow. There's a shocker. The Republican front Jefferson Area Tea Party is calling for Dumler to resignation.

I anxiously await Lisa's next big scoop: dog bites man.

Quite the ladies man... I sure would feel silly if I voted for this abuser of young women.

Lisa- Ask a little more. The Alb.Democratic Party (which claims the belief in government transparency on their website) doesn't want to talk about this. Without a public notification, they moved their Feb. 11th open meeting from the Gordon Ave library ( a public building) to a privately owned building, so they could ask the public to leave their meeting. Was no one else looking for this meeting? Transparency? I think not. They were not interested in the consequences of Dumhler's actions....right or wrong, trust, or the treatment of women. They are solely viewing this politically " we can't lose a Demo. vote on the BOS!" Really!?!? Where are your values. We is your sense of democracy and a open discussion. Partisan politics at its best and it stinks. You all should go.

The people in his district elected him. If they want him gone then they can try the route with the courts. If it doesn't work then they can vote to change the law for next time. Everybody else should stay out of it. If a woman can't send an email to her representative about the landfill or road mainatiance because she doesn't like his sexual proclivities then that is her problem. It is a red herring. Nobody knew Clinton had a thing for interns, they system dealt with it under the law. It happens.

Nobody wants to give this guy a fair shake as to his side of the story and he can't talk because he is on probation and possibly awaiting a civil suit because he plead guilty.

The girl did not claim rape and he was not charged with rape. His initial defense was that she was a scorned girl coerced by an ex girlfriend and he alleged proof at the time. It can be reasonably assumed that he had at least a modecum of something or the prosecuters would not have let this go away so easy.

From the press we can assume that this was a consensual sex session and he went further than she wanted him to. The question is did she try and stop him and he forced her or did he take advantage of her reduced inhibitions from alcohol (or whatever) and she regret the incident when she sobered up. It matters.

The protesters against him say it doesn't but it does. The reason it does is because if she simply did something regrettable when she was drunk then her allegation of sodomy is an insult to women who were truly forced into sex acts against their will. I wish it had gone to trial so the facts woould come out and we could find out the truth.

I am sure I will be attacked by people saying I am blaming the victim but I don't care. He may be the victim. He may have had to plead out to save whats left of his future. There are too many women who claim to be a victim of sexual assault and believe that they have the right to dress like a whore, drink too much, sleep with a total stranger and then decide the next day that they are entitled to have him arrested instead of admitting that they are simply a selfish drunken slut who can't hold her liquor.

The simple fact is that men are less picky than women so when two people get drunk and have sex the man rarely regrets it and the woman often does. That is not rape. That is everyday life. Deal with it and don't use the courts for absolution.

If women spent more time teaching their daughters and freinds not to drink to a point of impairment, to not get into bed wth someone until you know them and to scream bloody murder when they rape you then the bulk of these assaults would diminsh in short order.

I wonder if she had gotten him wasted and sodomized him if the prosecuters would have arrested her or laughed him out of their office as they told him to stop doing jello shots.

As for the girl who said it happend to her three times the question as to why you went back two more times after the first is a legitamate one.

These attacks are about retribution and nothing else. He will be on probation for ten years so his butt bongo days are over. You bitter women want to punish him instead of accepting responsibility for your own behavior. if you don't want men to assume that you are a drunken slut then stop wearing the same uniform as the girls that are happy to be drunken sluts. Don't get mad at us get mad at them.

The only thing guys have learned from this is to buy a hidden camera so you can show the world that it was consensual if need be.

Let the attacks begin...

(disclaimer.... convicted RAPISTS should castrated or killed)

What happens if he does decide to step down? Is there a special election or does the BOS get to appoint someone to represent Scottsville District. It would be interesting in knowing the process. Apparently, the Dems do not have another valid candidate lined up or they would be pressing Mr. Dumler to step down.

First: 'sodomy' under virginia law implies pretty much anything other than P-I-V intercourse, so folks should just quit speculating about the particular sexual activity - it isn't really relevant. Either he is a sex offender or he isn't, and since he plead guilty (more to protect his membership to the bar than his seat on the BOS), then he is an offender.

It is definitely past time for the Albemarle County Democrats to have that little talk with Dumler - and I'm a Democrat - this just makes Democrats look terrible.

Here's what I do not understand and I think some useful digging would elucidate: what kind of sexual battery is not felony rape? Why did the prosector accept this deal? Was this consensual for certain activities but not others? The lack of transparency about the actual transgression is pretty startling. I believe this amounts to an unwanted grope:

Sexual Battery

Sexual Abuse - see #6

Everybody who is oohing and aaahing and having a little prurient thrill about the most common use (meaning) of sodomy needs to calm down a little.

Looks to me like another classic case of the prosecutor and police aiming a bazooka at a defendant in order to get them to plead. Let me be clear: the behavior is reprehensible and clearly should be punished regardless.

Bill Marshall raises an interesting question: how is it that a victim allowed this to happen three times (an act to go to far), but then that only really makes sense as a question if there was some type of consensual sexual activity taking place. If he was inappropriately groping someone in an office or school setting, for example, it's quite easy to imagine that he did it a few times before she realized she needed police intervention (lest he continue) to get him to stop.

if Dumler did not plead guilty, than this would have most likely gone to trial, right? From my understanding, this trial would have basically come down to a he said-she said matter in which a jury decides who they believe. As the incident was reported weeks after it happened, what kind of evidence did the victim have? As a male, I find it extremely disconcerting that I can be arrested and facing criminal charges and a jury trial if I had sexual relations with a woman who then turns around and makes claims against me.

I have no idea what happened in this specific case, and Mr. Dumler could very well have been in the wrong; but how can a person protect themselves from being arrested and facing jury trial based off of accusations? Even if I were innocent, I might just have well pled guilty on the misdemeanor charge rather than face the stress, legal fees, and possible felony conviction/jail time.

Bill Marshall, you are acting as if it were a he-said she-said situation. Many, many women have been assaulted by Dumler. Even in the plea agreement, it mentioned two other women who had come forward at that time. More have been commenting on these articles. He is guilty of sexual battery. While he has not been convicted, a lot of C'ville women know what else he is guilty of.

Also, non-resident taxpayer, Dumler was charged with forcible sodomy because his victim alleged that he forced anal intercourse on her. The original article in the Hook and many others made this clear.

The difference between what he was charged with and what he pleaded to was that the woman he had most recently victimized would have had to testify to get the felony conviction. And given the questions that people like Bill Marshall and non-resident taxpayer are asking, it's no wonder that she did not want to subject herself to the unfair, misogynistic judgments of the public.

Bill Marshall, this guy isn't Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was just re-elected President of the United States of America when news of his consensual affair came to light.

This guy is in the first year of his first term of a municipal board. If the local democrats want to expend their political capital on this, then they'll deserve to reap what they sow.

For once, I am inclined to agree with Bill Marshall. To be sure, Dumler sounds like a guy who can't keep it in his pants, especially when drinking. We all know guys who are notorious for getting women drunk and taking advantage. They were/are vile creatures. As noted, forcible sodomy is anything other than PIV, so who knows what actually transpired. I think it's possible for the situation to be in shades of gray without blaming the victim.

If I thought Ken Boyd and the other republicans would act in the best interests of the county as a whole rather than in the narrow best interests of the business community, then I'd want Dumler to resign. But we don't need any more bypass-type shenanigans, so I am happy for him to serve his term and then not run for reelection.

Loves C-Ville, VERY interesting hypotheticals!

Unfortunately for your hypothetical speculation, he DID plead guilty. At that point, the phrase, "Case Closed" became operative and a matter of LAW.

All your worrying about being wrongly accused can be answered simply: no means no.

You can easily be accused of ANY crime. It's very interesting that you're so worried of being accused of sexual assault.

Those defending this guy want to assume it's a simply he-said, she-said deal and that, you know, maybe she made it up, maybe she was drunk, maybe the other two women are vindictive.

Those defending this guy want to view his guilty plea in the light most favorable to the defendant. Problem is, he's no longer a defendant, he's a convict.

He pleaded guilty. If that's not enough for you, then wrap your heads around the fact that to believe what you want to believe, you must believe that he lied to the court when he pleaded guilty.

So he's either a sex criminal OR he's a liar. What crime would be enough to outweigh all the tremendously good things he'll do on the BOS and all the evils that the GOP will perpetrate?

This man has at least one victim. Every time you support him, you are spitting in her face.

speaking up it is a he said she said situation nothing more nothing less.

many many many women? Two women. One who admitted that she went back for seconds and thirds because he was such a horriffic person. Some guys like rough sex as do some girls.
So when a guy likes rough sex and you don't then shut it down and date somebody else.

I am not defending dummler, I am pointing out that we now live in america where women don't want to accept any responsbility for their part in sexual encounters. If a woman gets drunk and voluntarily engages in sex with a guy who got drunk and she allows things to happen because her inhibitions are down then that is not rape or assault. that is her being a drunken slut. If she is forced, if she says no if she fights him off, if he does stuff to her when she is passed out it is a different story but we need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Women want it both ways they claim to be "equal" but want the law to be applied unequvically on their verbal allegation without physical proof or even compelling circumstancial evidence like going from the bed to the police station. If it takes two weeks to three trips to figure out how your butt got sore than society needs to protect the accused as much as they protect the accuser. If woen don't like that then work to change the law so that women can go in and speak to a sexual assualt intake counseler and have the file remain complteely confidential until the victim decides to go further. Have a special intake at hospitals where a person can call ahead and go in a side door and directly to the sexual assualt examination office without dealing with the waiting room or other people to preserve privacy. Have the state pay for those examinations so there is no reason for a woman to not go. These efforts would do more to reduce sexual crimes and make cases that could stick then trying to tar and feather this guy.

Bill Marshall just called the three (not two) women that accused Dumler "drunken slut"s. Can someone PLEASE delete his heinous comment?

Yeah, I take it back. Bill, can you stop being such a cretin?

We need Bob Fenwick in office!!!!!!!!

Where are you getting "two women"? There was the victim who brought charges, plus two others mentioned in the plea agreement, plus many more who have commented on these pages (check some of the other articles in the Hook if you care).

Also, drunken sluts? I personally had not had a drop to drink when I was assaulted by Dumler. And by the way, women have the right to have a drink without getting anally raped. In case you were unclear on that.

@Meanwhile- your implication when you say, "It's very interesting that you're so worried of being accused of sexual assault." is neither clever or humorous. I've been in a monogamus relationship for 13 years that is based around treating one another with respect. I was, however, made a victim by accusations 18 years ago when I was in grade school. A classmate and bully accused me of keying his car. While this pales in comparison to sexual assault & battery, it led my single mother (who was working multiple jobs) to spend money we didn't have on a lawyer. The news that state troopers were interviewing people I was with that night and that the DA was looking into pressing charges was extremely stressful.

Yes, Dumler pleaded guilty. But as I mentioned, I can understand taking this plea deal, even if innocent, as opposed to going to a jury trial facing a felony conviction and jail time...especially given the lynch mob attitude that many in our society seem to demonstrate.

Very glad to hear it and I apologize for the implication. Also sorry to hear of your experience being falsely accused.

My point is that all this conjecture is just that: conjecture. He pleaded guilty and that's all we need to know. Yeah, I can understand the plea even if he was innocent, and I can understand it if he was guilty of something far worse. What does it matter what my (or your) speculation is?

If you want to believe that the man is as pure as the driven snow, then the fact that he pleaded guilty to sexual battery should not prove a hindrance. If you want to believe that he's the devil incarnate, then the fact that he's been elected to office shouldn't stop you either.

I can imagine that the man is guilty of far worse crimes then those to which he has pleaded guilty. Does my speculation in any way disturb the fact that he walked into court and pleaded guilty to sexual battery?

@non-resident taxpayer: The kind of forcible sodomy specifically detailed in the affidavit and police report was anal penetration.

Cynthia Neff immediately filed an appeal of her DUI conviction yesterday in the County Circuit Court.

Loves C-Ville

As a male, I find it extremely disconcerting that I can be arrested and facing criminal charges and a jury trial if I had sexual relations with a woman who then turns around and makes claims against me.

Even if I were innocent, I might just have well pled guilty on the misdemeanor charge rather than face the stress, legal fees, and possible felony conviction/jail time.

If you would plead guilty to a crime you didn't commit, that makes you a person lacking scruples and integrity, nothing more. Also, if you state outright that it would be the burden of stress, legal fees and more that would be so stressful as to cause you to make a false statement of guilt, then apply that to the women who are brave enough to come forward to be ridiculed by men like you and realize that your second statement makes your first statement moot.

You're doing something very very very stupid in assuming all it takes is a Woman's "accusation" to put you in jail. If only that were so, but we, including you, know that that is a fantasy made up by a paranoid man, in this case: you.

Lisa Provence has written a very good article in that she is the FIRST reporter to actually ask the Democratic Party leadership what they are doing about this issue...and she got an answer or two! Dave Norris' comments are right on target. The focus on Dumler is getting more intense, not less. There are an average of 2 to 3 news stories on the local media every day since his sentencing. I'm just waiting for the GOP to weigh in. Scottsville is suffering the worst sort of PR, and the Albemarle Democrats should be ashamed that they are putting the balance of power on the Board of Supervisors ahead of what's right. Notice all our women in leadership not protecting women, and protecting a sex offender. Are you sure you are Democrats? The party needs to lose Dumler, Neff, L'Herrou, all of them.

@Loves C-Ville: Again you are using very paranoid projection here.

, Dumler pleaded guilty. But as I mentioned, I can understand taking this plea deal, even if innocent, as opposed to going to a jury trial facing a felony conviction and jail time...especially given the lynch mob attitude that many in our society seem to demonstrate.

Are you referring to the horrific treatment of women following them telling the truth about being raped? Are you referring to the other women who will turn against you and shield your rapist (like now in this instance). You seem to be playing the victim as the man.

I am very suspicious of you. You sound like an apologist for rapists and assume that the rape accusation is usually false or that so much of the time women lie about you that you'd actually admit to being guilty of something you didn't do LIKE RAPE, just to avoid public scrutiny and fees?

Basically you admit that you would lie in open court about yourself and your behavior for your convenience or to avoid stress. What about that makes you a trustworthy, scrupulous or even a good man?

Bill Marshall February 20th, 2013 | 12:04pm
speaking up it is a he said she said situation nothing more nothing less.

many many many women? Two women. One who admitted that she went back for seconds and thirds because he was such a horriffic person. Some guys like rough sex as do some girls.
So when a guy likes rough sex and you don't then shut it down and date somebody else.

I am not defending dummler, I am pointing out that we now live in america where women don't want to accept any responsbility for their part in sexual encounters. If a woman gets drunk and voluntarily engages in sex with a guy who got drunk and she allows things to happen because her inhibitions are down then that is not rape or assault. that is her being a drunken slut. If she is forced, if she says no if she fights him off, if he does stuff to her when she is passed out it is a different story but we need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Women want it both ways they claim to be "equal" but want the law to be applied unequvically on their verbal allegation without physical proof or even compelling circumstancial evidence like going from the bed to the police station. If it takes two weeks to three trips to figure out how your butt got sore than society needs to protect the accused as much as they protect the accuser. If woen don't like that then work to change the law so that women can go in and speak to a sexual assualt intake counseler and have the file remain complteely confidential until the victim decides to go further. Have a special intake at hospitals where a person can call ahead and go in a side door and directly to the sexual assualt examination office without dealing with the waiting room or other people to preserve privacy. Have the state pay for those examinations so there is no reason for a woman to not go. These efforts would do more to reduce sexual crimes and make cases that could stick then trying to tar and feather this guy.

Loves C-Ville:

I bet you did key that car. I don't buy your innocent routine for one second. When men whine about being victims during a rape topic, it's usually because they did something they feel ashamed about.

Wow, so many good and bad points in these comments. I agree with a lot of things mentioned here about what is considered consensual and what's not but I want to make clear why I'm doing this. I have not questioned what Mr. Dumler has done since elected, I am questioning what can he do now with his admitting guilt to a sex crime. I really have no opinion on what level or stage the sex crime is or was only that it was a sex crime. Saying that, I found it funny that the laws governing an elected official does not cover anything to do with any form of sex crime but most of us with a job have such laws or rules in place by our employers, etc to cover this issue. In my opinion if he has done such a good job helping the community then he can continue that with stepping down, apologizing for causing all this turmoil and work hard towards regaining his credibility in the community. That would be best for all of us.

@ Kim - I haven't ridiculed anyone. Not even close. Please take that back. And men like me? What are you talking about....you don't know me or that I am even a man. I am also not on some path to defend Mr. Dumler or call his victims liars. I have not followed the case closely but I believe I know the major details. I am bringing up hypotheticals and am discussing more the issues with our criminal justice system than the details of this case specifically.

Lacking scruples to not have faith enough in our justice system to put my neck on the line as opposed to a slap on the hand? Many people are convicted of crimes they did not commit.

Lacking scuples because false accusations are made every single day against innocent people?

Lacking scruples because I could be arrested, arraigned, and spend big $ on a lawyer just because of someone's accusations? This happens...not my opinion, it is a fact.

I am also not paranoid. I just understand that accusations, even if baseless and proven to be untrue, can place you in a tough position where you need to spend $, time, and piece of mind in order to prove your innocence.

wow, Kim. Just wow.

@ Loves C-Ville Like other commentaries on here, I will point out to you:

You can be accused of a crime at any time. Whatever excuses you use to justify why you would lie about whatever you are accused of, is what you have to make peace with. Nothing of what you used as an excuse would ever be compelling enough to get me to lie about raping someone. The fact that you would plead guilty to sexual battery simply to avoid lawyers fees is something you have to live with. I consider myself as someone with a lot more integrity and frankly, back bone.

Lacking scruples because I could be arrested, arraigned, and spend big $ on a lawyer just because of someone's accusations?---THAT is not what makes you lack scruples. The fact that this would be enough of a burden on you to make you LIE IN COURT ABOUT A CRIME is what makes you lack scruples.

I'm sorry you lack the conviction to be able to stand up and proclaim your innocence when you are innocent. It's pretty much the lowest bar to cross, so what does that say about you when there really is something important at stake?

Everything you have admitted shows a lack of character, lack of moral compas and lack of standards. The fact that you openly admit you would lie in court in order to simply not have to pay lawyers fees(ever heard of the Public Defender? They are free) is ludicrous and pathetic.

Oh dear, poor Scottsville. Such a quaint old river town, and to suffer such bad news over one office holder. And Cvillian, you are always so concerned about the Democratic party, but I am concerned for the girls who were victimized. My dear old father always said, about getting angry, that it's like a grenade in a foxhole , when it explodes, everyone gets hurt. The anger at Mr. Dumler, though deserved, is hurting Scottsville, the democrats, the county and even his victims as they have to relive their story with each news story. I'm not a feminist, but I do think that we've come such a long way as regards the way men are expected to treat women in relationships. Dumler and his crones who are making light of his crimes or victims are setting us back. Please don't let him and his friends do that. We need to protect all victims of abuse.

@ Virginia Pollack: " I'm not a feminist"

So you don't feel that women are equal to men?

1) I didn't call THESE girls drunken sluts I said that there are MANY girls who ARE drunken sluts that want to be drunken sluts but when they bite off more than they can chew they want a man to pay for their mistakes.

2) when I said two women I was referring to the two who came forward YEARS later with nothing but their word. This is america. You cannot just make accusations and put somone in jail because of something that you claim happend 6 or 8 years ago.

3) I have said repeatedly that I am not defending dummler I am pointing out the hypocracy in the system and condemning those who are trying to tar and feather him for something that may be entirely different than was alleged. He cannot speak for himself without risking the wrath of the courts, and I am not speaking for him as i have never met him, but I am speaking up for the rights we should all enjoy as citizens. If someone doesn't want to date him after this fine, but it is up to the court and the voters to determine his job status. Do you realize that if he were an unelected city official he could not be fired?

4) People like Kim above are exactly why people like me need to write inflammatory comments that get the blood boiling. She wants to put a guy in jail for keying a car he didn't key and says that it is because he obviously abused a woman and feels a need to defend himself. I could turn it around on her and ask her whats has she done that SHE needs to make not HER fault. Would that be fair? OF COURSE NOT.

5) Go to youporn and google drunken collgee sluts and you will see drunken college sluts performing voluntary sex acts in frat houses with numerous people watching and filming. This is the real world folks and if women want protections then they need to help the law help them. A man should be able to walk down west main counting his money at midnight but he can't, and if he got robbed people would say duh...

6) I offered some very easily implemented suggestions to reduce the numbers of assaults way more than all of this jiberjabber against an elected official. will ever do. Why don't some of you women get behind those ideas with that much fervor and actually accomplish something besides derailing a politicain who has no hopes of reelection?

@Interesting Information - thanks for that - I have not read the police report. I had not re-read the original article, but there it is plain and clear in the first paragraph. I tend not to lend much credence to the 'facts' presented in the comments section.

I do think it's unfortunate then that the prosecutor agreed to this plea deal. I think it's a miscarriage of justice - he should have been tried on that charge and the evidence should have been presented. Even if the victim was impaired and consented to some sexual acts, I don't believe that makes her "slut" (I think slut-shaming is among the worst kind of garbage american puritanism gets up to), and I do think he should have a felony conviction not just ejecting him from the BOS (which is ultimately small potatoes), but also ejecting him from practicing law...permanently.

Are the affadavit and police report in the public record? I'm not doubting what you report here, I'm genuinely curious.

@speaking up - you know, questioning someone is not the same thing as slandering them. Yes, she might have to testify, and I'm sure that would be pretty awful. It would also do a lot more to get this guy off the street.

p.s. @ Loves C-Ville fact that you openly admit you would lie in court in order to simply not have to pay lawyers fees---ALSO MAKES YOU A CRIMINAL.

@Earl Smith...The issue now is multi-pronged:
1. That this guy is now incapable of properly serving his constituents due to the distraction of his criminality.
2. That he is ethically well below the standards required for a position such as his.
3. That he was elected to office by a constituency blind to his transgressions and low ethics, and commited his crime after he was elected.
4. That he has shown arrogance and disdain for the process by comments such as "I'm thinking of signing the petition myself."
5. That he has done all this before his 30th birthday and in the first year of his first elected office. What can we expect in the future?
6. That there is overwhelming sentiment within both his district and the rest of Albemarle for him to exit public office. The silence of his few supporters is deafening.

R.I.P.: Billy Carter

Nope: 4) People like Kim above are exactly why people like me need to write inflammatory comments that get the blood boiling. She wants to put a guy in jail for keying a car he didn't key and says that it is because he obviously abused a woman and feels a need to defend himself. I could turn it around on her and ask her whats has she done that SHE needs to make not HER fault. Would that be fair? OF COURSE NOT.

I didn't say any of that, so get it right or you will be labeled of inferior intelligence.

I stated outright: I think he did it.

What I said, and your commentary about what I said are not hte same.

@Bill Marshall: You must be old.
I bet you are an old white guy raised in the 50's.

What you don't get is that women don't have shame about sexing like you all did in the 50's. If a woman wakes up next morning and regrets having sex with that guy, the last thing she's going to do is falsely accuse him of rape and ruin her entire year just because he was a bad lay or she didn't climax. How stupid are you?

She'd simply not sleep with him again and find someone better. DUH.

Why do you all think we have some sort of shame about sex? All of you do and look what it turns you into...

So a woman getting drunk and having sex is a "drunken slut".

Gee, Bill, keep on "not defending dummler (sic)". You're doing a great job showing us what a fine, fine character you possess.

I'll take your word on the porn site you mention. As far as your suggestion that I peruse the site, no thanks. Not sure what that web site has to do with the facts of this case, but thanks for bringing it up!

Yesterday was an interesting & difficult day for Democrats in the news. Headlines brought out the facts that Dumler openly lied to the voters through the media, the Scottsville Town Council(his base of operation) voted to ask the state to amend the recall law with a "Dumler's Sex Addition," and Cynthia Neff basically lost her driving privileges over a drunk driving conviction!
When asked last Friday about the potential death threat, Dumler stated, "I can't comment about an ongoing investigation." HE KNEW THERE WAS NO INVESTIGATION, because even as of today, he has not even officially reported it to the police! He was been too busy attempting to playing the victim in the news and using it as an excuse to skip out on the occupiers at the Dem's Breakfast.

@Bill Marshall, you seem to think you know the details of this investigation. Well, you don't. I can assure you that. Please don't go giving the impression that you know more than you do because you want to look important to other people reading this. I can say this quite confidently because, 1) your "facts" are wrong. And 2) the girl wasn't drunk, and 3) no
Please, crawl back under the rock from which you and Dumler crawled out from.

3) no one involved knows you.

In defense of the two women who accused Dumler of assaulting them years ago, it's safe to presume they were UVA students with Dumler at the time. Therefore, their cases went nowhere thanks to the UVA Public Relations filter that quashed every sexual assault case before any of them got into a courtroom for a period approaching 25 years and counting.

Having said that, the rest of us will never know what happened in these three relationships. We only know that 3 women accused him, and the deal that the four of them agreed to that they all thought was the best deal they were going to get out of these messes. Dumler should resign, though. Maybe run again after some years have past and maybe he gets through with probation. But he's doing nobody any good staying in office now, including himself. This is a sex offense for crying out loud!

The silence/support of the local democratic party big shots, however, reminds us all of what a pile of dung that their so called concern for women always was and always will be.

Lisa -

Has there been any comment made by the University of Virginia Women's Center?

It is listed as an "ally" of SARA, and Dumler has received about a dozen donations from UVa employees, about half of them faculty.

Very glad to read Dave Norris's comments on this subject. Norris has always been a voice of reason locally, and I think the local Democratic party would do well to follow his leadership on this case. I'm a Democrat, myself, but this issue transcends politics. Presently, the party is thoroughly tarnishing its reputation and honor by supporting Dumler. The message they are sending to the community diminishes the significance of rape, and shows zero sensitivity to its victims. It's absolutely unacceptable. Democrats need to reject Cynthia Neff and start listening to Dave Norris. Dumler must go.

If this is the conversation we are having about rape, I can see a lot of the men in Charlottesville have a LONG WAY TO GO toward eliminating misogyny.

The Democratic leadership is placing party politics above principles and digging a deeper and deeper hole. Interesting reading here but the fact of the matter is that there were other victims willing to come forward AND Dumler was convicted. Case closed. I thank Earl Smith for his thoughtful words and Anne Malleck for her statement. She makes sense and anyone interested in the case should read it. www.annmalleck.com

Dear Kim,
When you asked me if I don't think women are equal to men, I don't. My dear mother always taught me that women were far superior. That's why we must stick up for one another, and never let men take advantage. So when Chris Dumler takes advantage, we should stand up for women everywhere and make sure that he is punished for his bad behavior, and not rewarded by being able to stay in office. Some things really are that simple.

Bill Marshall:

According to you, women who have sex drunk are drunken sluts. Why don’t you think men who have sex drunk drunken sluts as well? Because a poor man can’t control his urges and women shouldn’t dress to appeal to them? This is sexism at its worst and is disgusting.

When a drunk man sleeps with a total stranger why isn’t he a drunken slut who can’t hold his liquor? Why only the woman?

Shouldn’t parents teach their sons not to get so drunk they get in bed with a woman who is drunk and might not be capable of consent? Why is it only a woman that must be taught to be on the alert?

If women are whores for selling sex, shouldn’t that make men whores for buying it?

You say a woman is a whore for dressing in a way you deem whorish, then getting drunk and having sex – where is the responsibility of the man to not react like a whore to a woman’s clothing and automatically jump into bed with any drunken woman who looks like she might be available?

I would be ashamed to know where to look for porn. Doesn’t that make the person viewing it and advising you where to find it a virtual slut?

Men will never use the words slut and whore to describe another man, eventhough they are committing the same acts women are condemned for.

I cannot believe that you have this archaic, blaming attitude towards women. The words ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ are hateful and demeaning toward women, they are designed to put women in a place of inferiority to men and those who use them in this manner are doing so to try to diminish a woman’s self worth.

You, Bill Marshall are a misogynistic dinosaur – any argument you propose for Dumler is negated by your uneducated hate speech against women.

Norris has in general stepped up and been more honest than any other Democrat leader.

Both NOW and the UVA Women's Center have punted and put political power over principle. They have been asked numerous times that I am personally aware of and refused to comment on the issue. If they cannot stand up against a convicted sex abuser like Dumler, than they should be honest and change their names to the Democrat UVA Women's Center and Democrat's NOW. Everyone who wants Dumler to step down should flood their switchboards until they come out with a public position on this issue.

Anne Malleck uses some great flowery words, but the bottom line is she did not ask him to step down. She also refused to follow ALL the past accepted procedures and step down as chairman of BOS. Instead she wanted to extract promises from other members before she would do so. But it was she that raised such a fuss that the rules be followed allowing her to become Chairman in the first place which she now refuses to follow.

Prince of Truth,

What's REALLY odd is that it's not like the BOS is deciding issues of importance to the UVA Women's Center or the National Organization of Women. So one is left with the impression that this is simply about partisan politics, even at the local level. Put a 'D' next to a person's name and, even if all they decide is whether or not to build a road, then the local NOW chapter will allow him sexually assault a woman.


PLEASE STAY CHRIS !!!! I want you to remain so you'll be a shining example of what the Dems are all about. Your fellow Dems actually CONTINUE to support you. Good.

Hard believe that the local Dems don't see a problem with having a slimebag like Dumler continue in office. It reflects on their judgement, that's for sure.

@ Meanwhile: Remember when NOW continued to support Clinton, even though he treated women like meat ? Same principle.

@today. I think bill pretty much was clear than men are, for the most part, happily drunken sluts. That said,l if you think men and women are built the same, think the same, and react the same to similar stimulus your off your rocker.

But Nyer, Clinton was in a position to appoint supreme court justices, etc. Also, Lewinskey was a consensual affair. This guy PLEADED GUILTY to sexual battery and is in his rookie year of elected office!

Big difference.

@ Meanwhile: Lewinsky was consensual. Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey were NOT.

I think Ann makes sense because she is supporting the process of petition without judging OR defending Dumler. We will never know the truth of the matter, but if Chris has lost the respect and trust of his constituents, there is a process for removing him. We can hurl invectives at one another all day long on this thread, but it is really the voters in his district who should decide his political fate.


NOW and similar organization are first and foremost appendages of the Democrat Party and have very little to do with female rights or protections, unless they fall in line with liberal doctrine. Democrats weld them as political clubs to achieve the ends of liberals, not women. We all need to take violence against All women seriously, unlike NOW. LOL is all NOW should hear the next time they try to open their mouths about ANYTHING if they do not step up on this issue.

Jimi hendrix:

Bill Marshall called women ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’ over and over while using very little derogatory language for men. I said they both deserve to be called the same derogatory thing for doing the same thing. I never addressed their physical makeup being the same, nor did I say they react the same way to a stimulus. You inferred that. Using your logic, perhaps by doing so you’re off your rocker?


Look I know it's hard, but we are constantly required to make judgements, both in our public and private lives. To use flowery words to justify shying away from the hard choices is cowardly and untruthful . Ann makes judgements all the time on the BOS, but just refuses to do so in this case. Edmund Burke cautioned us what would happen if we did not judge and respond to bad behavior in our society. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

@Today. Yep. Men are sluts and hoes for the most part. When I was young and single if anything female was available and willing I was happy. The more and the often the better. It is called testosterone, and unless you have known what it does to you, and I bet you dont, then you dont get that part of the equation.

Guys wake up horny. They get horny at breakfast. A commercial with a chick and they get a rise. And then they begin to wake up and really get flowing.

This does not excuse abusing a women. But if you try and equate men/women on the same field of play then you must not have been doing a lot of yoga and home single. A good high school boys basketball team could beat the snot out of the WNBA champs. Men and women are not the same.

Aehth you seem to know the facts so spill em...

Prince of truth "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

The sword of evil cuts two ways. On one side we have a lynch mob and on the other a possible (but not proven) sexual Demon.

There are too few facts to make a judgement here. Why did the prosecuter let this go if it is so cut and dry?

"Bill Marshall", with whom I often disagree, is on the right side of this issue. Too bad the Hook won't print the name of the "victim" so people can draw their own conclusions about whether she's just another promiscuous hedonist who feels that she's got the precious gift and can call the limits during an alcohol fueled encounter. I wonder how many guys she's bedded down with and under what circumstances. Sorry, but some of the old fashioned ideas, that promiscuous women may have less standing when crying rape, are worth consideration. With a certain track record, who's to know if a man has gone too far, or if it matters at all once she has set the bar so low?

Dumler signed off and admitted to sexual battery. Unless you want to add lying to the court to his other charges, you will just have admit he is GUILTY.

Dear Gentlemen Bill, Ponce, and Prince,
No matter what side you take in the Chris Dumler case, please remember the girls that were assaulted. This is what is most important, and calling them names, or distracting the conversation by talking about politics diminishes the real reason Chris needs to step down. He has (my friend says I need to say "allegedly" here) sexually assaulted these young women. No matter what, when a woman says no, it means no. If she's too drunk, then the legal presumption is that you don't have her permission. Mr. Dumler is a lawyer, so he certainly must know the law about this issue. Anyone who supports Mr Dumler staying in office by voice or by silence is stifling the voices of abused women everywhere. You supporters and apologists for Chris, especially some of you women, are setting the campaign against sexual abuse back by years and years. I am just sad over this.

What's unbelievable to me is the absolute silence by all the Democratic women in leadership or worse yet, their support of Dumler. This includes women office-holders as well, like Ann Mallek. Chairman L'Herrou, Vice Chairman Neff, Secretary Mead, Commonwealth's Attorney Lunsford, there are more are silent or taking Dumler's side. What?!!! There's not one woman in the Democratic party leadership or in elected office who will demand Dumler's resignation after he sexually battered a woman, while a seated supervisor? Not one? Not one Democratic party leader or office holder? Not one? You all need to be replaced! You have lost your way. I remember when several of you marched or lobbied for women's rights, and one of you to take back the night. How can you now keep silent. This is one reason you entered politics as a woman. To protect women's rights. And now that you have the chance to really do it, what have you done? What????

It's clear that Dumler learned that it's ok to assault and demean women at UVA.

I'd like to thank Theresa Sullivan, Pat Lampkin and Clare Kaplan for protecting his right to assault women without fear of being expelled. he not only earned a degress at UVA, he learned he could live a lifestyle of assaulting women without worrying that he would be stopped.

I'd like to thank One-In-Four and Take Back the Night for ignoring this topic.

And most of all, I'd like to thank Camblos and Lunsford for never prosecuting a rape or sexual assault case that was brought forward by a University of Virginia female.

Hats off to Charlottesville for never enforcing the felony crime statutes.

Hats off to all the Charlottesville ABC stores, because once a woman drinks, the local men can get away with anything.


"Dumler signed off and admitted to sexual battery. Unless you want to add lying to the court to his other charges, you will just have admit he is GUILTY."

So does that "sexual battery" mean that he grabbed the back of her head and pushed?
Did he try and give her a protate exam?
Did he put a toy in the wrong hole?
Did he put himself into the no no place?
Was she okay with it being there until she wasn't?

We have no facts for context. All of this monday morning quarterbacking on what really happened is unfair. Perhaps there is a chance that the prosecuters had nothing and made the deal before they lost it all and would have actually had to drop the charges before trial.

He can't talk or risk jail time for probation violation. There is nothing illegal with the women telling their side and providing context.

We know these women are reading this... call the the Hook and spill the beans...


I am writing to you from Brooklyn, NY. If you think this only effects you or your community, YOU ARE WRONG.

Most of the women, men democrats, etc here in NY around me are APPALLED at this man, that he was charged with ANYTHING AT ALL IN THE FIRST PLACE.

The fact that it was forcible sodomy (any definition) and was reduced to sexual battery (any definition) is 100% unacceptable for someone holding his office, FULL STOP.

Any debate on the issue should be about when he is stepping down, not the nature of the crimes. He was charged with something and he plead guilty. He took a plea, ergo: they had something on him or he could have walked away.

The fact that old women around him are shielding him is disgusting and appalling.

I hope the women who were victimized by this wanton degenerate feel comforted -if not by the women and men in their community, then by the people in other areas who are following this closely to see how people deal with it.

To the people directly in the community standing up to this disgrace, I deeply salute you. To the women, I'm sorry that ALL people don't understand why you should be commended for not letting this looser get away with it and people should treat you like gold in that community-anything less is them admitting their own failure as a human being.

i've spoken with a relative of the first victim. she assures me dumler did this. you people defending dumler should take that to heart. i'm telling the truth.

Ponce de Leon, and others... how is there still confusion about what act of sexual battery Dumler committed? He was charged with forcible sodomy. Specifically, forced anal intercourse. Every news source has made this clear from day one. He pleaded down the charge to sexual battery, but no reasonable person would question what specific type of sexual battery he committed, considering what the original charge was.

And you know what? It's not as easy as calling up a newspaper reporter and spilling the beans. When you have been sexually abused, you are AFRAID of the person who did it to you. Speaking for myself, I am afraid of him. If I made specific public statements about what he did to me that would let him know which of his many victims I am, I am afraid he would try to hurt me in some way, either directly or indirectly. I can't cope with that. I bet many of his other victims feel the same way. Kudos to those who did come forward. They are brave women.

You want to know what really happened? LISTEN to the people who were there. I am one of them. He raped me. No two ways about it. How many lurid details do you actually need to know?

@ Speaking Up - if he raped you, why didn't you report him? Were you a UVA student? Did someone deter you from telling the truth? I would like to know. You can email me at my website address: .

You do not need to tell the community what happened to you, but you should expose those who forced you to be silent. It will help save the next girl from going through the hell you went through.

Thank you, Speaking up.

It is a disgrace that any one here or there in the actual community could stoop so low as to conceive of a way that this guy might be innocent or that someone lied about what happened.

I'm ashamed of what a lot of people said on here. I'm ashamed for their mothers, because if any of their mothers heard what was said here, they would be deeply deeply appalled by their sons.

Do any of you see yourself in the good way? As real men who are good men? A dastardly crime, more than one crime was committed by one amongst you. My question...no my CHALLENGE to any one of you so called men, is when are you going to stand up to men like this who give you all such a bad name and who rape the women among you? Are you real men? Because if so, your job isn't to cast doubt on the person who was victimized. Your job is to defend against the perpetrator of such crimes. It makes me sad to see that not only are there women protecting this vile rapist, but that there are men casting doubt upon his victims while linguistically trading down his crimes.

@Kim: Decent people don't join in the debate. Decent people can't wrap their heads around the fact that well dressed men commit rape.

The most appalling issue on the table is that this man was accused of rape many years ago and the University turned a blind eye. Your local cops and prosecutors haven't prosecuted any cases of rape in the past ten+ years that I've been monitoring this issue.

@ Susan R
I really hope you keep on keeping on. This has got to stop and the only way it will is if Women with a capitol W step up and make it so.

I have a zero tolerance for rape, child rape and woman hating. That puts me at odds with most religions as well as on this side of any issue of rape or attacking of women or girls.

I wish 100% of women and girls would be able to step forward and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. One day it will be like that as prosecutions and convictions outweigh the numbers of women that don't report, as we get ever harsher penalties, tougher laws and hopefully to end this plague of rape in our nation.

I'm so happy someone is following this. But just so you know, i'm not there, I'm in NY. I'm following this case too as a concerned citizen.

Can you get a class action law suit together of all the women who weren't taken seriously and sue the local prosecutors?

speaking up: thank you. and i'm very sorry for what you went through.

susan r: can you tell us more specifically about dumler's past history? i'm very interested. my suspicion watching this case unfold is that dumler's indeed a serial sexaul predator. he also shows signs of sociopathy and extreme narcissism.

kim: i agree with just about everything you say, but the awful irony of this case is that dumler's main advocates are women. and not only that, the only women's organization that's come forward to demand dumler's resignation is SARA. further, i can tell you that i have contacted one of the more outspoken women's organizations in town, asking them to get involved in the case, as they have a strong pull with younger women, and, after an initial email from them expressing disapproval toward dumler, they went silent. simply refused to return emails. charlottesville is a small town, and the politics of this situation obviously run deep. i've got to say, though, as a man, i am astonished at the cowardice i am seeing from women's groups, and the horror that is the group of women led by cynthia neff who are supporting dumler. i'm very thankful that dave norris, a city councilman and former mayor--and a democrat--had the courage to speak up. i'm hoping others in the democratic party will find the same courage.

Speaking up and susan R

You have accused him of rape. The prosecuters did not accuse him of rape and dropped the forcible sodomy charge. So what I gather is that he was having consensual anal sex and the girl changed her mind after allowing penetration and he kept on keeping on long enough to make it assault but not long enough to make it felony sodomy. Is that what happened? If it is then it seems to me that he is being punished and will be on probation for 10 years and has to live with that. He is still in office because he was elected and there are laws protecting that process. Those laws are very important to the electorate. I hope it is not changed to include sexual misdameanors otherwise anyone who wants rid of a politician can make a false claim and set him up without much risk, causing him to plead to a lesser charge to save his law degree and years in jail even though he is innocent. If they want to change the law for recall for any reason by the voters then that is fine and fixes the issue at hand in the future. His inability to do his job is berween him and his district, not do gooders from New York who do not know the facts and presume anyone who disagrees with her is a closet abuser who has a sordid past. Some of us just think that there needs to be balance and are not afraid to speak up. it does not make us closet abusers, ruthless mysoginists or women haters. It also does not mean we are not against capital punishment for rapists. We just want to make sure that due process is afforded to all. There is still a chance that he is a victim regardless of what someone from Brooklyn says.

@Ponce De Leon: You are full of absolute garbage.

The fact that you can describe, in graphic terms, what you "think" happened in the face of what else was said here is a testimony to your low breeding and lack of upbringing.

Your quote, "Those laws are very important to the electorate." referring to the laws that allow him to be there are an oversite and are clearly AGAINST what the electorate want, hence the current issue which you are arguing the wrong side of.

Your suggestion that, "make a false claim " is not relevant, as he plead guilty, not innocent. Also, clearly there was much evidence it was true or he would not even have been offered any deal and no charges would have been filed, get it?

Your mentioning of me many times over only indicates my clear points about why this is important for all people. A woman came on here and stated outright, unequivocally that he raped her, and still you have no just a lack of any human emotion towards that, but a calculated and disgusting retort dismissing both the crime and it's impact on the victim. There is no integrity in what you did there so to ask any one to think you are speaking out for "due process" is a joke. You can't on the one hand spit out a mouthful of denigrating language towards someone an then out of the same mouth pretend to be upstanding or upholding of some important principle.

You make a mockery of yourself by the way you speak, and everyone reading in your town and beyond know it.

ponce: the sex seems to have been consensual with all 3 women, but during the course of consensual sex, dumler anally raped them. that part was of course NOT consensual. it was forcible anal rape. as men, i'm sure we both agree that that qualifies as rape. forcible anal rape is a vicious, brutal act. that he did it to 3 different women shows we're dealing with a serial predator. dumler is no victim here. if anything, he's been the beneficiary of privileged treatment due to his position on the BOS.

@satchel: Those women's groups should be called to task as well. If I were you, I would start a petition against them, calling them out. Where the he** are they. It's the entire point of their organizations to stand up for women.

Perhaps someone should screen capture this entire thread and send it to them and ask them why they are silent on a key issue effecting women in their own community and perhaps ask if political corruption is at work.

Then, I would pull all women he did this too and get a group civil action against him, as well as a class action lawsuit against the prosecutor in town.

You know, if people cared about this stuff like they should, that is.

it's really amazing and disappointing, kim. and yeah, it's disgusting as well. these people in this organization i'm talking about go on and on about women's issues--violence against women being one of their main focuses--and yet when it comes to something here in town that's this important--and that they could genuinely effect!--they run, scared of small town politics.

Well, do they read this? I hope so...

Dumler was not offered a plea deal. He ASKED for one. Truth.

For anyone from out of town, please be aware that he has been formally censured by the BOs, a censure initiated by a woman democrat. The BOS can't fire him. I agree with most of what I am reading here about the d party and various women's groups and share anger at the leaders of the party who are placing politics over principles. But there IS a process that is being worked through and I am very hopeful that it will result in Dumlers resignation. We live in a society where that process, while obviously flawed, is better than a lot of alternatives. Let the people of Scottsville speak. Ken Boyd could do a lot by promising to appoint a democrat replacement since that's who Scottsville elected in the first place.

You don't really know a person till you see them under stress. This ugly situation has stressed many politicos. And their true natures are on display.

Some of the good guys are S.A.R.A and Dave Norris. Bad actors and hyprocrits abound. Hopes are that the voters will remember what they are seeing. Let's clean up this disaster and elect women and men of honor and integrity. The sooner the better.

I haven't met a girl who Dumler dated that was treated well by him. That's not to say that he raped all of them, but definitely manipulated and emotionally abused. There are also a couple of sealed records from allegations at uva where he took counseling for alcohol and violence to get out of any more serious punishment for sexual assault. From the women I know from law school, and from general stories about Chris out there in the community, that he would continue to sexually assault women as his power grew is not a shock.

Is Dumler in the Army Reserves and/or does he work for the JAG School? I had heard the Army might take action against him because being an essbag sleazeball is conduct unbecoming an officer. What is happening with that? It would be nice if he got punished appropriately by SOMEBODY. Also, I hope the victim sues. This guy must pay a price somehow, not just weekends in jail.

Bill Marshall- Your comments are a disgrace and I hope if you have a wife or daughters they don't read your disgraceful comments. You are justifying Dumler's actions. HE CONFESSED TO SEXUAL BATTERY. Do you not understand that?

I hope that his other victims who have not yet come forward are reading these comments. I know it is so much harder to do than say, but young ladies, if Dumler assaulted you, please try to come forward. Set the record straight and let this community know the real Christopher Dumler. He is getting off with a little slap on his wrist. This is so wrong. This is not going away and it won't until Dumler removes himself from the Board.

And as a follow up, those who are doubting that this happened should at the very least be questioning UVA's long-standing policy of ignoring rape, while petty theft is an honor code violation. That was one of the more off-putting things about going to school there.

Kim you are a prosecuters nightmare. You think every awkward glance is a sexual assault and that all men are evil unless they are mommas boys.

If the prosecuters could have nailed this guy they would have. Do you think they didn't know people liike you would come out of the woodwork?

You people are trying to try him for rape in this public forum when he was never charged with it. You are no differenent than the KKK was in the 1930s .

You compllrtly ignored my two very real, easily and cost effectivley implemented suggestions that would increase the number incidents reported and preserve evidence that insures both due porcess to the accused and timely evidence gathering for the state. To repeat 1) Have a special room at the hospital where someone could call ahead and go in a side door to an examination room where evidence could be preserved, councilers available and the state paying the costs. and 2), have a sexual assult specialist in the police department intake cases like this in confidentiality and in private so that they can be reported right away and then if the person decides to go further later can do so without the evidence being washed away.

We cannot function as a society where a woman can decide two weeks later that the guy was too forceful. Either he was or he wasn't . If you can't decide within a day then that is your problem. We are all entitled to due process not just women.

The real problem is that there are lots and lots of women out there who like sex, advertise it, go through al the motions and everybody goes home happy and then there are some women who wear the uniform, do the same advertising, and then realize their short skirt wrote a check that their conscience can't cash. Then when they go through with the act and find out the guy was just answering the ad as posted and doesn't want a relationship they cry foul. Don't complain to men for answering your advertising and expecting that the product is actually going to function as advertised. A woman walking down the street in a short skirt should never be accosted... lock em up... but if you go to a bar and climb all over a guy, go home with him , have rough sex and two weeks later decide you made a mistake then learn your lesson and move on. If you cannot decide whether it was rape, assault or rough sex by the next morning then the state shouldn't give you months or years to decide what to do. Just like rape is a stigma for a woman it s false allegation is a stigma for a man.

Women should not be able to go to a party wearing a traditional slut uniform, act like a slut, get wasted, and end up having sex with an ugly guy and then claim rape. Do your walk of shame and learn your lesson. It is no different than a man who gets drunk and picks a fight in a bar and gets his ash beat. Should he be able to have the guy who knocked his lights out arrested two weeks later?

Lock up rapists, kill em, castrate em, I don't care, but I don't believe the prosecuters had a legally strong case or this guy would not have been allowed to plead.

As far as an innocent man taking a plea.. well consider this... does anyone reading this think that kim could be an objective juror? Do they think I could? Kim and I both think we each would be but the truth is that I would put immense pressure on the state to explain why it took so long and Kim would not even want to hear the defenses explanation.

The guy was correct to take a plea even if he was innocent.

Bill, Dumler's behavior was not an isolated incident. Context/past behavior is a factor. Also, the suggestions you made for dealing with rape are to some extent being done in some places, and it is still very difficult for women to report rapes--shaming words from people like you are part of the problem.

I agree that the political process needs to take its course. The law should be changed so that conviction of violent crimes and misdemeanors--to include sexual assault, wifebeating, and bar fights--is grounds for removal from office. In the meantime, the citizens of Scottsville will have to recall Dumler and have a special election, and that is in the works.

Meanwhile, we have a continued problem of Boyd et al. being too much in the pocket of business interests. If Dumler goes, there goes any hope of sensible approaches to development. I don't like the guy, but I do not want to see the BOV operating as a subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce.

@Bill Marshall

"Kim you are a prosecuters nightmare. You think every awkward glance is a sexual assault and that all men are evil unless they are mommas boys."

-When the argument is lost, Slander becomes the tool of the looser.

"You people are trying to try him for rape in this public forum when he was never charged with it. You are no differenent than the KKK was in the 1930s ."

-Possibly the dumbest comment made here. The people who hung black people by the neck, set churches on fire with children inside of them and dragged fathers behind pick up trucks tied with rope...and more, did you mean THAT KKK?

"We cannot function as a society where a woman can decide two weeks later that the guy was too forceful. Either he was or he wasn't ."

-He plead guilty. Guilty. And we 'cannot function as a society' when men like you apologize for men of low character. Seriously, can't you do any better than an anal rapist, seriously? There isn't a man in your town who's not better than this guy? You really want to defend someone who has consensual love making with a woman and then anally rapes her during after sex cuddle time? SERIOUSLY? You can't do better than that?

"Women should not be able to go to a party wearing a traditional slut uniform, act like a slut, get wasted, and end up having sex with an ugly guy and then claim rape. "

-Since that doesn't happen, this is really more about your fear of being that ugly guy.

"The guy was correct to take a plea even if he was innocent."
-You just proved that you are a liar.

I'm fairly certain no one listens to liars.

re:"We cannot function as a society where a woman can decide two weeks later that the guy was too forceful."

Yes we can and do. You are really being ridiculous. Just stop. You aren't convincing in the least and no one is listening to you. What's more, you're wrong.

Just stop and go away.

I have been mulling over the best way to get people who have never been subjected to this kind of sexual assault understand why "she said she wanted sex, then changed her mind!" is not an apt description. This is the best comparison I have been able to come up with.

Imagine that you walk into a nice restaurant and are seated at a table. The waiter comes to the table and brings you a glass of water and a basket of bread. He is polite and the bread is very tasty. Then he comes back to take your order for the main meal. He says, "Are you hungry?"

It seems like an odd question, but you answer, "Yes, I'm hungry," thinking that he will then ask you what you want to order from the menu and bring the food you order. Instead, he produces a bowl of vomit and a spoon and tells you to eat it. "Are you crazy?" you exclaim. "I didn't order this and I would NEVER want to eat it."

He shoves your face toward the bowl, his hand closing tightly around your neck, and laughs cruelly. "But you said you were hungry," he says. "Now eat."

Now imagine that you were so scared and upset by the experience that you spent the next couple of days at home, recovering. And when you were ready to talk, you couldn't imagine that anyone would believe you. What happened is so incredible, and the restaurant has a very good reputation. So instead of going to the police, you put out a few feelers. You tell a trusted colleague what happened. His reaction is, "Well, it might not have been what you ordered, but you did say you were hungry. You asked for it, really. It's not his fault that you had the poor judgment to walk into his restaurant and say you wanted food." This reaction shocks you so much that you decide you cannot take the risk of reporting the incident more officially. Instead, you decide to leave well enough alone and just avoid that restaurant -- and tell your friends to avoid it too. Sometimes you see the waiter around town. He grins at you and makes pleasant conversation, as if the whole incident never happened.

DawgG-You made an interesting comment, "continued problem of Boyd et al. being too much in the pocket of business interests." Do not agree, and it should not be part of this discussion which is criminal sexual behavior of a board member. But, better to be caught "in the pocket of business", than being criminally charged for being caught in someones pants who has told you NO. No means NO,.. period. Anything that diminishes the violent act and lifetime trauma this brings to the victims should not be brought into this discussion.

Breaking and Exclusive: Albemarle School Board members Buyaki and Strucko call for Chris Dumler's resignation.

To follow up on SpeakingUp's point, there are also police departments in america--even (and sometimes especially) in liberal college towns that shame victims--that ask questions about promiscuity, and that talk about whether they will be "believed." Hell, I remember reading about one rape victim who was told "most rape reports are false reports." It is scary as a victim to think that trying to get help from the authorities could subject you to further ridicule...especially when they get the facts backwards--most reports of rape are indeed legitimate.

Prince of Truth, I hear you.

Shame on Charlottesville!!!!
You expect us to send our daughters to UVA? When hell freezes over.
The town as a whole AS DECENT CITIZENS, as responsible people - wise up and dump Dumler.
This is not a question of political leanings but of safety and respect.
I brought my daughter to visit Charlottesville to look at UVA. Your town has yet to find Morgan Harrington's
cold blooded rapist and murderer, you have UVA employees and ex- employees kidnapping 2-year old girls from shopping malls, carrying rape kits and kidnapping 19-year old coeds, missing teens and young adults.
Wake up Charlottesville- how dare you not dump this creepy pervert??? How dare anyone who is sane allow this creep to hold office? Apparently women are sexual fodder in Charlottesville and hell will freeze (or you will clean up your act and get serious about the safety of women) before I ever consider sending someone I care about to your prestigious university. Southern gentlemen, kiss my Texas ass and work on finding and prosecuting your dangerous perverts. It should be a NO BRAINER to give Dumler a swift kick to his ass and boot him out. Shame on you ALL for not banding together on this. I don't care what flipping political party you vote for- get your heads out of the sand. If you don't get serious about protecting ladies in Charlottesville you can watch your applications to UVA dwindle and watch your own daughters and granddaughters get raped or worse.

Ken Boyd could agree to appoint a Democrat to the seat that Dumler vacates. That would be fair to the people of the Scottsville Distrtict.

While I agree with Marshall's comments sometimes, this latest epic is pretty odd. In any event, it would be much more convincing if the post was not rife with misspellings.

It's pretty simple: either you still believe our local leaders should be ethical or not. Certain ethical breaches--in some's partisan eyes--are more disgraceful than others (like trying to bring up Boyd being in the pocket of business). Those who defend keeping Dumler believe ethics should be discarded. He pled guilty to a sex crime. What our county is doing is deciding whether or not a sex crime violation is the same in gravity to a traffic violation or petit larceny.

If a supervisor were arrested for stealing a $500 television via a fraudulent check and then pled it down (at his request) to petit larceny (whereas the original charge would have been grand larceny, a felony), I would think him not suitable for office. If a supervisor was charged with reckless driving because he was on his cell phone and caused a chain reaction, rear-end accident, then pled it down to, say, inattentive driving, I would think he could still hold office. What about a DUI?

What we have here is the same type of situation. There is a huge difference between various types of misdmeanors and what our society accepts.

What is the decision of those in the county? What is Dumler's decision and who--besides the silent local Dems--will grease the skids for his departure? We are waiting.

BTW, is he still financially tied to the James River Brewery? Funny how someone without the funds to defend himself had funds to buy into a local business. If he has, kudos to the owners. If he has not been dropped off the board of that business, please boycott it. Plenty of good craft breweries around here that do not have sexual offenders as owners.

R.I.P.: Jeffrey Dahmer

Kim, thank you for proving my point that you are simply too far out there to be trusted to be on a jury. If you think women never make false claims against men I think it is obvious who has the problem with clarity.

Also, he did not plead guilty to "anal rape" . He pleaded guilty to sexual battery which is a misdameanor.

Speaking up, ... If you don't want to take the civic responsbility to take a criminal off the streets and choose to instead warn people that is okay with me but that is your choice and you should not be able to come forward years later and try and get that waiter arrested and charged when there is no other corraborating evidence. We live in a nation of laws and due process needs to be followed.

I am not trying to downplay rape or sexual assault here I am trying to point out that if we want these issues resolved then we need to make sure that women do their part to help society protect them. If you go for a walk in the woods and get attacked by a bear or shot by a hunter when you are not wearing orange there is only so much society can or should be expected to do . Men and women have sex. Most of the time it works. What needs to change is that men need to learn to ask prermission instead of make assumptions and I am okay with doing whatever it takes to try and change the staus quo so that goal is achieved. But we still must do it within the confines of due process and women need to learn how to say no and not just aquiess and call the cops later. No does mean no so say it and if the guy doesn't stop then say it again. Create a scene and if you are afraid at the time then go to the cops the next day and create the credibility it takes to make it stick.

People like Kim make the problem worse because they claim that a woman is always a victim and has no culpability in any circumstance and that is simply not and never will be so.

I am all for calling out the abusers. But Dummler is on probation for ten years and villifying him will not make any abusers change their ways it will just make them cover their tracks or establish alibis witensses and make sure they have some dirt on any potential claimants.

When you change the culture you will fix the problem.

And we cannot make it so that any person can make a false misdemeanor claim against a politician and force them to resign or the republicans would hire women to ride in elavators with every democratic member of congress and then come out screaming to gain seats (or vice versa)

Bill Marshall, who said I came forward years later or at all? And how can you possibly say there is no corroborating evidence when there are a bunch of other victims?

Honestly. Maybe at the core of your posts you are making some kind of argument, but it's pretty hard to discern through all the obvious fabrications.

Women need to learn to say no? Great. How about when women (or men) SAY NO and the other person doesn't care? Should the rapist then be allowed to walk free and do the same to other victims? How about when it is not physically safe to say no? As terrible as being raped is, it is better than being dead.

Your admonition that victims must "create the credibility it takes to make it stick" is laughable considering how determined you are to discredit victims.

Hey Bill, next time you have one too many with someone you consider a friend, and that person forces himself on you, come back and share your experience. We will be happy to blame you and say that it's all your fault, that you should have known that the person you trusted was not trustworthy.

Dawg, If someone over powered me and put something up my backside it wouldn't take two weeks or six years for me to decide what to do about it. If I was afraid for my life at the time and had to surrender then I would DEFINITLEY know it was rape and would have them locked up as soon as I was able to escape. So if we make it as easy and caring as possible for people to make police reports and have rape kits completed in private and at no cost then we would get somewhere fast.

Most of the women here are unwilling to accept any reponsbility for womens actions in this. If a guy makes a presumption that someone dressed like a postman will give him mail and someone dressed like a pizza guy will give him pizza then if he goes home with a girl who is dressed just like the last ten girls he went home with who gave him sex don't be upset when he makes a presumption. If you go along with it for whatever reason other than fear you bear some culpability. We simply cannot live in a world where bad sex is a crime punishable as rape.

I am not defending Dummler and once again I am all for castration life, death sentence etc etc for rapists but you gotta use the system as the laws are written and provide due process. This women victim crap is just that. Women make false allegations about men to gain child custody all the time, they have just as many sordid affairs as men and they stab coworkers in the back with the same if not more frequency. We all know it. You people act as if all women are innocent little fawns and men are all bucks rutting at the wings. You are fooling no one. If something bad happens step up to the plate and deal with it. Bring forth evidence and when rthat evidence is overwhelming and credible prosecuters won't plead down to a misdameanor they will go for the throat. I pity the next guy in this burg who has an allegation made against him because these proseuters will probably jump all over it no matter how thin to prove they are serious on crime. (you know like the Duke prosecuter did to those lacrosse players when they were falsely accused. )

School Board Member and Democrat Eric Strucko and School Board Member Jason Buyaki have asked Dumler to resign. See their comments here: http://www.wina.com/Schilling-Blog-Strucko-Buyaki-Call-For-Dumler-To-R/1...

Really glad to hear some leadership - non-partisan - is speaking out.

Bill, all of your concerns about due process, etc. aside, the incidence of false reports, much less the smaller incidence of false accusations, is 2-8%, across studies. The odds of multiple women fingering the same man becomes vanishingly small.

Again, it is disturbing the prosecutor let this go.

Bill Marshall-- you make it seem as though coming forward is not a difficult thing. Can you imagine being raped and then having to have an entire community know? your family? your friends?

Not only am I one of Chris' victims, but I STUDY violence against women. You make think you would immediately go to the police, however that may not be the case! NO ONE KNOWS HOW THEY WOULD REACT UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO THEM. You clearly have never been a victim of a sex crime. And I hope that you never are! But because this has not happened to you, don't parade around all high and mighty acting like YOU would do the "right" thing.

Look, gang, I am a conservative, but I also think Bill Marshall should get some popcorn, a beer or his favorite libation, snuggle up with his wife/girlfriend (yes, I am a conservative...I don't say "significant other"), and watch "The Accused."

R.I.P.: Joseph "The Shoemaker" Kallinger

@ex-girlfriend...If you are being truthful (I have to have some skepticism) in your post, can you just answer this question (which will not divulge your ID) in complete honesty:

Is this guy really as bad as people are making him out to be?

Look, the one crime to which he pled guilty is enough to warrant him outta here, but is his past that problematic and serial?

I am just trying to find out if this is a one-off transgression or if this guy is indeed a hand grenade of narcissism...just pull the plug and watch him ruin lives.

R.I.P.: Pete Ham

The Virginia Code dictates the procedure to follow if a Supervisor position becomes open for any reason.

Also only $7,000 of $72,000 cash raised by Dumler came from Scottsville District. And only 8 of 35 donators were from Scottsville. In all fairness please understand that Dumler's Seat w as bought by non-Scottsville people who got the seat cheap.


Christopher Dumler

Christopher Dumler was elected to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors in 2011.

Resources for this candidate:
Dumler for Albemarle County Board of Supe...
This Candidate is also a Donor

Home Money In Elections
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All receipts    Itemized cash contributions    In-kind donations    Loans   
Amount Name Location
$20,000 Hunter Lewis Crozet
$10,000 Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff Crozet
$5,000 John R Grisham North Garden
$5,000 Silvercrest Asset Management Group Charlottesville
$3,153 Albemarle Forward PAC Charlottesville
$3,000 Democratic Road Back PAC Charlottesville
$3,000 Kay Leigh Ferguson Charlottesville
$2,500 William A Edgerton Charlottesville
$2,500 Molly G Hardie Charlottesville
$2,500 Monticello Business Alliance Charlottesville
$2,000 Democratic Party - Albemarle County, Va Charlottesville
$2,000 Payne Ross & Associates Inc Charlottesville
$1,604 Dolores M Rogers Scottsville
$1,000 Robert S Capon Charlottesville
$1,000 Peter G Hallock Keswick
$1,000 Janet H Miller Charlottesville
$1,000 Marie Woodward Charlottesville
$750 Vivian Browning Sarasota, FL
$750 Bruce Reynolds Charlottesville
$635 Giovanni Hashimoto Orange
$635 Lonnie Murray Afton
$555 ALC Copies Charlottesville
$500 Richard J Brewer, Jr Charlottesville
$500 Democratic Party - Virginia 5th Congressional District Charlottesville
$500 Thomas Foster-Jones Earlysville
$500 Paige McGrath Charlottesville
$400 Fred W Hudson Free Union
$350 W Clyde Gouldman Charlottesville
$350 Susan K Payne Charlottesville
$300 Francis H Fife Charlottesville
$300 Nancy Gill Scottsville
$300 Valerie L'Herrou North Garden
$251 Sneathern LHospital Charlottesville
$250 Richard J Brewer Charlottesville
$250 Henry B "Brevy" Cannon, IV Charlottesville
$250 John Dumler Stone Mountain, GA
$250 Diana Foster-Jones Earlysville
$250 Ty Grisham North Garden
$250 Carol Johnston Charlottesville
$250 Jason Johnston Charlottesville
$250 Stuart M Lowson Charlottesville
$250 Lucia B Phinney North Garden
$250 David Slutzky Charlottesville
$250 Eric J Strucko Charlottesville
$250 Christopher L Yates Scottsville
$205 Ashleigh Rose Crocker Keswick
$200 Dianna B Abbott Free Union
$200 Constance Brennan Faber
$200 Jennifer S Gaden Charlottesville
$200 Valerie L Herrow North Garden
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One of my most favorite phrases is this: Integrity is non-negotiable.

When a person shows me, through their actions and words, that they no longer have integrity, I lose all respect for them.

The fact that there is discussion over whether this man should remain in office is such a waste of time. He has failed to display the integrity necesary to be effective. He needs to do the right thing and resign. But how would he know right from wrong when he has been allowed to demonstrate bad behavior over the years and never once held responsible for his actions? You can't teach that to him now.

The University of Virginia and the local Commonwealth Attorneys continue to display a lack of integrity when it comes to investigating any type of sexual assault complaint in Charlottesville. The fact that this young man displayed a problem as an undergrad and yet was allowed to continue to roam the grounds and prey on women is disgusting to me and many others.

As for the facat that the women changed their mind and it was consensual, you are all missing a key point. I have been in a room when the CAs interrogate a sexually asaulted young woman. It is reprehensible the way they talk to these already traumatized young victims. It is not at all surprising to me that these women do not wish to continue with pressing charges. Although they had the emotional fortitude to walk through the door to detail their crimes to police and CAs, they learn rather quickly that the CAs will not support them through the trials. In my opinion, the CAs would fight to prosecute someone who stole a computer much more aggressively than they go after sexual perverts.

I fought to unseat Camblos years ago and last year he came to the General Assembly to argue against a piece of legislation and lied in a statement to the General Assembly to convince them not to adopt immediate CA notification when a rape occurs on college campuses. I wasn't surprised. When you have people of that low caliber making prosecutorial decisions, perverts like Dumler are never prosecuted. When you have women in office who hide these perverts, you never get justice.

Maybe it's time again for the female students of UVA to start discussing why there is zero tolerance for cheating but not for rape. If Dumler had been kicked out of UVA when he was reported to the Deans, he would not have been in a position to be on the Board of Supervisors. And this most recent assault might have been prevented.

Liberalace - We know of at least three in the PLEA BARGAIN. One he bargained down from a felony to a misdemeanor AND two other complainants he got the Commonwealth to agree to NEVER bring to court. If you look at all the historic statistics on reported and unreported rape cases, it would tell you to not bet against a dozen or more that might exist between here and Georgia.

And I can tell you for sure that there are multiple others who were not mentioned in the plea bargain. I would also like to know whether the women he dated (or "dated") in Georgia know about his arrest and whether they would have anything to add.

Virginia Code 15-2.802. Last paragraph

If a vacancy occurs on the board, the chief judge of the circuit court for such county shall call a special election, in the district if the vacancy is of a district supervisor, or in the county at large if the vacancy is of the chairman, to be held not fewer than 45 nor more than 90 days after the occurrence of the vacancy; however, if the vacancy occurs within 150 days prior to a general election, such special election may be held on the general election day; and if the vacancy occurs within 120 days prior to the date of a regular election for the board of supervisors, such vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the remaining members of the board within seven days of the occurrence of the vacancy, which appointment shall be for the duration of the term of office of the person whose absence from the board occasioned such vacancy. The qualification of candidates and the election shall be otherwise as at general law applying to special elections

@Concerned...color me informed. He is a professional doer-of-nothing. He is pretty much vegan, his one vice is sushi, and he is taken by Valerie Chase (although he is big into LGBT doings as well). He went to school near Frisco but was born in Tokyo. Was Dumler's technology coordinator on his campaign. Not sure how someone with his pedigree can afford to donate $635, but I wonder if he also gave to Halfaday.

I now feel like his best friend!

R.I.P.: Noah Beery

Look, I am not defending dummler... I am pointing out that he is being tarred and featherd in addition to serving jail time and 10 years probation. That is wrong. If you want to bad mouth him go ahead but he is NOT a convicted rapist.

Despite the strength of my assertions I am not unsypathetic to the problem which is why I suggested a way to reduce the problem of low undereporting significantly.

Shorting his stay on the council will do nothing but give him more spare time to get in trouble. How does that help?

The law as written is there to make sure that people in elected office are not framed. It is reasonable on its face. If you want to lobby for a new recall vote where the voters who he represents want to recall him thats fine, but people in crozet (and brooklyn new york) need to leave the people in Scottsville alone.

As for my assertions that women need to be careful there is nothing wrong with that. There always will be a percentage of the male population that are predators just like there is a percentage who will be liars, , thieves, and bullies. We make laws to keep those with undesirable behaviors in check as best we can, so most women are smart enough (as are men) to not go out jogging in a dark park at three in the morniong. This seems reasonable but asking a girl to not drink too mch at a bar while dressed in a short skirt and obvious thong while wearing stripper heels is somehow akin to interning the japanese during WWII?

Any predator goes for the weakest victim, sometimes a predator goes away empty handed because all the prey were wise to its presence. So all I am saying is be aware of your surroundings and don't be the easiest prey. Society can deal with the predators through the use of social media and word of mouth, so if a guy is a pig that almost crossed the line pass the word. When he does cross it gather evidence and take him down. If we don't have enough evidence then at least we have a record for next time.

With all the technology out there it should be very easy to set someone up on tape or email. Nail the guys .I am all for that but I don't believe they nailed the guy and I think perhaps he was set up by a scorned ex as was his initail defense. assertion.

There is a reason the prosecuters walked away with nothing but a misdemeanor.

I know I get blood boiling and people that claim to know him think I am like they allege him to be. I don't care. I don't like his alleged behavior but I am also savvy enough to know that there are crazy zealots all over.

Talk bad about the guy but what good will it do even if he steps down? Why not talk about the next guy who doesn't have ten years of probation front of him? If my suggestions were implemented next week they would do more in a month than all of the other tar and feathering going on elswhere in this entire thread in a lifetime.

Bill, where did you read that he had ten years of probation? My understanding is that it is two years.

@Bill Marshall
The guy pled guilty
The victim did not have to recount every injury in public
Two other victims went to court to support a pattern of behavior
More victims are appearing daily

True, false accusations are horrible to the accused, but the court heard it all. Dumler accepted an offer to plead it out in lieu of court. The judge let it stand.

He is guilty in the eyes of the court and man. Please give up on your long winded essays of futility. I will skip over them from now on.

Bill, you are sounding like a broken record there, pal. I'd be very interested in hearing some substantive discussion about what happens in a special election and how that is handled It is my understanding that a BOS member would be appointed on a temporary basis until a special election is held. Could we see some issues pushed through hastily while the BOS was operating with an appointee? That would be my major concern.

Bill. I find it absolutely disgusting that you think as victims we have brought this upon ourselves. I was DATING Christopher when I was sexually assaulted. Just because I stayed with him after emotional abuse that doesnt make me weak. Victims of rape and abuse are NOT weak. I think that you have made that assumption is beyond disgusting.

Oh my, Mr. Marshall. You need to focus on the victim(s) of Mr. Dumler's sexual attack(s). When a woman says no, it means no. It is not a benchmark of opportunity for a man to progress further to fulfill a fantasy or prove his manhood. There are very real and deep problems with Chris Dumler that he would do such things. After hearing about the Boy Scouts and some awful sex abuse cases in that group, and that Chris was a lifelong scout, I wonder if he was abused as a youngster and now he takes it out on these women as he was abused. That's a real cycle of abuse you know. Or maybe he has a problem with women and control issues. This really is not about sex, it is about abuse and control, and it really is bad behavior. So please Bill, let's have compassion for the victims. Arguing the fine points of sexual assault and what-defines-what is not what Chris's assaults are about. So please, everyone, let's show support for the victims and eradicate this abusive man from our midst. There are fifty other states in which he can live. He is a lawyer and can work anywhere. Please, for your own sake, Chris, please just leave and start over. I don't even know how you can erase the permanence of these Worldwide Web stories. They seem to live on forever. Every day it's a new story, in the news reports, which are archived, and in the list of comments like these. If you leave now, your bad history on the web will stop at that point, and then you can create a good history after that.

@Speaking Up....

I have no doubts that there are other victims. In fact, I know that there are. However, I do know you are not the victim who was involved in this case that's all over the news. I spoke to her yesterday, and again today. I asked her if she was "Speaking Up". She said absolutely not.
As I said, I have no doubts that you, too, were a victim of Dumler's, but please don't let people think you are the victim who pressed charges.

I'm still watching this from five states away and want y'all to know that I believe in giving credit where credit is due.
Obviously you DO have some gentlemen with brains and integrity in and around Chatlottesville.
Earl Smith saw a problem and started a petition- good guy.
Jason Buyaki and Eric Strucko get my thumbs up and my bipartisan conservative vote for speaking up and asking this criminal to step down, Eric is already discussing revising the laws pertaining to sex offenders- amen to that! You need to tighten it up and protect the ladies.
You certainly have some ladies with brains and integrity too.
Ex Girlfiend- bless you sister. I commend you for your thoughtfulness and bravery. What an amazing role model you are to your community. By speaking up, you likely saved other women the anguish of being raped
and abused by Dumler. You are also helping your community see what it means to "pay it forward" and "Save the Next Girl." Keep your chin up and stay steady on your path. You truly do rock sister- kudos to you!!
If you run for Dumler's seat one day (or similar)I'll send you a check for your campaign. You've got the brains and guts to help protect the innocent.
Susan R (3:50 pm today) Amen I say to your very wise words- especially the note that "integrity is non-
negotiable." I'll send a check for your campaign too!
I'm pretty sure from what I'm reading that Dumler is almost done with politics in C-Ville.
Now, if all you very good people have time, please read about the progress in solving Morgan Harrington's crime on "Blink on Crime" and consider putting up fliers with the photo of " Sketch" up all over your area. There is a rapist and murderer loose and he could well be hanging out in plain sight in C-Ville or nearby.
I'd feel a lot better if you all band together and help find that dangerous perp. Keep up the momentum- clean up Charlottesville. Nobody is safe until you identify Morgan's rapist and killer and be sure he's put behind bars.
He's a threat to all - a violent perp who has raped before, killed at least once, but has never been arrested-and you need to see if anyone recognizes him. When I visited, his photo was only on the bridge. It needs to be plastered all over town EVERYWHERE until there is an arrest.

Aehth, I never said or implied such a thing. I don't have any idea who the person who did press charges is, and that's fine with me -- she deserves her privacy. She is very brave and I wish her the best.

@Anne T
Time for you to move to Charlottesville and run for elected office. I would contribute to you and Ex-Girlfriend. Great ticket to change the culture here and it needs changing. The history goes backe decades of rapes and other violence against women. Even bare handed murder! A glimmer of hope in just one especially gruesome murder, but most are buried in the UVA archives or so I am told.

The elected Supervisors and City Council can change things but currently only three Supervisors (Republican) and one City Councilor (Democrat who is not running for re-election) have spoken up to change Dumler's seat. The rest are cowards, slaves to another cause.

I would also, as an out of towner, still be honored to contribute funds for the same cause.

I would ask that you all consider having your representative to the State Legislature consider sponsoring a bill to require immediate Commonwealth Attorney notification whenever a rape/sexual assault is reported on campus. Unless the CAs are not notified, campus police can sweep these felonies under the rug. HB 2490 (brought forward in 2011) was defeated because of Rob Bell. He is your rep - hold his feet to the fire and force him to do the right thing.

Dumler is duly elected to vote on behalf of his district. The law does not include sexual misdemeanors for a reasom. It is so that people cannot make false allegations to corrupt the voters wishes. So all of those clamoring for his removal it won't happen. You can hound him to resign but thats about it. If the other reps choose to not consider his opinion then that is their deriliction of duty not his. They will be doing their constituents a disservice. Unless someone proposes new laws that involve date rape during his term his voting to represent his district should not be compromised and his vote counts regardless of whether the people he works with like it or not.
His reputation is shattered and he has dues to pay. He has been defanged and all of this pounding and hounding will not make him any less than zero.
The time would be better spent educating women about how to spot a problem before they get caught up and involved.. The problem with changing mens behavior is that as long as they are allowed to get away with bad behavior it is not seen as bad behavior. So establish boundaries and don't be afraid to walk away from a guy who treats you badly.

This thread reminds me of a live meeting of the ShillingShow.

"women who are easy prey despite the best education"

I think you mean men who are rapists despite the best education

"expect men to fix what ails you"

Do you mean, expect men to take responsibility for being rapists, then yes.

You seem only capable of blaming the women endlessly. Their clothes, the way they act, the fact that they can't magically spot a rapist before it happens

Basically you are admitting men are rapists, unapologetically here: "That is the real world deal with it. I do expect women to be responsible for their own safety and to take the responsbility for their own safety when in private. 911 is for after the fact so it is simply prudent to do as much homework as you can. If you don't think that will reduce the problem significantly then just go on dates and live with the consequences. its your life."

So basically, "reality" according to you is that men are just rapists. Ok, got it. So your point about Chris Dumler is what again?

Kim, Just a few months back the UVA Chief of Police issued a statement that once they get started, men can't stop. It's all about the man - never the woman. That is the mentality of men, sanctioned by those men in charge, in Charlottesville. You can't change the culture - you have to change the laws and then hope the laws are enforced. The most deflating part of this story is that the women in charge allow it to happen. You will not hear Commonwealth Attorney Lunsford, UVA President Sullivan, Susan Davis, or the Clare Kaplans utter the words "Not on my Watch". We need women in power with large kahunas, not these wimpy women who are negative role models for our young women. They know the problems yet they continue to turn a blind eye to campus sexual assault. And the cops are glad to allow them to do so - it lightens their load and provides false statistics that the campus is a safe place to send young women. UVA's answer to the problem is to hold a little education seminar to tell men "no means no" but it does not send the same message as an arrest for a felony crime would. Guys like Dumler flock to Charlottesville because they know they will never have to be responsible for their actions. And as you can tell from the Hook's blogs - whenever there is a sexual assault in Charlottesville, the woman is ALWAYS villified. That's why so few young women are unwilling to go public with their story. If more victims came forward, the University would be forced to handle the matter properly. And in turn, the City would be a safer place.

Is there literally no lawyer or no advocate in your town that can step forward and actually advocate for the victims of these rapists?

There are many many good decent and honorable men in Charlottesville.

It is the perverted and self involved minority that are the problem. Harlottesville is exceeding permissive and maybe it's this culture of liberalism that cradles these perverts.

Men need to be responsible for their acts. Women to.

There are many many good decent and honorable men in Charlottesville.

It is the perverted and self involved minority that are the problem. Harlottesville is exceeding permissive and maybe it's this culture of liberalism that cradles these perverts and sociopaths
Men need to be responsible for their acts. Women to.

Kim: Your language is getting awfully close to actionable defamation. And with allegations of crimes of moral turpitude (and rape certainly qualifies), the plaintiff doesn't need to prove damages - damages are presumed. While I don't care for Dumler either, I find your willingness to cast aspersions on individuals you've never met disgraceful. Words can be actionable. Remember that Dumler, while perhaps injudicious in his personal relationships, is an attorney and presumably familiar with defamation law. Unless you are certain that you can prove he is a rapist in a court of law - which even the prosecution didn't attempt to do - you should be more circumspect. Just because you're spouting the feminist conventional wisdom to cheers from the vicious peanut gallery that populates these boards, it doesn't make you legally immune.

Wow. Some of these comments it is no wonder our society is going to hell at a rapid rate.

Men should be very offended that if a woman is dressed a curtain way it is their "instinct" to rape, or if they are drunk that gives them reason to sexually assault them. Do men lack that self-control? Really?

Bill Marshall - your arguments of victims immediately stepping forward so evidence is obtained holds no water. Recall Jerry Sandusky? Those victims were obviously abused, their testimonies and others were enough to convict, years later. Eye witness accounts are admissible in courts. If a victim of sexual assault or rape or even discrimination many are floored by it. The thoughts run through your head of "how could this happen, in today's society"?

It happens because of the neanderthal laws and thinking we have in society today. Until rape, sexual assault and discrimination are all given clear lines in the laws and how the perps and victims are treated we will continue to have these debates.

To me, Dumler is no better than Sandusky, he just has a different M.O. (And may have been caught earlier in his career.)

Pray tell what should "men" do to prevent a woman from getting sexually assulted in her own bedroom at 1:00 in the morning by a guy whom she is in the throes of having consensual sex with? Should obamacare cover free butt tattos that say "exit only" or "authorized use only"

It is up to women to speak up loud and clear when things go south and to call the police the next available moment or at least the next day. If someone punches me and I wait two weeks to report it and my eye has healed the police are helpless to help me. That is a simple irrefutable legal fact. So the sollution I offered to make reporting easier, private confidential, and free of hospital bills goes a long way towards that goal.

You think this is about UVA or C-ville. It is not, there is a pervasive culture of sexual assaults in every university town nationwide but it is not because men are evil it is because there are mixed messages and people like Kim perpetuate them by placing all blame on men. It is very simple. there are a lot of loose women in this town and every town who like sex and give it away. There are also ones who fantsize about being those girls who buy "50 shades of grey" as fast as it is printed. Then there are girls that wear the uniform and talk the talk and go to the parties and home with a guy only to shut it down at the last minute. That is their right, but if they go that far and get attacked or abused then they need to either step up to the plate and have him arrested right away or STFU. Every person is entitled to due process and women cannot be given the right to mull it over for a few weeks months or years to decide, that is not how the law works and Constitutionally it should give the accused reasonable protections as well.

When men date rape women spread the word. If the guy scares you physically then call the cops. If the cops ignore you then call the press if the press ignores you then buy a gun and defend yourself. Most men don't tolerate abusive men and speak up when they see it or are asked. There are a lot of beatdowns that go on because women confided in other men and got relief there. But there is nothing much any man can do if women make poor choices and engages in risky behavior. How hard is it to ask around about a guy before you date him?

It is very simple. there are people like you who want women to act as whorish as they want , go home with whom they choose , drunk as a skunk and then want to come running to the government for help when they get more than they bargained for. Well the law is on your side despite your culpability in the matter but in addition to that you want to take away the guys right to due process of law and take your time about deciding whether you actually consented based on whether he calls you or not. I say no dice.

On top of all of that you want the world to feel sorry for you as if you were kidnapped from a church pew. No dice again.

If you want the problem to get better than accept some responsibility to better yourself and your choice of men. Educate women about how to regain control when a man is trying to convince her to try something that she does not want to do. The problem you seem to have is that you are of the belief that educating men is the answer when it is not. You can train 100 dogs and at the end of the training 10 of them will still bite. But the problem is only 15 of them bit before the training even began so you had all this massive training to fix 5 dogs. when you could have probably fixed 4 of those 5 in the course of normal behavior when walking them and seeing their traits. Men are no different you can try and educate all men (and we should ,and do some, and more is fine with me) but at the end of the day we have not reached the real predators and have only changed a few others that may or may not have turned bad. A better way is to give all the dog handlers gloves and let them be around the dogs until they sort out the problem dogs as they appear. That is simply not too much to ask.

I agree that women are often discouraged from proceeding and have made suggestions that make it easier for them to come forwardi n confidentiality to start the process. when that is accomplished then the prosecuters will have no excuses not to proceed because the accused rights will not have been violated.

Despite all the hatred spewed at me I will put my suggestions up against anyone elses here and bet money they would do more good than all of the others combined.

Getting Dumler off the board accomplishes nothing.
Demanding that men change does nothing.
Defending a womans right to behave however they want without any responsibility does nothing.

Expecting women to be more careful in their choices can help.
Expecting women to cry foul right away to make sure the police have a case and the woman has credibility will help.
Expecting women to not drink to a point where they lose control of their ability to make decisions or pass out naked in a strangers bed would help.

Expecting society to nail men to the wall when the evidence is overwhelming would help.

So I hope my ranting that makes your blood boil at least helps keep you warm.

re:"women cannot be given the right to mull it over for a few weeks months or years"

Women cannot be "given" this right? There is a legal precept called the statute of limitations. There is none for rape in the state of Virginia. So women already have this right, as do men. You argument is so silly that it flies in the face of existing laws and legal precepts that have existed for centuries.

Bill, the longer and louder you repeat yourself and your ridiculous arguments cannot change the fact that you are wrong and an archaic example of the thinking on this issue.

Good for these women for coming forward to spread the word. I support the victims 100% and hope that those that would malign them for coming forward would please show some sympathy for those that are crime victims.

For those who think this is a Republican or Tea Party-driven attack on Mr. Dumler, you're wrong. Everyone from Independents to Democrats, men and women, young and old, want Mr. Dumler to resign. The WVIR poll had 91% to 9% against him online. There's but a few supporters and apologists who publicaly support him. The fact is, the Teapublicans haven't yet reared their trunks and our democratic Party in Albemarle County ought to be ready for that. According to newscasts (I heard Sean Tubbs of Charlottesville Tomorrow on WTJU this morning), the Republicans have tried not to politicize this. Their Chairman announced at their last meeting that this was a woman's issue and she didn't want to politicize it. Good for her. She seems to be waiting for the Democratic Party to do something, cleaning your own house. That's what Democrats are waiting for too! Be prepared for the Supervisors' meetings to be overrun during this important budget meeting season.

Meanwhile, you inability to understand the chain of evidence and due process does not make you right.

Every defendant is entiled to due process. That means that if you want to accuse him without preserved evidence then you do so at your own peril. That is why I suggested a confidential government funded examination through a special door at the hospital.

Prosecuters have a duty to all citizens not just women. When they get presented with a case months after a he said /she said the statute of limitaitons is the least of the problem.
If women want to go into court with nothing but their three year old word then the defendant has the right to ask for proof of the alleged crime. If she says he did it against her will then he has the right to question her motives and to provide context for what actually happened. So if she is an old woman in a nursing home that was molested the jury will most likely side with the woman. If she is a C-ville harlot with half a dozen guys and a facebook page of her on a stripper pole and no forensic evidence then he will probably walk. That does not make him innocent but the case would be a lot stronger if she went to the police the next morning. In fact if she did that she could use a sordid past in her ooffense as she can say that she has slept with 100 guys and never made a complaint because this is the first one who violated her.

Some of you don't want the problem solved you just want to punish men. Well some of the wimps in this town may let you get away with it but the courts and the prosecuters won't

If you want it fixed then actually propose something that will work because bad mouthing dumler ain't gonna do it anymore than spitting on an ejected player will change the score of an ongoing basketball game.

Is it really so much to ask that our elected officials be held to a higher standard? While Dumler doesn't have to legally give up his office isn't his condemnation by both side ample evidence of the public will. Or is it a good thing that a duly elected member of the jail board get to see how things work on the inside?

I've talked with some republicans who want Dumler to remain and watch all those dems running for office avoid him like the plague. Dumler is radioactive and I would bet a great deal of money that people that gave Dumler big bucks won't be caught dead agreeing to be photographed near him.

What about his Army JAG hearing? Isn't that going to be the next shoe to drop??

As for Bill Marshall I can't believe that anyone would basically argue that "boys will be boys" in this day and time. Well him and Dennis Rooker it seems.

Really, I'm ashamed of the local dem party and of the state party for not officially asking him to resign, and, as far as I'm aware, not even condemning his actions. I know of multiple long-term Dem volunteers who no longer want anything to do with the party, since the party that claims it stands up for women is not even brave enough to condemn sexual battery.

hey "mac" I NEVER said "boys will be boys" I am just not so STUPID as to think you can eradicate 100% of date rape with education. I am advocating reducing the problem as best we can through some decent suggestions instead of claiming that running this guy out office will make a measurable dent.

People don't like my style and like I said before I don't care. I am trying to provoke conversation that actually accomplishes something that can lower the incident number.

If anyone reading this thinks my suggestions will do more harm than good then present an argument.

If anyone thinks that lecturing males will do more than my suggestions of an easy confidential cost free way of reporting and preserving evidence present an argument.

If anyone thinks that having women be more careful/less careless and not get so drunk that they go home with guys without the ability to fend off an attack will do no good than please explain why that is an impractical idea using an argument other than "its not fair"

Some of you are so stupid that you think me to be a predator in disguise trying to make sure I don't get caught when in fact I am pretty much the only one here who has suggested anything that will move the needle in a positive direction.

I never said you said it, please read what was written. Bill what you said was that there are dogs you can't train not to bite- and then you said "Men are no different" So your analogy is that Dumler is man that cannot be trained. That is "boys will be boys" and bad dogs will be bad dogs. If you can't see the logical equivalence then your bias has clouded your reason and writing abilities.

Your noble " I am trying to provoke conversation that actually accomplishes something that can lower the incident number. " is the utter self indulgence of a internet troll or a misogynist, perhaps both. What better way to make your stated goal then for Dumler to resign. What a shining example of the cost of Dumler crime that it cost him his office. The fact you can't see that is testament to a epic level of cluelessness-

Bill, I truly hope you are a troll because otherwise one can only quote the bard Bill Marshall "doth protest too much, methinks"

Bill, what you said is, in essence, that it's women's responsibility to make sure they are not raped, and if they are raped, they must go to the police within 24 hours with physical evidence, or else they are SOL. What a load of steaming crap. You don't have to be a rape victim, a woman, or even very smart to realize that what you said is ridiculous. It's also contrary to Virginia law.

I first responded to your comments because you alleged that Dumler had not done anything wrong, and that his victims were drunken sluts who, due to the fact that they enjoyed sex, basically involuntarily consented to any sex act he might want to perform, no matter how reprehensible. As I was there, I thought I was well-positioned to refute your allegations. But you're not even talking about Dumler anymore. If you want to keep babbling about how women are at fault in their own rapes, go for it. But don't bother pretending that your views are anything but ludicrous and reprehensible.

hey mac

I beg to differ with your explanation.. the "boys will be boys" is a direct implication that date rape should be excused because "boys will be boys" if you are going to attack someobody at least have the guts to stand behind your words.

Even if they succeeded in costing him his office what good would it do? Keep other public figures from bad behavior? Very doubtful. It also wouldn't keep any date rapists from taking advantage of women too stubborn to look out for themselves. I don't know of dumler is a man who cannot be trained or not... I don't even know what actually happend and neither do you or anyone but him and the women he has been with. If he is I don't think keeping his office will embolden him. In fact I would say being in the public eye is a better way of keeping him honest... but that is for the people he represents and no one else.. not kim from New York or even an ex girlfriend not in his district. The law protects those who voted for him as their representatives and he serves them and no one else. I would imagine if he were convicted of a misdamenor consensual gay sex in public and someone called for his resignation for a sexual misdemeanor people would be all for him keeping his job.

When the next event happens and the guy walks because the girl waited too long, saved no evidence, etc etc you will all stomp your feet and hold your breath about how all men are evil. We will see how well whining works out for you and nothin will change but the weather.

I offered good advice and I doubt seriously if I am alone. The problem is most men in this town are too whipped to speak their mind.

You ignore the dog training analogy you made but of course you did. Begging to differ doesn't make it so. You're now argue against yourself but you know that. Didn't even deny you are an internet troll or a misogynist.

oh, I get it it now

Bill Marshall = Gasbag SOE
-wondered where you've been

And just to point out to Bill Marshall, what everyone else on here knows but him:

"Men" don't turn a consensual sexual encounter into a rape.

RAPISTS turn a consensual sexual encounter into a rape.

My guess is that until you yourself are raped, you will not have a clear understanding of the difference between these two things.

And until you are able to look at women with respect instead of loathing, you will also not understand why it matters.

@ Bobby

I love it when people can show me errors in my ways or point out some fallacy in my logic or actions. It actually makes me a better person, and it educates me.

Please allow me to do the same for you:

The public figure law of defamation was first delineated in New York Times v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254, 84 S. Ct. 710, 11 L. Ed. 2d 686 (1964)

The Court declared that the First Amendment protects open and robust debate on public issues even when such debate includes "vehement, caustic, unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials." A public official or other plaintiff who has voluntarily assumed a position in the public eye must prove that defamatory statements were made with knowledge that they were false or with reckless disregard of whether they were false.

Thank you for reading.

Hey, this is about what to do with Dumler.

You guys have followed Bill Matshal off deep into the weeds.

Back on track, please. BM is a decoy, lost cause.

Dumler has got to go and the BO'S meeting is comming up quick. We need masses to attend, respectfully, with signs. Please go on you Facebook pages and email everyone you know. It's so easy to attend. Parking is easy, seats are cushy.

This is important. It is time to break the rapist culture in Charlottesville. DON'T LET DUMLER BECOME THE RAPIST FLAG

You're right! You're so right. I'll refrain from egging him on. I really respect what you are doing and you are so spot on.

Thanks Kim from us all.

We need to hear from more than Kim. Come in, check in and lets get some inertia for this. Post your intentions to attend, make plans. Don't let this cool before it starts. What a message that would send!

Kim, you went overboard and lost me. Bill Marshall (whom I bet is neither gay, nor a rapist) is arguing the logical extreme of my belief:
Every time there's an attempted abduction or successful abduction there is one common trait:
A woman alone in public late at night.
Yes, a woman SHOULD be able to walk alone in the dark.
But we must deal with the world that is, not the world that should be.
It is great to get all indignant about the world that is, but nobody who cares about outcomes should advocate women walking home alone at night. It's simply unsafe and unnecessary. I am a 200 lb man and I don't do it, and if I do I carry my biggest key between my middle and ring finger for protection against the wolves that roam at night.
Walk with a friend. Call UVA safe ride. Look out for one another. Be smart!
Getting back to the scumbag Dumlers...think about not going home with guys, or getting drunk in their company. Yes, nobody SHOULD get raped. But unfortunately we live in the world that is. And 1% of guys are Dumlers.
If you have the misfortune to stumble upon that 1%, by all means report it. But i cant imagine that whatever satisfaction or healing a conviction might bring would be worth it to the victim, who if given a choice would gladly go back in time and exercise more caution.
I think Dumler is a scumbag and will burn in hell. But advocating sexual recklessness contributes to incidents like this one. Because the Dumlers of the world love sexual recklessness.
In short: don't hitchhike!

Please, Kim et al: please come to the Board of Supervisors meeting 6:00 p.m. Monday February 25. If every woman who cares about this issue shows up and gets to speak for 2 minutes, we can prove to the BOS that we will not b silenced, or Chris Dumler will have to go or we'll just keep on coming until he is gone.

As for Bill Marshall, he's a gasbag and no one on this thread should allow his rants to throw us off the subject at hand: Dumler has to go and women have to be believed and protected. Focus everyone!

Mark, seriously. please stop making stupid comments pulled out of this air: "Every time there's an attempted abduction or successful abduction there is one common trait:
A woman alone in public late at night.", oh? Is that so? Every time? Wow, so please tell us all what it's like to be omnipotent and magically know things like that with no data or basis for your statement. Must be nice not to have to prove anything you say, I can imagine you're right 100% of the time with that way of going about making thoughts.

'But i cant imagine that whatever satisfaction or healing a conviction might bring would be worth it to the victim, who if given a choice would gladly go back in time and exercise more caution.'

-Right, you, Bill and Ponce made it perfectly clear that you like to blame rape on the victim. You've made that crystal. We've already heard that a thousand times. Your point and your opinion is known. That you don't get 'what healing a conviction might bring to the victim', means you've basically never watched any television, read any article about being victimized by a crime and have never met a human being, since you don't seem capable to "get what" a lot of this is about-which is pretty basic "human" type stuff.

Your mind is making a connection where outing and punishing a rapist is advocating sexual recklessness for women, when no such argument has been made.

OH and Mark: just because you "cant imagine that whatever satisfaction or healing a conviction might bring would be worth it to the victim", doesn't mean that there is none just because you can't imagine it.

I assume you have faculties of the brain enough to get the distinction between what you can't imagine and what other people want.

@Cvillian-I don't live in your town or I would. I hope 100% of women in your town come out to support and 100% of the men come out to support them.

Ex-girlfriend where are you? It Friday Night but you need to rally your troops.

BO'S meeting Monday 25th at 6:00pm

Facebook. email everyone you know

It's important

Poor showing and its over

Wow, didn't expect to be attacked. Ouch. You've obviously got a full head of steam and I will stay out of your righteous way.
By "every time" I simply meant locally- the two UVA students recently victims of attempted abduction, as well as Morgan Harrington, and the email alerts I get from the UVA chief of police in which the victim is invariably a female alone after dark. But I can't slip hyperbole past you, can I?
If its ok with you, I will teach my daughters to avoid walking alone at night, and to avoid Chris Dumler. Can I do that?

Mark. If you really want to help your daughters, then get people to the BOS meeting.

I would prefer it if you would become a "big brother", an example, a role model or a scout leader, etc and attempt to teach younger boys/men about how to respect women and specifically that they shouldn't rape women...like your daughters-whether they are in relationships with them or not.

The girls are not the ones committing any crime- any at all.

Everyone against them seems to forget that point.

And by the way, these women, to unseat your hyperbole were raped in beds by a man they thought was their partner, not "alone on the street".

Everyone who has daughters mature enough to handle hearing about this should have a frank discussion with them about this exact situation and ask THEIR thoughts on it. If you would find doing that appalling, then just ask yourself, if you can't handle explaining to your daughters what happened because it's just ugly and would just be too traumatizing, please imagine him actually doing it to one of them, and you making excuses for him after it happened.

Now PLEASE...get everyone you know to the meeting on Monday and get this dangerous, untrustworthy woman batterer out of office.

It seems that Anyone demanding resignation or removal of Supervisor Dumler (D-Albemarle) must ALSO DEMAND removal or resignation of DELEGATE FARISS (R-Albemarle) for the same reasons: gender violence!

The Daily Progress reported in October 2011, during the campaign that Mr Fariss won:

http://www.dailyprogress.com/news/article_38e ...
Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

Republican candidate Matt Fariss of Rustburg was named in an emergency protective order in 2002 that required him to stay away from a Lynchburg woman. Fariss campaign manager said Wednesday that Fariss was not available for comment....
Fariss, who has refused to talk to The News & Advance of Lynchburg about any of his legal issues, is getting financial support from state Republican Party officials for his campaign, which is making heavy use of mailed brochures. Some of them describe his family values.
A Lynchburg police officer asked a city magistrate to issue an emergency protective order on March 9, 2002, that required Fariss to stay away from a Lynchburg woman.
The officer request said the woman stated to me that Fariss broke through her back door to gain entry into her house when she told him to leave. History of violence.

The Police report notes 'History of violence'.

If anyone has not demanded the resignation or removal of Honorable Mr Fariss - for history of violence - one wonders about motivations in demanding resignation or removal of Honorable Mr Dumler - for history of violence.

Dear TEA Parties, and Republicans, and others please explain why you've NOT DEMANDED the REMOVAL or RESIGNATION Of Delegate Fariss!

Are there clearly and objectively non-partisan moral reasons to demand one resignation and not the other?

Oh, and in case there is any confusion:

We believe that both Honorable Mr Dumler and Honorable Mr Fariss should resign.

god-fearer, Farris is not a representative of anyone in Charlottesville or Albemarle. Dumbler is.

INCORRECT. Honorable Mr Fariss's district include part of southern Albemarle.

The Farris Fiasco cannot compare:
1) Farris was not arrested nor convicted of anything
2) Farris troubles were all old business and past troubles by the time he ran for election. The electorate knew well his past troubles and elected him anyway. Asking for his resignation after voting him in 'knowing' his past troubles is ludicrous on the face of it. Nothing new here.
3) There is NOOOOO WAAAAYYY that the electorate would have voted Dumler in with an arrest for forcible sodomy and a conviction of sexual battery, with others claiming similar offenses over the past 6 years.
The Dumler that got elected and the Dumler that we see a year later - they're two different people. We din't know who we really was, we elected his persona. His real persona is way different than his public persona, and he got caught and found out, and now the electorate feels duped by a sex offender. THIS is what makes people angry - we get angry when we feel duped. We fell for his good-boy charms, just like his victims, only to find out he has a dark, controlling and abusive side.

We did NOT get duped by Farris, as his troubles were already baggage that he carried with him into the polls.

I did NOT vote for Farris, so don't bother getting in my face over it. I'm on a mission to clean up the Democratic Party in the County. And to get our women leaders, who are great Liberals in their own right, to stand up against Dumler and his sex-offending ways, and denounce his behavior and ask him to resign. Who really cares what the Teapublicans do? They'd ask him to resign if he had unpaid parking tickets :)

I am repulsed by many of the comments, how the discussion has degraded into nasty name calling, and how off topic we have gotten. Looking at the worst comments, one has to wonder would the writer ever say them in public surrounded by others? Although the online anonymity allows us to hide who we are, it does not hide the ugliness some are displaying. Do we really want to act this way? Should we not at least maintain some minimal civility with one another?

God-fearer**Dumler's anything but honorable, and all these items have come up since the voters in the Scottsville District unfortunately elected him to the Board of supervisors. His "history of violence" as you call it was not a brawl, a domestic dispute, nor beating on a door. He was charged with a FELONY count of FORCIBLE SODOMY which he got the commonwealth to reduce down to sexual battery. But just as important he got the commonwealth to agreed to NEVER give two other complainants their day in court. Judging by the unsolicited angry comments of the large number of Democrat voters signing the recall petition, most of them want him to step down and just slither away.

Dumler will never leave of his own accord, because people like him always find justification for their sexual criminal behavior. Witness his recent offensive lack of remorse and those of some of his supporters like Cynthia Neff. He will stay where he is until the Democrat Leadership decides what they get from his vote on the BOS is overwhelmed by the damage he is doing to their Party.

Dear Concerned,

The Board of Supervisors meeting? The one on Monday 2/25 at 6:00 p.m. Where is it exactly? Can anyone speak? How does that happen? I think Christopher Dumler needs to hear what mothers of daughters have to say.

Dear Mark,

Will you be there too? You have some good points too. Girls can't be too careful nowadays, but not just about being out late, but also by knowing the telltale signs of abusers like Chris.

Dear Mark,

I should have said "sexual batterers" like Chris, or "sex offenders" like him to be correct.

Dumler seems to be taking a page from the playbook of our elected representatives at the federal level. At least all those men who have been caught with hookers and other people's wives or in men's rooms with a "wide stance" were with consenting adults. Dumler won't resign on his own because he is not an honorable person. We need to keep up the public pressure.

And lay off Kim, people. Jeez.

As noted, we agree that Honorable Mr Dumler and Honorable Mr Fariss should resign. AND THEN, either or both can run for office, again, and we'll rightly see what the voters determine.

We also agree that the County, and the State, Democratic Parties have delayed long and show poor judgement in that delay.

BOS Meeting is Monday evening 6PM at Lane Auditorium. Public comments limited to maximum of 3 minutes will be taken in order of signup sheet. Public comments start about 10-20 minutes after meeting starts. There will be recall petitions there to sign.

Really happy to say thanks, Dawg.

I wish so much I could be there on Monday.
Hope someone records what happens and let people know.
I know it's slim consolation in most ways, but it is very heartening to see so many people ready to rally about this. It's our society, you know? It is what we allow it to be. We the people. Sometimes it comes down to that. I really hope what Virginia says comes true and Moms and Daughters and Fathers and Brothers go.

Please let us know what happens. Dawg, you're 100% right about Dumler, he won't step down on his own...

Please focus on the BOS meetering thi Monday at Lane Auditor 6:00pm. You can speak. But a sign is fine.

Trying to educate one dum man will not do it. Classic tactic to tale you way off topics and deep into the weeds. Don'l let it happen!

Please everyone post this on your facebook pages or email this to others:

BOS Meeting is Monday evening 6PM at Lane Auditorium. Public comments limited to maximum of 3 minutes will be taken in order of signup sheet. Public comments start about 10-20 minutes after meeting starts. There will be recall petitions there to sign.

CCW you just made me laugh. Thanks.

good comments and perspective from prince of truth at 3:36. people posting here need to stop responding to bill marshall, as he's indeed sidetracking the conversation. let's focus on what we can control: getting a strong turnout to the BOS meeting monday at 6 at lane auditorium. it's put up or shut up time. let's put up a strong, civil, responsible showing that the Board can hear and respect. one of the best ways to draw a crowd there is to post the information to your facebook page. let's all do that tonight, tomorrow, and monday.

Ha Satchel-Your right, drop the remote, off the sofa, and head to the meeting on Monday. Bring a friend or two with you, the experience can be exhilarating ! You will be home by 8 or so, having done your civic duty.

The media will be there in full force-Think about doing a quick sign on poster board paper, or use paper taped/glued to a piece of cardboard. Makes for great visuals on the news. Have two sets of comments. One 3 minutes long and the other about 1 1/2 minutes. If there are a lot of speakers they will announce the speaker time will be cut back. At this local government level you can really make a difference.

Do not forget that Duler was an Eagle Scout and, I recall, a troop leader. Let's not go into this too deeply out of respect for the individual scouts. There is no evidence that I am aware of. Just be aware.

Since *all* Albemarle County taxpayers/voters pay Supervisors' salaries (they come from the General Fund), *all* Albemarle County taxpayers/voters have a say in this.


And all Albemarle citizens can speak freely. Please do.

@concerned What? Where am I? I'm not sure what you meant/are asking me to do. I will say that I personally do not feel I can speak out against Christopher publicly or in court. Which according to Bill Marshall probably makes me more weak after not reporting my abuse in the first place.

In a place as small as Charlottesville I am simply not comfortable doing that. Maybe that makes me weak or not brave, but Its not something I can do.


No don't do anything rash. Just attend and bring all your friends both gals and guys. Young and old everybody. Review your Facebook friends, and your email for everybody with any concern for decency in government.


If your up to it, you could just come and watch most of the public grill the bastard on your behalf. If not, perhaps one of your friends to tape the public comments for you. Maybe some of your friend that know the trauma you have been through can speak on your behalf. Most everyone in the county will be glad to get rid of him. It will not remove or reduce what you have been through, but at least it would be an additional penalty for him to pay to all his victims.


There is a lot of power in letting others speak for you in this circumstance. Dumler may just see you, or if you are not there, feel your presence through your friends and associates. Rejection from a group is emotionally devistating. You, and those like you, are the reason for this group that will descend on Lane Auditoriuo. He may receive a message on his frist day back from Camp Correction. Certainly the other Supervisors will. And you all can look at him knowing he is pathetic.


There is power in rightness. Wouldn't you like to see his face when he is "outed" in front of everyone and the realization sets in that we all actually do care about women like you? That we ARE women like you?

There is no reason for you not to go---in that YOU certainly did no wrong.

I would really urge you to go in order to not fold in on yourself.

You are a person with dignity and rights.

Please go exercise both and let everyone know by show and by spirit that we all refuse to accept rapists amongst us.

Sign Suggestion: REMEMBER ME?

Ex-Girlfriend: The trauma of seeing your rapist in public is something you must be very prepared for. Don't get caught up in the hype of this board. Reporters will know who you are, so unless you want to lose your anonymity, don't go. Let others take care of this for you. I seriously doubt that he would ever be arrested based upon your accusations because of the way the CAs in Charlottesville treat assault.

It's not about him getting arrested based on her acusations, Susan R. It's about showing him that he didn't win.

What is the goal of a rapist?

To reduce the woman to the point that she doesn't exist.

What better way to show him he didn't win, then for his victims to come forward in a show of "I'M STILL HERE and I"M NOT GOING ANYWHERE BUT YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE HUMILIATED AND SHAMED OUT OF OFFICE"


It's called: EMPOWERMENT or "taking your power back" from your attacker.

That is what I'm suggesting for Ex Girlfriend.

Power in numbers, you won't be alone and most likely you would be the final daggar in his culpable deniability about what he is to himself.

Don't you want to have that power over him? Don't you want to take back the power and dignity he stole from you?
I would.

Dear Ex-Girlfriend,

May I suggest that you write a letter to the BOS members and simply tell them what happened to you, and who they are really dealing with. You needn't sign your name. I cannot imagine that the lone woman on the board, Mrs. Mallek, who seems very nice, could ignore your letter or your plea. The same might be true for all the women who have not spoken against Chris Dumler from the Democratic party, who according to some, have the power to convince him to leave. Write to them too, my dear. There is great power in a woman's words.

Am I missing something? Isn’t it true that the Board of Supervisors has no power to expel Dumler from the Board? I thought this must come from a judge, based on whether he can do his job or not. And the recall petition is what, when filed, is the deciding factor on whether a judge hears this or not. If this is true, I see no reason ex-girlfriend needs to go there and put herself in a position to fear retribution. You would like to see her go from your point of view, but as Susan R has stated, that might not be the best thing for her. If she writes a letter to the Board of Supervisors, using her own name, won’t Dumler see that letter? Doesn’t he have a right to? Ex-girlfriend, do what is right for you, don’t bow to public opinion unless it is truly what you want to do – do what you are comfortable doing.

Kim, I have posted a picture of my daughter's rapist on a website for 7 years. The President of UVA apologized to her that it happened. The CA won't prosecute because she won't go against the previous CA ruling, not because he is innocent. Because he felt he "got away with it", he has raped others. My family has not been silent but it is obvious based on various reports that he feels, since he has not been arrested by Charlottesville's finest, that he is the one who has been attacked. Men with deviant personalities do not understand normal logic and do not get the mental health assistance that they need.

I wish all female rape/sexual assault victims in Charlottesville would speak up, but many of them can't. That doesn't mean they haven't moved on with their lives and that doesn't mean they have overcome the trauma. Many simply do not want to be defined by the crime. Many work with children and do not want the scrutiny. One in particular has a minister for a father and he doesn't want his congregation to know. It's very complex. So it is up to the leaders of the Women's Centers - the paid personnel - to take up this fight for these assault survivors. And those paid personnel are currently silent. That is disgusting. They should all be fired.

Perhaps the members of NOW and other victims advocates groups (volunteers) would be willing to show up to this meeting in numbers. THAT would make a statement. In 2005 the UVA students staged a Silent Protest - over 500 students and faculty circled the buildings with gags over their mouths to demonstrate against the Confidentiality to the Sexual Assault Board hearings. Within a few days, UVA reversed their policy. One woman couldn't make the change on her own, but 500 people en masse sent the message.

Writing an anonymous letter won't make a difference - it may be cathartic, but it is hearsay. And what's to say he doesn't send an anonymous letter on his own behalf ... without a signature to be verified, I'd doubt anyone would read it.

All I'm saying to Ex-girlfriend, not you, is that the decision to face him in public is hers and hers alone. No one should pressure her. If she does not have the desire, emotional fortitude, and support system to face him and possibly be exposed in the media, then she should not do it. Staying home does not empower him - It keeps her sane. Take it from one who has been there -- once you open Pandora's Box, you can't close it.

That's great that " I see no reason ex-girlfriend needs to go there and put herself in a position to fear retribution.".
good for you.

That's really irrelevant. Just because you see no reason, doesn't mean that there aren't a million reasons why she should.

She's going to make up her own mind.

Once again, I made the suggestion for HER sense of personal strength and esteem and personal empowerment. NOT because a bunch of people "tell her" to go or "tell her" to not go.

Standing up to your attacker has a healing effect for the victim. Stop saying it's about only getting him recalled, it's also about giving respect and dignity to his victims who shouldn't have to hide.

"Kim, I have posted a picture of my daughter's rapist on a website for 7 years. The President of UVA apologized to her that it happened. The CA won't prosecute because she won't go against the previous CA ruling, not because he is innocent. Because he felt he "got away with it", he has raped others. My family has not been silent but it is obvious based on various reports that he feels, since he has not been arrested by Charlottesville's finest, that he is the one who has been attacked. Men with deviant personalities do not understand normal logic and do not get the mental health assistance that they need."

Every person in this country should read this post by Susan R. This is unacceptable. What is going on in your area, that you all as a county continue to elect and seat people, who have an open and wanton disregard for 51% of your area's population?

How can it be ok with the electorate, that crimes against people's daughters do NOT get prosecuted and that the criminals are welcomed with open arms into the community and encouraged to continue being exactly as they are going forward to repeat.

Anyone care to explain why your area seems to be devoid of an effective security, police force, prosecution, and even university president?

Is there one family behind all of these bodies or something? Who holds the purse strings?

I cannot believe what I am reading on these posts where women are simply raped and even yes, murdered (someone named Morgan?), and basically it's just no big deal to everyone except a handful of the victims relatives and friends?

Kim Holleman: Just as you have the right to speak, so do I. I was not specifically addressing you; you seem to take it personally. As I said, she should do what is comfortable for her which, in other words, means make up her own mind. No one said it was about ONLY getting him recalled- but writing a letter to the Board of Supervisors will serve little purpose. Do you know who Susan R is? She has a very powerful position that she speaks from and ex girlfriend would be wise to consider her words. Did I hear incorrectly, or do you live New York and will not be at the meeting yourself? You have your right to opinion, but so does everyone else.


I agree with you. Writing a letter is meh. Also, why would people who are comfortable with a rapist read it? Why not just skim it and pretend to read it and then put it down.

It would be more powerful if she was there and read it into the microphone outloud, but I can't make that decision.

I live in Brookly and a lot of people in NY have picked up this story via Facebook. A lot of people in other areas of Virginia I know also from FB are watching this story. I saw people from California reposting this story.

I woke up this morning trying to figure out if I could get some money and find a way to go to the meeting, because I'm outraged, more than a lot of people in your town, it seems. I didn't take what you said personally, I was just expressing my views, which are very strong on the issues surrounding this.

FORGET hoping NOW will have anything to say. They have decided to NOT issue a statement after much discussion by their board. Their silence says everything about what they really are,...an extension of the liberal Democratic Party Leadership, NOT about protecting & empowering woman!. They are in lockstep and it is important that everyone contact them and tell them their silence will have consequences.

Please also contact the other women's groups like UVA Women's Center and ask them why the silence? They will rightfully lose their credibility to speak out on the issues if they remain silent now. The exception is SARA which came out early and strong on the issue.

Follow this link to contact the Sexual Violence Center on UVA Campus directly and ask them why there is no support: http://womenscenter.virginia.edu/sdvs.php

Susan R, I'm so so so sorry for you and your daughter. Is there any way to start a group in your town of women and their women relatives and supporters for people who have been raped and sexually assaulted in your community so that people don't have to feel like they are just abandoned by police and the other people meant to be there to protect them?


i think many have the right idea.
simply showing up and standing in protest ....
to mondays board of supervisors meeting....
...and the next ; and the next ; and next.

let the people who are elected and appointed know
that this can not be tolerated any longer.

the issue as stated in other HOOK stories is plain.
the issue of violence against women ; in the academic community; in our cultural
and political life ..must be addressed now.

not with a walk at night ; not with a conference; not with a 5k run
but with strong legal action

i hope susan r. will be there.

That was fantastic. What Peter said.

I know we are off topic now, but just to get everyone's mindset on the same sheet of paper ---

I have been to all the groups - they suck. I can say that because I've addressed them personally. The only advocate for a victim is the victim herself. UVA is a very powerful machine - they lied to the Dept of Ed and to the General Assembly. The cops report to the University President, so they do all they can to sweep these crimes under the rug to appease the BOV and their donor base to keep the University image stellar. Most recently the UVA Sexual Assault Coordinator told a VCU magazine that my daughter was the reason that women don't come forward - because when they read of her negative experience, they do not want to put themselves through the hell she went through. The reason women do not speak out is because the people in power turn a blind eye, especially those who are paid to be advocates. When the CA acknowledges that my daughter was raped yet does not prosecute, she should be removed from office. When a cop puts lies and misleading statements in a police report, she should be fired. When a University President acknowledges a crime was committed - then says "But what do you want me to do about it?", it is clear that the community has no responsibility for its citizens. What's the thread here that's most disheartening - the cop, the Commonwealth Attorney, the University President -- all women who just don't see rape as anything more than a night of regrettable sex. Rape is not sex, it is a felony crime. Prosecute a few rapes that are reported in town and I assure you, the number of rapes will decrease.

If Dumler had been reported to the Deans when he was a law student, and they did as they continue to do - turn a blind eye - his deviant behavior was never corrected. You can't change spots on a leopard - he continues to do as he always did because he had no fear of being caught. This issue now is politically motivated, not because he was a deviant that needed to be stopped. In my mind, the reason the town is in this uproar stems from the way they do business at UVA......only the locals can force the University to uphold the law. The only way I know of doing that is to mandate that the campus police notify the Commonwealth Attorneys immediately whenever a rape or sexual assault is reported on campus. Take the law out of the University's hands and put it where it belongs - with the trained professionals. (Incidentally, your Rep, Rob Bell, does not agree with this position. He's running for Attorney General - y'all might want to make this an issue with him.)

Sorry, like Kim, I live out of town. But Peter is spot on!

I'm sorry, but I have no comprehension of why a student would "report a rape on campus" to anyone OTHER than 911.

Why would anyone go though the school?

The school is not the police.

If you are raped: CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Kim - UVA police handle UVA crimes. It is not in the jurisdiction of the City of Charlottesville or Albemarle County. UVA takes care of UVA; city and county have no authority over them. When a bill was put forward to have major crimes handled by city police as well, it was squashed. Susan R, you have no idea how many local people are motivated to stand behind UVA. It is sickening.

Today- wise words. Agreed 100%
Susan knows exactly what she is talking about and is truly well-versed to provide the very best possible guidance for Ex-Girlfriend. We need to protect each other and care for each other.
Ex-Girlfriend has shown amazing strength and fortitude simply being brave, being honest, posting on this blog. She is empowered by talking here, telling her story, admitting her vulnerability.
She is an amazing example of strength when many rape victims shelter themselves in self-doubt and denial.
Let your sisters and brothers fight this battle for you Ex-Girlfriend.
Don't put yourself around Chris. It is very,very hard looking at a perp sometimes and likely not worth the
possible stress/ post-traumatic stress at this juncture. There may be a time and place but don't force it if you question it.
Good people of C-Ville:
Call on all the women's groups at UVA to represent.
Send emails to the Greek organization presidents/ chapters.
Call Yeardley Love's sorority sisters. Call the UVA lacrosse teams - men's and women's. They all have a stake in this. Call on the UVA law students, the scoutmasters in the area, the UVA admissions officers. Everyone has a stake in removing this criminal from the board. Rally the troops - Concerned has the right idea.

Dumler arrest documents (x4) are here:

- Dumler arrest warrant (forcible sodomy)
- Dumler attorney hired
- Order for special prosecutor
- Dumler court documents


The culture has got to change. The Supervisors say they cannot force him out. 3 have asked him to step down. The Democrats are notably steril. Malek has gone silent after the censure vote. Rooker is a clear supporter and makes his senseless arguments to give him a pass, ok several passes. The doners and Democratic politicos, including Mayor HuJa, a Seik, and all the mouthy women on City Council are silent.

Why give any money or support to NOW or any women's organizations ( notable exception is SARA). And it's Sunday, I wonder what Churches will mention this.

The culture has got to change, TONIGHT. The people must do it. The fine brave people.

Here is BOS homepage. It links into their emails so you can forward them comments. It can only help. Here are a few stupid comments from a three of the supervisors and a couple Dem leaders. http://www.albemarle.org/department.asp?department=bos

Dumler-" I may sign the recall petition"

Dennis Rooker-”The capacity to forgive someone who has made a mistake like this is probably greater for a younger person than it is for someone in their 50s or 60s. The fact that he is a young man, and has a lot of years ahead of him, provides some greater latitude for people to say to themselves, ‘This is a youthful mistake,’ and he certainly has plenty of time left in his life to give back to the public and redeem himself.

Ann Mallek-“I’m sorry for the entire set of circumstances. He certainly has been a good representative so far and I hope he will continue to do so.”

im Nix-Head Of City Dem's-"I didn't want to get us totally distracted onto that issue," Nix said. "It's not our issue. I'm city chair.

Cynthia Neff-"Unfortunately it was before the plea deal, you know, which he had to accept, and then everything kind of erupted, and then there's this huge angst about Chris and his position and I just didn't want to get in the middle of that,"

Susan R

Would it be good to receive some national news attention?

If so can you help?

There are more lesser topics that play into this reign of terror.

To those planning to 'stand in silence', make petitions, and other statements:

It seems that Anyone demanding resignation or removal of Supervisor Dumler (D-Albemarle) must ALSO DEMAND removal or resignation of DELEGATE FARISS (R-Albemarle) for the same reasons: gender violence!

The Daily Progress reported in October 2011, during the campaign that Mr Fariss won:

http://www.dailyprogress.com/news/article_38e ...
Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

Republican candidate Matt Fariss of Rustburg was named in an emergency protective order in 2002 that required him to stay away from a Lynchburg woman. Fariss campaign manager said Wednesday that Fariss was not available for comment....
Fariss, who has refused to talk to The News & Advance of Lynchburg about any of his legal issues, is getting financial support from state Republican Party officials for his campaign, which is making heavy use of mailed brochures. Some of them describe his family values.
A Lynchburg police officer asked a city magistrate to issue an emergency protective order on March 9, 2002, that required Fariss to stay away from a Lynchburg woman.
The officer request said the woman stated to me that Fariss broke through her back door to gain entry into her house when she told him to leave. History of violence.

The Police report notes 'History of violence'.

If anyone has not demanded the resignation or removal of Honorable Mr Fariss - for history of violence - one wonders about motivations in demanding resignation or removal of Honorable Mr Dumler - for history of violence.

Dear TEA Parties, and Republicans, and Democrats, concerned folks, and others please explain why you've NOT DEMANDED the REMOVAL or RESIGNATION Of Delegate Fariss!

Are there clearly and objectively non-partisan moral reasons to demand one resignation and not the other?

Oh, and in case there is any confusion:
We believe that both Honorable Mr Dumler and Honorable Mr Fariss should resign.

Kim, where I went to undergrad (also in VA) reporting to the school was more likely to get results (suspension, expulsion, protective order saying if contact was made, stalkers would be expelled) than the local court system. Sometimes the school is a more protective community than the cops.

Concerned: “The Supervisors say they cannot force him out.”

They are telling the truth. All they can do is ask he stop down and censure him. The petition circulating, which already has enough signatures, will ensure a judge look at the case. All the judge can look at is whether he is ineffective to do his job. This is the only way, in the state of Virginia to force him out. It is the legal process for having him recalled.

When the judge is assigned, I would think they might let the public speak. The citizens need to speak on how he would be ineffective. He has split the board with something not political. I would think this makes the board of supervisors ineffective.

*step down*

Don't know Fariss, but:



@ Prince of Truth

All your quotes come from big Democrats. Got any independents or Republicans quotes to peruse?

God-dearer- I answered you earlier, but you did not respond to my comments nor others that answered you with your initial questions. You are repeating yourself. Situations are like comparing apples and oranges.

Conerned-Yes, have comments by others, but they are not supportive of Dumbler. CONSERVATIVE BOS did their talking by voting to ask Dumbler to resign and step down.

Hope to see all concerned with standing up for minimum community standards at the meeting tomorrow night!

uvalawgrad: You stated "Kim, where I went to undergrad (also in VA) reporting to the school was more likely to get results (suspension, expulsion, protective order saying if contact was made, stalkers would be expelled) than the local court system. Sometimes the school is a more protective community than the cops"

That is what the school would like you to believe, but if you submit a FOIA, you will learn that not one student found guilty by a Sexual Assault Board has ever been expelled. A protective order does not stop the rapist from raping again. Now if UVA would like to publicly correct me ... I'd be glad to hear that these statistics I quote are wrong....

the past and present are not a good sign for the future.

if a woman at UVA , calls 911 , asking for help.,
or shows up at UVA medical center

is it mandated that the local police begin an investigation?

or only that campus police are called in first and only if
there is agreement between the two police forces , will the local
Charlottesville police take over.?

it is unclear what the final language of HB 2490 is .

Why did Rob Bell as the head of the Virginia crime commission
apparently take credit for the whole matter after it was passed ?

Only Rob Bell can answer that - He totally ignored the 7 year struggle my family went through to bring this bill forward. He took the bill as his own after the Crime Commission meeting simply because he could. He refused to dialogue with me after the Crime Commission meeting - if he had, he wouldn't have been able to pretend he sponsored this legislation all on his own. I have issues with his performance, especially since the bill was originally submitted by Del Paula Miller. She lost her district due to the VA redistricting issue and is not currently serving as a Delegate. Had she not lost her seat, I'm sure things would have panned out differently.

There should now be a Memorandum of Agreement between the campus cops and local Charlottesville police force, but I would have to defer to someone who knows the local laws to answer if this MOA has been adopted. I haven't kept up with the research on this.

"Am I missing something? Isn’t it true that the Board of Supervisors has no power to expel Dumler from the Board?"

true, but the reason dumler feels empowered to stay on the board is that he has the support of dennis rooker, ann malleck, cynthia neff, and that coalition you saw at the democratic breakfast that was protested. without those people supporting him, he would probably have resigned by now. i say 'probably' because i dont want to under-estimate dumler's ego, which is rather large. (sociopathic, if you ask me.) dave norris, a democratic city councilman, has already come out in favor of dumler's resignation. a strong showing from the public tomorrow should deliver a strong blow to the rooker/neff/malleck coalition, perhaps even causing more higher-ups in the democratic party to find the kind of courage and integrity mr. norris showed. at which point, the coalition crumbles and dumler is in no-man's-land. we can then only hope dumler would have the good sense and decency to resign.

What amazes me is how everyone goes absolutely apecrap in Cville when Sulivan is treated poorly, but remain so quiet about the UVas culture handling of rape.

Not everyone went apecrap,...Do not think it was handled well, but it was the students and the liberals that did not want their power base upset. Sullivan was siding with the professors. Always an easy knee jerk reaction to go after the "suits."

You are correct. It just seemed like everyone because, well...that what was all over the seriously one sided media. sad to see the days of the unbiased media so far gone.

Susan R, you are right about UVA. Unfortunately, Cville doesn't really do a great job either. The school I did undergrad at did a great job, though local cops wouldn't prosecute for anything from stalking up to rape most of the time--so the school was all we had. I think that type of thing can lead to an unwillingness to report to police, where sometimes a school (not UVA, sadly) is more helpful. The worst case I saw was a girl who had date rape drugs in her system the night of her rape and bruises up and down her arms and was told "we won't prosecute because it's a college campus and alcohol was involved." Disgusting.

That said, I'm getting off topic from what Dumler did, and from the problems in Cville. My thought is that if there weren't something pretty damning, Denise Lunsford would have tried not to bring charges against Chris--and yes, she was removed from the case, but the original charges did come out of her office. If there was nothing there, I have seen time and time again in Virginia where charges aren't even brought. Interesting to note that Chris worked for her office during law school and also ran her most recent campaign. Not sure how that plays into things, but the charges DID originally come out of her office...

Monday February 25 at 6:00 p.m. at the Lane Auditorium in the County Office Building (aka the old Lane High School) will be the site of the Albemarle Board of Supervisors meeting. I invite all Democrats and Women who want to see Christopher Dumler removed or resign as the Scottsville Supervisor and protest against his remaining on the board, to come and join us. Please speak out and speak up. You have to sign the speakers registry when you come, and you usually get 3 minutes.

And, the BOS CAN get Dumler out. Not with some legal maneuver, but if they all ask him privatelt to resign, especially the democrats Rooker and Mallek, then maybe he will. Also, we need to ask our leaders in the Albemarle Democratic Committee, mostly women BTW, to demand that he resign. Pressure from his own party and fellow board members will have some effect. But it is important now that women show up to demand his resignation!

Dear Cvillian,

Thank you for the information. Women should really go. I think mothers of girls should go and tell Chris Dumler that his behavior is just wrong, and he's just not the kind of man who should be in office. And tell Mrs. Mallek because she's a woman and she should know. Ask her to tell him to go. she is the Chairman of the Board, and I hear she's a Democrat. Aren't Democrats the woman's party? So tell him. Democrats need to tell him because he is a Democrat and maybe he will listen to Democrat women. Maybe I'm just naive, but isn't that how politics works? So yes, go to the meeting and tell Mrs. Mallek to tell Dumler to resign.

I just want to say that I am incredibly grateful to those of you who are planning to go to the meeting tomorrow and who are otherwise continuing to fight this fight. The fact that so many people who are not themselves victims of Dumler care enough to do this means a lot to me.

Dial 911 and report a rape on campus. It's a call center and the are instructed to notify campus police.

USA a blue phone. It's tied to campus police.

But that's not the problem. The problem is that campus police seem to protect the school not the students. That is Sulivan's problem!

@ Speaking Up

Thank you? This has got to stop. It has gone on far too long and hurt far too many. The community suffers in general and individual women in particular.

Think Treresa Sullivan, or any of her staff, will show up, or speak? Think she even cares for the women or the community?

@ Speaking Up
Think Treresa Sullivan, or any of her staff, will show up, or speak? Think she even cares for the women or the community?

i think susan r. answered that question earlier .
the victim and family get a mumbled parsed apology; and get shown the door quickly.

I hope Dumler holds on with both hands.. This is America and you those of you outside his district have as much right to run him out of office as you do the Congressman from Alaska. You simply don't. He was convicted of "sexual battery" which could be the same as a drunk frat boy grabbing a girls butt at a frat party. It doesn't matter what he was "charged" with it matters what he was 'convicted" of.

If you want to haunt him go ahead, but the fact of the matter is for all of your pathetic whining over one guy who had consensual sex that went south, you will end up accomplishing diddley squat.

You losers have been trying to get UVA to change their polices for seven years and can't even do that. Harrasing this guy is like putting a bag of burning dog crap on someones front steps and ringing the doorbell. its a joke.

You don't even understand basic civics. Read a book.

.... and you still think women have no responsbility to look out for themselves....

your like a person standing out in the rain cussing the weatherman because it "wasn't supposed to rain today"

Some men rape.some men seek out womens so plastered they don't know what is going on.and that is rape. Some men take advantage of drunk womens lowered inhibitions and convince them to do they things they might regret the next day, that may or may not be sexual assault.

All the lectures in the world won't stop the first two examples they know what they are doing and don't care. The third example can be dealt with by society and should be through education and punishment. Fine, so work for that, but the first two examples? Women need to step up to the plate and watch out for themselves. Stay close to friends, don't drink too much and don't walk down 14th street at 3 am drunk in high heels mini skirt and a thong. If you think that is asking too much then you can spend the next 20 years in therapy telling your therapist about how you are now scarred for life because like JFK,RFK and MLK you stood up for your "rights" Your choice.

Have fun at the meeting. I hope they shut you all down for trying to introduce new business that is not within their purview.

So with 15k women at UVA why can't you get the rules changed? Perhaps the girls should all get together and refuse to drink alcohol , wear short skirts and put out to the guys until the rules go their way and they get the respect they deserve for their virtuous behavior

Good luck with that.

And some men seek out women who are stone cold sober and being cautious, slowly gain their trust by acting like perfect gentlemen, and then rape them once their defenses are down.

Ponce, stop pretending that you know what the hell happened here. You have no idea.

and if that happens then press charges THAT NIGHT and get a rape kit. The police cannot help you unless you can overcome his constutuional rights to due process. Deal with it.

It is up to the people of his district to decide what to do with him not leftovers from the salem witch trials.

well folks, if ponce doesnt inspire you to go to the BOS meeting tomorrow, i dont know what will.

when ponce comments; it's like deja vu all over again.

board of supervisors meeting monday at 6 pm.

Ponce says to press charges that night ... ok, to whom? The campus cops? The local police? While those two are "fighting over jurisdiction" and pondering how to silence you, here's my advice: If you are a student at UVA and are sexually assaulted or raped on grounds, contact the VA State Police, the Albemarle Commonwealth Attorney, and immediately put your complaint in writing to President Sullivan - NOT the Dean of Students, NOT the School Sexual Assault Advisor, and most certainly NOT the VP of Student Affairs. I was told by a high ranking member of the VA State Police that they have jurisdiction over the campus and will immediately begin an investigation. Don't leave this felony to two organizations (UVA cops and Charlottesville Police) because they have a history of brushing campus crimes under the rug. If you are a friend to someone who has been assaulted, make the call for them. In addition, you MUST be seen in an ER within 72 hours. Have your friends take a video of your statement when you are speaking with the police so that when they fail to document what you told them, you have proof of what you said.

So finally after neary 250 posts somebody admits that personal responsibility IS the proper way to reduce the number of incidents or rape, date rape, sexual assault.

Better be careful Susan R or Kim from Brooklyn is going to attack you....

Email exchange between Supervisor Duane Snow and former Jefferson Area Tea Party Chairwoman Carole Thorpe, working together on "covert" efforts to oust Dumler:


Ponce-I actually moved to the Scottsville District without immediately turning around and filing to run for elected office. Also have been in the district far longer than our supervisor. Dumbler at this point may represent some voters values in the Scottsville District, but not many. About 70% of the Democrats asked are are signing the recall petition because they are disgusted with his criminal sexual behavior.

“did unlawfully and feloniously in violation of Section 18.2-67.1, Code of Virginia: commit forcible sodomy by engaging in anal intercourse….when such act was accomplished against the victim’s will, by force, threat or intimidation of or against the victim or another person.”

And *all* (repeat: *ALL*) Albemarle County taxpayers pay Dumler's salary.

Tonight, Monday, at 6:00 p.m. at the Lane Auditorium. Ladies, be there!

Caroline- Carole has proven herself to have the highest moral character, unlike Dumler. Will verify the link. If this were a Republican that failed to step down, she would be going at him with even more vigor. Each of the supervisors are free to go along with Dumler's disgusting behavior and not ask him to resign like Rooker and Malleck, or try to use various methods to convince him to step down.

As an outsider, I have been able to write to various key people in your community. I just write as myself from NY, voicing my outrage, my full knowledge of everything going on, posting links to the news sources that brought me here, etc. I was also able to attach documents, since I can find online a lot about the case-like Sergiev.

MANY people are going to show up tonight as "observers", since they would be outright fired if they voiced their own private opinions. MANY people are working on this and are finding their own ways to be effective. I was surprised by the overwhelming, if private support of finding ways to get Dumler to step down. People are solving this and have achieved ways to be there in force anyway.

I urge everyone to go that is within an hour of this meeting in any direction. If nothing more, you will see what a good old fashioned, American "We The People" really means.

Tonight, Monday, at 6:00 p.m. at the Lane Auditorium

Prince, these emails were obtained by a reporter through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). What does Carole Thorpe's "moral character" have to do with anything? I mean...it's clear what her motives are, and I doubt VERY seriously she would put this much effort if it were Ken Boyd in this situation. All I did was post the link; I am not stating my opinion about the situation. You can take it as you will, but I find it interesting that some have taken such a sudden interest in women's rights when they haven't done much up to now in that regard.

@Caroline...Are you seriously linking to Facebook "Scottsville Weekly," the rife-with-misspellings local rag sheet published by Bebe Williams, the failed "legalize pot" guy in Scottsville? And you think that, because they are emails, they have some Woodward/Bernstein investigative journalistic gravitas?

Why isn't Bebe trying to publish the conversations Rooker and Mallek might have had? Aren't they Dems who, for some unknown and inexplicable reason, do not believe Dumler should step down? Why isn't he investigating why Neff put up the $50k to free another Dem? Isn't that also politically motivated?

People like you and Rogers are so bush league and--in Roger's case--embarrass Scottsville. Her illiterate Facebook posts are comical and show that small town America can indeed still be Junior Samples, egg-cartons-for-acoustic-tiles on the evening news, Cousin Roy and Cousin Goober. Hee Haw indeed.

As for the people of Scottsville, I live there and, really, the business end of town will continue to be quite inconsequential. For example, making Dumler a board member and funder of your new brewery is bad business decision Number One.

R.I.P.: Auggie Busch

Dennis Rooker has committed a coverup of information about Chris Dumler. It seems a woman (County resident and therefore a constituent) emailed Dennis Rooker (Democratic Supervisor) AFTER the Dumler business was brought before the BOS, and Rooker would not hear her, completely shut her down. This is horrible! A woman wants to discuss important information about business already before the board, and he says no. The emails refer to criminal activity by Dumler, more mistreatment of women locally. Rooker has a duty to the women of this county to hear her! And he Shut. Her. Down! See the emails here, procured through the FOIA:

Dear Liberalace,

I didn't link the Scottsville weekly as an amazing news source, I linked them because they have printed the emails -- as best I can tell, verbatim. Can you point out specific errors within the emails instead of just discrediting the source? Dunno if you realize it or not, but your argument is purely ad hominem. Now, if you'd like to address the CONTENT of what I linked, I'd be happy to listen. Your name calling is also pretty juvenile, btw....thought I'd point that out too.

R.I.P. adlers and bobkins

p.s. Liberal -- normally I enjoy your posts and agree with most of them. But you are letting your personal bias rule here. Calm down.

BTW, if you're looking for an awesome Facebook page, go to Dolores Rogers's page. Her main profile pic is her standing next to Dumler with Chris holding an American flag and with his arm around DoRo. Some friend posted a comment "You look great in that pink suit. But who is that man standing next to you?"

"Oh, that is a convicted sexual batterer named Chris Dumler. I worked on his campaign and helped get him elected. He was accused by three women of sexual crimes and pled guilty to one of them in a plea deal. Not sure what holding the American flag has to do with it, but he might be harkening back to pre-suffrage days when people who sexually assaulted women were embraced politically instead of tarred-and-feathered. I am proud to allow him to get so close to me!"

R.I.P.: Mick Ronson

Oh my, Dennis Rooker, this was three weeks ago! This poor woman was trying to talk to you about Chris Dumler's behavior where he may have broken the law. This could be new information and you need to hear her. She needs you Dennis. You are a supervisor and it seems she lives in the county. But you did 'cover up' the information. I read those emails and you just told her "no". I'm not all that political, but you are a Democrat and aren't democrats "for" women? Why are you protecting Mr. Dumler, a man, and not looking out for the women? I'm so disappointed to think that you would do this.

I'm sorry....I seem to have missed your post addressing the content of what I linked? Well are there errors in the emails they printed or not? You have derailed the train here, my friend.

R.I.P.: Casey Jones

On Feb 5, 2013, at 2:08PM, Dennis Rooker wrote:

Ms. xxxxxxx,

Thank you for your email. I do not think it is appropriate to discuss this with you.

Dennis Rooker

Dennis S. Rooker
1421 Sachem Place, Suite 3
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901
Phone (434) 977-7424, Fax 974-7600

Went to Cvillian's link and this is what I saw in the email from an alleged victim to Rooker:
"As fair warning, I am very close to the victim in the Dumler case and am also one of the three women he sexually manipulated and hurt over the three week period during which he raped the victim."

"Sexually manipulated...?" Since when is manipulating people a crime? At no point does this woman say she was raped, yet she's claiming to be one of the three victims that everyone is holding up as an example that he is-- and I quote-- a "serial rapist." This is an insult to real rape victims everywhere. She also claims that he raped the victim for 3 weeks?

The real story is why the prosecutors were so willing to go along so quickly with a plea bargain that constituted such an enormous downgrading of the crime. It makes me wonder if, after more investigation, perhaps they realized that this case was going nowhere and decided to cut bait. They also went along with a request that none of the other alleged victims could prosecute. If they felt that there was enough veracity in their stories, they probably would have prosecuted. With so many alleged victims, their chance of a successful prosecution would have gone up, not down.

I've never met Dumler, nor did I vote for him. But something doesn't add up here.

Been There, who said the person who emailed Rooker is "claiming to be one of the three victims"? All she did was ask for a meeting and disclose her connection with Dumler.

Also: "If they felt that there was enough veracity in their stories, they probably would have prosecuted." You must be hopelessly naive to believe that "veracity" is the deciding factor in whether a prosecutor goes forward with a case.

Been There,

This is the problem with speculation: sounds so good, but you're flat wrong. The woman who emailed Rooker is not any of the women who filed complaints with the Police. The only thing that doesn't add up is the number of women he used. It's more than you know.

I could be wrong, but wouldn't it be poor protocol for a Board of Supervisors member to discuss this case with individual constituents? Technically it is not a matter over which the Board presides, so I think what Mr. Rooker is trying to say is that it is not "appropriate" for him to meet with this woman about it. He did not say he wasn't interested or concerned, he said the matter was not appropriate to discuss. There is a big difference. Despite how I may feel personally about this matter, I do not want my elected representatives going down the road of meeting with constituents about things that are not part of County government, and whether we like it or not the law states that the Board has no governance over this issue.

Also: "If they felt that there was enough veracity in their stories, they probably would have prosecuted." You must be hopelessly naive to believe that "veracity" is the deciding factor in whether a prosecutor goes forward with a case.

Thats right... everyone knows "credible evidence" is the deciding factor....

I don't think it is appropriate for Mr Rooker to discuss a duly elected office holders situation when there is nothing he can or should do about it. Mr Dumler serves the people of his district. If Mr Rooker doesn't want to work WITH him that is his choice now and his constiuents choice later. They can see what he does and reward or punish him at the ballot box as they see fit. The people from scottsville should not go protest him and people from his district should not assume the role of Mr Dumlers constituency.


Look at his reply. Actually READ the emails.

His handling of this wasn't "just" that he said it would be inappropriate for him to discuss it with her. It was that that was ALL he said. I just want you to think about what it would be like for someone to hear about a FELONY CRIME that was committed against you, and what it would be like to be brutally dismissed in this way with a one liner.

Is that how you deal with disclosure of criminal activity? What if someone wrote to him and said, I have information about how one of your fellow Board Members is embezzling funds? Would you think it would be ok to just email back with: I can't talk with you about this. end of discussion?


Yes I do think that would be appropriate because the LAW STATES that Board members DO NOT REMOVE ONE ANOTHER FROM OFFICE nor do they address concerns from individual constituents that do not pertain to items over which they govern.

If I am mistaken, could you please point me to the state and county code sections that indicate that the Supervisors are responsible and/or obligated to address concerns about fellow Board members that have already been decided in the legal arena? Thanks!

For whatever reason, Mr. Dumler was given a plea agreement that was accepted by the other parties, and the next step in this process is his removal through PROPER LEGAL CHANNELS (i.e. petition>circuit court>judicial finding).

I understand your outrage at the incident, and you are not alone in that. But your understanding of the policies that govern Board action and responsibility is clearly negligible. The Board does not serving as the vetting body for criminal charges or accusations against fellow members (for a reason). That's what the courts are for.

"does not serve" [not "serving"] I mean.

Three words:
We The People.

Exactly. And "We the People" are having their say through the proper channels -- petition and court -- just as the law allows. Which is why it is inappropriate for individual Board members to handle the matter on their own accord.

THANK YOU for proving my point. :-)

No Caroline, you misunderstood what I said.

When the "law" is inadequate, it's up to the people to STAND UP and do something about it.

THAT was my point.

And THAT was what was done last night:

Thank you for proving MY point. :)


The "law" is not inadequate. The law that does not provide for his removal by people like you is there to protect the VOTERSin his district from losing their duly elected official because people like YOU don't like him. So people exercised their right to speak and protest and associate and you made your point. I am sure Mr. Dumler is cowering in his mancave watching porn as we speak. The voters in his district can do with him what they will and you can feel good knowing that all the women in C-ville are safe from this sex freak...

By the way .. how many RAPES were there up there in brooklyn last night?

Hey Bill, this has nothing to do with whether I do or do not "like" him. We all know you think about Chris upon waking and he's your last thought at night. You've made that clear.
And as long as you weren't in Brooklyn, I can tell you there was one less rapist in town, that's for sure.

As previously noted, Dumler has admitted to perpetrating a crime of sexual violence. He cannot represent the people of his district having lost the respect and trust of at least, but hopefully more, half of his constituency. He should step down and get counseling.


The only thing most people will see that was proven last night is that one woman couldn’t control herself and had to cry and curse on camera. How does that prove any case? Most people will see that on NBC29 and then come to a conclusion that women are hysterical and their judgment can’t be trusted. I’m a woman and it was embarrassing.

You state the “law” is inadequate. No one has given the petition a chance. You want to circumvent the “law.” How do you know the law so well in Virginia since you are in New York? This should be decided by the people in Albemarle County, not by “instigators” from other states (and that’s all you can be, since you don’t live here.)

This guy plead guilty to a misdemeanor sexual battery. We don’t know anything else about the case. Based on that, I’m not sure that he is unable to do his job. Neither is this group, obviously, because they plan to disrupt meetings to make sure he can’t rather than use the petition and the “law.” You’ve already decided the law shouldn’t decide for you. I’m not so sure I want this small group to decide it for me. It’s beginning to smell of dirty politics and wanting the democrat off the board so the republicans can control it. Having out of state people involved really makes me wonder what group is manipulating this.

If assured they will appoint another democrat to fill his position, he should step down. Otherwise, this whole thing just looks like a power play.

Even in this age of technological, and medical marvels, mob rule transcends intelligence. A man accused by a woman is generally assumed to be guilty with or without evidence.

The US legal system isn't the worst I have seen, but I have seen better systems outside the US. We need to do better in this country. Men deserve better protections against accusations without proof.


"And as long as you weren't in Brooklyn, I can tell you there was one less rapist in town, that's for sure."

So because I believe in the Constituitional right to due process I am a rapist?

Glad to know I get under your skin. Hopefully you will pick up a book to try and prove me wrong and actually learn something about the rules of law and the rights of due process.

Some women complain about men because men look at them as sex objects... some women complain because they don't .... I would imagine you fall into the latter category.

here is a good project a little closer to home so you will not have to miss any time away from your cats...

Sid - The man admitted his guilt, even though it was to a lesser charge. He is a sex criminal. This is not open to debate, it is fact. End of story.

Would y'all enjoy having coffee with each other? Seems like this back and forth is super engaging for y'all. A little tiring for the rest of us. Face-to-face, we learn more and have to confront each other's humanity.

In other news, "We need to do better in this country. Men deserve better protections against accusations without proof."

How do you know it was without proof? Dumler, a defense attorney, now says he pled because there was no chance for justice and it's too expensive. Interesting argument for someone who has dedicated his life to collecting money to defend people in court.

He demanded a plea agreement be settled the night before the hearing, or he would see the case all the way through. Not to specualte, but sounds like he was afraid of the proof coming out. The police had a taped call where he blamed it on being drunk and said I'm sorry. I personally interpret that as proof.

Actually, "Too Much?" if Dumler really did state he wanted a plea agreement that night or he would see the case all the way through, it sounds as though he thought the prosecution's case would fold in the middle and give him a plea deal and he was telling them that once it started, he was going to go through the whole thing. This makes it sound as if it really was about the money he would have to spend, even on part of a trial, and he didn't want to have to spend it. But it looks to me, if he said he would see the case through after it started, that he thought he would win.

Something is really wrong with a comment thread when Bill Marshall is one of the few sane voices. Kim is totally whacked and her suggestion that Marshall himself is a rapist is completely out of line.

@ Bill: When the argument is lost, insult becomes the tool of the looser.

Please...keep insulting my looks and my ability "to get a man". Seems like you have nothing else left but that.

"Not to specualte, but sounds like he was afraid of the proof coming out. The police had a taped call where he blamed it on being drunk and said I'm sorry. I personally interpret that as proof."

Well that sounds like speculation to me.... maybe he was sorry that he didn't realize she would get so jealous that he was having consensual sex with more than one woman...

Either way... I would think that most jurors would put a drunken sexcapade that went too far in a different light than a guy grabbing a girl behind a dumpster and holding her head to his privates.

Sound like maybe he pleaded to what he did, the law lets him keep his job based on the wishes of those he represents and the court of public opinion is running its course.

I have zero problem with people hating the guy and badmouthing him but the voters in his district are who he works for and everyone else should stay out of it.

Do any of you zealots realize that the guy at kroger giant, car wash, gas staiton or bus driver might have the exact same record as this guy? Are you going to boycott everywhere?

Kim: " @ Bill: When the argument is lost, insult becomes the tool of the looser.

Please...keep insulting my looks and my ability "to get a man". Seems like you have nothing else left but that."

Uh, didn't you just call him a rapist? I guess that would make you both "loosers" (losers).

I was emabarrassed by the outburst last night and wondered if this woman or a close friend of hers had once been assaulted by Dumler. When women begin ranting in public and throwing out the f-bomb, they lose credibility. I was hoping that there would have been many who would have taken the podium to ask for his resignation is a clear, concise, and calm tone.

Ladies, learn how to rally for a cause. This wasn't your finest hour.

I was emabarrassed by the outburst last night and wondered if this woman or a close friend of hers had once been assaulted by Dumler. When women begin ranting in public and throwing out the f-bomb, they lose credibility. I was hoping that there would have been many who would have taken the podium to ask for his resignation in a clear, concise, and calm tone.

Ladies, learn how to rally for a cause. This wasn't your finest hour.

"Well that sounds like speculation to me.... maybe he was sorry that he didn't realize she would get so jealous that he was having consensual sex with more than one woman..."

Bill is able to turn any confession or rape into, not really a confession because it's not actually rape.

Bill, you should be a CEO of a bank.

Bill do you realize that the guy at kroger giant, car wash, gas staiton or bus driver have to fill out something called a job application which asks, "have you ever been convicted of a cime. if so, please describe". The ONLY reason Dumler sits in that seat is because he did this WHILE he was sitting on the Board. Don't worry, Bill, he won't be there for long and you'll be there to comfort him, just remember...don't turn your back on him.....


I read your comments. I read his comments. He’s only a rapist if he commits rape. I’ve yet to see a law about “mental rape.” This attitude hurts those who are really raped, because you’re trivializing it. It’s sad that you insult him and expect to be excused, yet chastise him for doing the same thing. I didn’t react prematurely. I know what is truth and what is speculation and name calling.


"The following are examples of unacceptable conduct:
21. Criminal convictions for acts of conduct occurring on or off the job which are plainly
related to job performance or of such a nature that to continue the employee in the
assigned position could constitute negligence in regard to the County’s duty to the public
or its employees. *

* May result in immediate dismissal"



C. A third form of sexual harassment, sexual assault or battery, is prohibited by this
policy and may constitute a crime. Substantiated allegations of sexual assault or
battery constitute grounds for disciplinary action, including immediate leave without
pay of the alleged harasser pending investigation. A finding of sexual assault or
battery constitutes grounds for immediate dismissal. (Sexual assault or battery
may include but is not limited to: Unwanted kissing, grabbing, pressing against or
fondling of the intimate parts of another’s body or rape or forcing another to touch
the intimate parts of one’s body.)


I find it bizarre that Rob Schilling and Jamie Morgan, who couldn't be further apart on the political spectrum, have now allied to hound a "rapist" who hasn't even been convicted of rape. This whole spectacle has taken on the air of a Salem Witch trial.

As someone who is as left as they come, and also a rape victim, I think that Ms Morgan's hysterical keening was an embarrassment to all women. I'm sure Chris Dumler wasn't the only one rolling his eyes at her. Here she is in action:

OMG, someone used a bad word in front of people ... quick, we must be rid of her! oh, there is an admitted sexual batterer in the room? yeah, he gets to sit on a dais. Thank God we have our priorities straight.

Chris Dumler is going to jail this Friday, March 8 at 6:00 p.m. He has tried his apology tour on the local media outlets and failed miserably. While trying to make his case, the one he forfeited by pleading guilty to sexual battery, his victims and witnesses have also come forth. He has succeeded only in creating a media and online frenzy, the kind that will follow him the rest of his life. You'd think a tech-savvy politician like Chris would realize that every negative word reported or blogged about him will live online forever. Anyone searching for him online, for his legal services, if he ever applies for a job, for military security clearance (he's in the reserves), anyone looking for him for anything, will find mostly ultra-damaging information. Most of it is his own doing, not just the crime he committed and resultant sentence, but his constant and continuing resistance to resigning and his continued attempt to prove his innocence even after he plead guilty. 30 days in jail is a paltry sentence compared to the ruination of his reputation forever as a result of his own hubris.

good article. It's true that if the roles were reversed and it was a Republican who did that, Democrats would be ruthless. It's a shame they can't see how keeping him and saying he is innocent is going against everything Democrats believe in. They are making us look bad, and he should have been thrown in jail for years for doing what he did. All Democrats should be calling for this guy's head. I sure am.