Censured: Former, current supes call for Dumler to resign

Christopher Dumler may have thought the worst was behind him when he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery January 31 so he could avoid a felony conviction and remain on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors. However, it was clear February 6 the issue hadn't died when his fellow supervisors censured the Scottsville representative and two former supes called for his resignation.


Many of those present in Lane Auditorium Wednesday morning were there to object to the Keene shooting range, an issue quickly taken off the table when Supervisor Duane Snow moved that only an indoor facility would be considered. Although the proposed firing range was in his district, Dumler, 27, had abstained from voting on the matter because of a conflict of interest, having been investigated and arrested by the police who wanted the training facility.


Snow made another motion: That Dumler resign. Three supervisors– Snow, Ken Boyd and Rodney Thomas– voted in favor of the motion.

Board Chair Ann Mallek introduced a motion that passed 5-0 to censure Dumler, who will serve 30 days in jail for his conviction. Dumler abstained in both votes. 

Once public comment began, nearly a dozen citizens called for Dumler to resign, far outnumbering his supporters, a group that included Cynthia Neff, the former board candidate who posted Dumler's bond.

Former Scottville supervisor Peter Way said Dumler had "tragically failed" in his judgment of right and wrong. "He's lost his credibility," said Way, who also warned the other board members, "Your reputation as a board has been seriously damaged."

He was followed by another former Scottsville board member, Forrest Marshall, whose voice shook with indignation when he said, "I personally demand he leave this board." Marshall noted that other board members had not served time in jail, and called Dumler's conduct "totally, totally disrespectful."

Marshall cautioned that Dumler's behavior left him open to blackmail, and that other women could come forward. "I'm very much upset about this," he said.

Climate-change debunker Dr. Charles Battig pointed out the symbolism of the Board of Supervisors sitting on a raised dais, and said their behavior should be elevated as well.

Dumler originally was charged with felony forcible sodomy in October, and had he been convicted of a felony, he could have been removed from the board. Battig decried the nature of the crime. "It is time to do the right thing and step down, and not smile your way through," he urged Dumler.

"A vile and hurtful act occurred," said former Albemarle teacher Pat Napoleon." Just because someone is allowed to remain on the board doesn't make it okay." Napoleon, too, said, "I'm tired of viewing your smile. Tender your resignation."

Dumler's behavior, said Diane Weber, sent the message that getting elected to the Board of Supervisors meant a free pass to commit sexual battery. "A convicted sexual offender has no place on the Board of Supervisors."

"I'm here with outrage that there is an admitted sex offender sitting on this dais," echoed former Jefferson Area Tea Party chair Carole Thorpe.

And Earl Smith, who said he was not affiliated with any group, told the supervisors he's collecting signatures on a petition to recall Dumler, and that he needed 372 to do so. A recall petition would have to be signed by registered voters in the Scottsville district and total 10 percent of the votes cast in 2011, when Dumler won the seat.

Scottsville resident Dolores Rogers, who originally signed up to speak in opposition to the firing range, was one of the few to defend Dumler. She thanked him for his service, and said, "We as a nation have a long history of flawed leaders."

And she fired back at non-Scottsville residents calling for Dumler's resignation: "Don't tell us who should represent us."

The day after the meeting, despite the calls for his resignation, Dumler says, "My opinion hasn't changed after yesterday's meeting."

Updated 2/7 with Dumler response.


Only the three republicans called on him to resign. That's it.

Local democrats Deeds and Toscano remain silent. Local media, including the Hook, continues to not identify the players in this drama by party affiliation. None of these folks are happy when their masks are removed and rational people are reminded that their electoral grandstanding regarding caring about the well being of women every few years is nothing more than a schtik played to dumbed down voters.

We can see quite clearly, again, what happens to that concern when it really matters. Didn't a recent democrat mayor in Charlottesville get arrested for beating his wife also, followed by the same awkward silence from all the lefty big shots and most (all?) of the "womens groups?"

If he doesn't not resign due to the board's resolution we will be organizing a protest or three demanding he step down.


I hope Ms. Rogers will eventually think highly enough of herself and her district to expect a better representative than an admitted sexual batterer. And her assertion that this is a Scottsville-only matter is ludicrous. Collectively, the six supervisors represent Albemarle County to the rest of the state, the country, and the world. All county residents live with the results of the votes of all of the supervisors and have a vested interest in this matter.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the enlightened Progressives (such as Rogers, Cynthia Neff, Sally Thomas, Ann Mallek, and Dennis Rooker) who are pro-ERA Amendment and purport to "care" for women more than Conservatives, choose to stand in strong support for the convicted sexual offender rather than his female victims and other female citizens in our community? When push comes to shove, power trumps all - and they would rather keep a Democrat in the BOS seat at all costs.

As a Scottsville voter, I am glad that Dumler has chosen not to resign. The political witch hunt which fueled the accusations of sexual impropriety and an old law school grudge (who began making the accusations after Dumler broke up with her) should not be rewarded.

Dumler has been an excellent representative and I look forward to voting for his reelection.

Seannie, Mallek and Rooker are the dems on the Board, not Deeds and Toscano. We wouldn't want to leave the impression that you're talking out your you know what, now would we?

Also, don't forget that a majority of the board DID NOT call for his resignation. Either way, the only votes that matter are the votes of Scottsville residents two years from now.

If he hangs tough and there's no legal basis to remove him, he could weather the storm and the whole thing will be mostly forgotten in a year. In doing so he'd have to repeatedly make the point that pleading guilty to a lesser offense doesn't always mean he's truly guilty of a crime, only that he wanted to "put it behind him" and move on and that he wanted to avoid a messy jury trial with all its potential ambiguities. He can claim never intending harm to the "victim" (being sure to include the quotation marks), that the whole thing was a "misunderstanding" arising from a passionate encounter where both parties had been drinking,,etc, etc whoofie doggie. He can publicly apologize to her and maybe get some insider friends to "out" her identity and maybe information about any character flaws she may have..
For a 27 year old to keep his nerve during the ensuing firestorm of public invective directed at him is a tall order, but if he can do so he could keep his seat and come out of it OK.
Personally I think dirt road driving is nasty and he's probably a little creep, so I'm just putting forth a scenario for his political rehabilitation. Who knows? If I lived in Scottsville and he came up for re-election I might vote for him depending on what sort of moron was running against him.
If Bill Clinton could have run against Dubbya in 2000, he would have beaten him like a rented mule in that election..

I just love the pro-Dumler posts. They keep me laughing all day long. I think I'm gonna make a scrap book of the posts made 'Scottsville Resident' - comments made both here and on NBC.

Climate change debunker? Yep, the Repubs have the usual suspects on their side.

Referring to Charles Battig as a "climate change debunker" provides him with false legitimacy in this issue. As far as I know, the vast body of science on climate change has yet to be "debunked" by Mr. Battig. Perhaps "climate change denier" is a more appropriate term.

By the way, I fully agree with Mr. Battig on his assessment of the Dumler situation.

re:"the Repubs have the usual suspects on their side."

People really should stop and think about what they're standing for when they stand up for this man. They aren't standing up for his opinions or his positions on policy issues, but rather for his behavior.

He has plead guilty to the charge of sexual battery. All those that would defend him need to reconcile themselves to the fact that he himself has entered this plea in a court of law. Those that explain away his behavior by claiming the victim (not "alleged" anymore since he's actually admitted his guilt) had an axe to grind or otherwise trumped up these charges should then go to Mr. Dumler and point out that he lied to the court when he plead guilty.

Prominent men do awful things. Discounting the victims of this man's crimes because he's a democrat is a terrible thing to do. The Democratic Party is better than this man's behavior.

"the Repubs have the usual suspects on their side"

So the victim of this man's crime is not on your "side"? You are on the other side from the victim?

The Democratic Party is better than this man's behavior, or at least should be. No vote before the Board of Supervisors is more important than this man's victim.

For shame.

S.A.R.A. (Sexual Assault Resource Agency) has called today for Dumler's resignation. Well done.

" The Democratic Party is better than this man's behavior."
No, it's not. Look at Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, others. Long histories of repeatedly sexually abusing women, and getting re-elected. But, they supported a woman's right to choose to kill her fetus. So, it's okay; it's the GOP that had a "war on women".

Here is SARA's full statement, as delivered on The Schilling Show today.

I think the "psychosexual evaluation" will likely make him not-so-strange bedfellows with Jimbo Halfaday. Dumler is textbook narcissistic disorder.

As for the bedwetters trying to make this a Dem vs. Rep issue, both parties have scum in them regarding treatment of women and sexual misconduct. It just seems the Dems tend to canonize their perverts (Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, John Edwards [who would have been veep had Kerry won his bid for the presidency]) whilst republicans tend to weed them out (Larry Craig).

R.I.P.: Frances Bavier

So release the evidence and accusations and lets see what really went down.

If the guy plead out to avoid a long expensive trial where he would be judged by the hypocrites that post here then he took the smart play.

You people are so judgmental...

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and this guy had two ex lovers conspiring.....

This is Scottsville problem now let them recall him or not...

If character were a requirement for public office the capital would be empty.

Here is what happpens daily .... is this sexual assault? Should these guys go to jail?


I agree with Dr. Charles Battig's comments. To be a leader and make decisions for more than yourself, you should be held to a higher moral standard and Dumler has been found greatly lacking. You should resign, sir, your credibility is lost.

I agree with Dr. Battig's comments. To be a leader and make decisions for more than yourself, you must set yourself to a higher moral standard and Mr. Dumler has been found greatly lacking. You should resign, sir, you've lost your credibility.

I just heard that Delores Rogers (former Dumler campaign manager) had the gall to publicly release the names of two of Dumler's victims. Sick, sick, sick.

Another oh-so-pro-women Progressive shows her true colors. They feign righteous support of women and women's rights...until it is otherwise advantageous to spit on them.

If the Democrats don't vote to censure/bounce Dumler at their next meeting on Monday, February 11, the nearly all-female leadership (Dumler "bail maven", Cynthia Neff, first among them) should be forced to resign.

"Climate-change debunker Dr. Charles Battig..."
What does Dr Battig's views on climate change have to do with this story? NOTHING! It is simply the way this reporter, Lisa Provence, shows her liberal bias. I think that the Hook owes Dr Battig a public apology.

But while we are on the subject of apologies...Dumler was supposed to make a public apology to his victim as part of his plea agreement. How can his apology be meaningful if he continues to maintain his innocence and refuses to accept responsibility for his actions?
He can't have it both ways. He plead GUILTY, and it was not an Alford plea where you plead guilty but maintain your innocence. He plead guilty period. If he continues to maintain his innocence, he should be held in contempt and the plea bargain rescinded.

And he needs to resign! Maybe I am not a Scottsville resident, so I don't have a voice in his recall, but I do have a voice when it comes to some of his supporters, including Ms Mallek. The female voters of this community will not allow Mallek, Neff, Rooker, Toscano, Deeds, etc to continue to turn a blind eye to this behavior. We will remember every election day from here forth. SARA is to be commended for taking a stand!

"The female voters of this community will not allow Mallek, Neff, Rooker, Toscano, Deeds, etc to continue to turn a blind eye to this behavior."

Yes they will. And so will the liberal men. That stuff about women has never and will never be about anything more than campaign rhetoric, as you can see plainly here AGAIN. Lets just call it the Slick Willy Syndrome and move on.


By calling Batting a "Climate-change debunker" they're giving him credibility that he does not deserve. Batting should be offering the Hook thanks, not demanding an apology. He's more accurately described as "Climate-change-denier / Pure-BS-spreader with his head placed firmly in the sand while the world burns for his kids and grandkids." Here's an idea: Maybe instead of Lisa Provence apologizing for her liberal bias you should apologize for your ignorance bias.

@ Amanda:

As several people have pointed out to you over on NBC29, Dumler's accusers were first outed 3-4 months ago by folks trying to smear and incriminate Dumler. Keep on humping away at your misinformation though--it apparently brings you some sort of perverted pleasure. LOL. Don't get your panties in a knot--the puns are intended.

You all should go back to worrying about Monica's blue dress. Those were the days.

Democratic Presidents that canot keep it in their pants last 100 years by election...

1960 and of course his vp
2008/2012 TBD.

Those randy boys. No wonder the left wants to fund abortions.

Ms. Seccuro
Ms. Hylton
Ms. Russell

And how many others that might be named and go unnamed ?

When does it end ?
Does it ever end ?

When will the this pervasive culture of violence against women......and men as well
that seems to permeate our academic community; our corporate community; our athletic community
and our political culture be purged ?

What exactly will it take ?

When will the parsing of words; the mumbled apologies ; the continual self regarding excuses
come to an end ?

Everyone in this town should stand up and say ; now...right now.

At a hearing more than fifty years ago the memorable phrase spoken
"have you no sense of decency ; have you no sense of decency left sir ?''
is as true today as it was then.

Mr Dumler needs to resign.

Time to stand up; men and women ; people of all races ; and ethnicity; of all manner of religious and
political affiliation and say


Sage where are you? Lost in a World Class City? Mayor Hujio; Mr. Zenger (1742) has a point. What are you going to do? Mr. Jones your city is decaying. Have you completed City Manager School? Help us! Mrs Neff and Mr Rooker and Mrs Mallek, is this county considered a Hostil Environment.

Predictors stalk our community. It's not political, it's human rights. Get with the program.

Rather judge my politician by their good deeds as a politician. In contrast to Dumler, we have the likes of Ken Boyd, supporting the selfish, strictly political, bad for community gerrymandering that splits his own neighborhood into two districts to get himself a promotion. So Boyd is displaying bad deeds as a politician. He should resign.

really?, I am very curious about the videos and stalking you mention. Haven't seen anything like that mentioned before.

@Cvillereader2...Gerrymandering has been done by both parties for decades, and it is not illegal. If you don't like the system of redistricting, then push to have the process changed. You didn't squawk about it when Dems did it a few years ago.

Since you approve of sexual battery against women, then you, Dumler and Halfaday should work to have it legalized. Hey, if it were legal, Dumler wouldn't be in this pickle, now would he?

R.I.P.: Ted Bundy

I wonder how many Republican members of the Board of Supervisors--both present and past--who are so offended by having a convicted criminal on the Board, especially one who harmed a woman--campaigned again the election of Republican Matt Farris--whose district includes portions of Albemarle County--to the House of Delegates.

Farris is a real piece of work. Was the subject of an emergency protective order obtained against him by a local woman, and was convicted in separate incidents for holding a concealed weapon and drunk driving.

Can't recall any weepy speeches from Duane Snow opposing Farris's election. Or maybe those were just crocodile tears yesterday.

All you polititribesmen want to make the whole world into two teams - yours and theirs. No matter what happened here, it has nothing to do with whether the Hatfields or the McCoys are right or better. The fact that nearly every poster here is using the story to honk some pre-existing prejudice or cause (and maybe incidentally abuse some other poster who is not agreeing with them enough) is telling. God bless America soon, we need it. RIP the real Jimi.

As someone who was formerly involved with Christopher, I am outraged by his behavior. He is manipulative and abusive. I had no doubt from day one that these accusations could be true.

Liberalace or is that liberace? Either way, redistricting is not redistricting. Some is marginally reasonable. Some, like this current by your Repub buds, is transparently not, and Boyd should be ashamed of using the process so explicitly for his own purposes.

And my speaking out v. Boyd doesn't mean I support abuse of women. Way to try to get off the Boyd point by calling names without justification You can't really defend what Boyd supports so you do the usual -- say both sides have done it at some point some time in the past (doesn't make it right) and then call names, saying this means I support sex abuse. Good logic there, Mr. Liberace. If you were honest, you'd address this latest redistricting issue rather than these other tactics. Waiting . . . .

Angryoldman -- thanks for the specifics of the hypocrisy.

Just my 2 cents , this guy is a weazel and he needs to go .

The fact that this sexual predator, confessed and convicted sexual assaulter, is allowed to serve on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors is an outrage. I implore Mr. Boyd, Mr. Snow, and Mr. Thomas to refuse to serve on the Board with this sexual predator. It is utterly disgraceful that Ann Malleck and Dennis Rooker voted to keep him. WE need to change the laws in Virginia so that a convicted sexual assaulter HAS to register as a sex offender because that is exactly what he is. People of Scottsville, please unite and rid your town and the Board of this piece of trash. IF you think he will not re-offend, you are being naive. He will.

I agree, Concerned Mom - Mr. Boyd, Mr. Snow, and Mr. Thomas should refuse to serve on the Board with Mr. Dumler. But only if it means they tender their resignations.

He'll be re-elected.
He'll get hit on more often at downtown pick up bars, too.

The trouble with politicizing Dumler's conviction (hard not to do since he's a seated politician on a perfectly divided BOS), is that victims rights get trashed. A girl or woman who encounters sexual abuse, especially from a well-known person or politician or any man with a little money for that matter, will just fold before she even thinks about pressing charges, after all, "He will just deny it" will rule, and that's what has gone on here. Women all over the county now see that any man, even a high-profile man, can get away with his crime and worse, that public sentiment will be against the accuser! This is so warped! For the sake of abused women everywhere, you Dumler apologists need to admonish his behavior and ask him to resign. He may never resign, but the least you can do is side with the victims and future victims so that if they are ever battered in this way, that they feel they can come forward. When you defend a convicted criminal like him, or in the case of one political supporter, out the accuser(s), you set the clock back decades on what we have been trying to achieve in the protection of women against sexual assault.

Just read where Dumler was asked what he thinks about the petition, he said he isn't worried, and is "thinking about signing it" himself.
What an arrogant, smug, and despicable character.

But Chris, you needn't bother signing it. There will be an adequate number of signatures without yours.

Dumler arrogantly told the press, as reported in today's (Sunday's) Daily Progress that he was "thinking about signing the petition himself". The message this sends to his victim(s), acknowledged or alleged, is chilling. It implies ,'there's not a legal thing you can do to remove me even though I admitted to sexual battery against you. So shove it up your__oh yeah, been there, done that!' If this comment by Dumler isn't the final straw for the women of our Democratic Party in Albemarle County, I cannot imagine what more Dumler can do or say to get you to take some sort of responsible action. The Committee meets on Monday the 11th at 5:30 p.m. at the Gordon Avenue Library. It is important that all women, regardless of your political affiliations, come join the meeting and express your support for women sexual abuse victims and against this admitted sexual batterer who has shown no remorse, no contrition, and worse, has rubbed the faces of his victims and all women in the feces of his crime.

Anybody thought maybe the accuser is herself far from innocent?? After all, she had no problem laying down to knock boots with a dude who she probably knew was living with another woman.

Toni: PLEASE don't go there. That's like blaming the rape victim for dressing in provocative clothes or walking in a bad neighborhood after dark. Going home with any man should be a safe experience, even if he is married (or otherwise attached). Laws do not magically disappear EVEN if you're naked! Have you never heard of "date rape"! Tomorrow night (Monday the 11th) The UVA Women's Center is having an Open Mic Night at the PARA Coffee House. Go! Learn something about date rape from the victims. Remember, just because you say yes to a make-out session doesn't mean you have abdicated your rights. A woman has the right to say "NO" at anytime and to anyone, even a husband, boyfriend or random hookup. And if she's too drunk or drugged, then the working presumption is that she never gave permission.

I agree with civilian comments.

I stand by my previous post above.

I ask that all who can attend please ...please come to the Gordon Ave library,
if not please come to Para coffee later tomorrow, that is Monday the 11th.

Board of Supervisors meets later this coming week.
the time is posted on the Albemarle County Website.

Please attend , sign up to speak, let the Board , the public watching , and the media reporting
know how you feel.

Mr.Dumler has no compass, he lives in a moral twilight.
let the public and the larger community know that....
and most certainly he is not the injured party

"S.A.R.A. (Sexual Assault Resource Agency) has called today for Dumler's resignation. Well done."

Funny how S.A.R.A. is so silent when it comes to rape cover ups at UVA. Hey Claude isn't it time you start prosecuting uva students for rape when those poor uva girls come into the Cville police Dept reporting a rape only to be told sorry love you don't have a case!!!!!!!!!

Never a case? NEVER?

Where is S.A.R.A on this misogynous policy that comes straight from UVA? Oh I forgot no one in Cville has the balls to stand up to UVA! Carry on then....SHAME ON YOU!

Dumler needs to go and take Boyd with him.

I don't think that pointing out S.A.R.A.'s shortcomings, or Mr. Boyd's for that matter, is helpful or applicable to this subject. Chris Dumler has committed a serious crime and now he is going to jail. Trying to throw us off the subject is just what flim-flam men and abusive people do. That is not very nice. No one is talking about the victims here. What about them? They deserve more than just a plea bargain, and the people of our county need to have a new supervisor for Scottsville. Chris Dumler will never be able to govern effectively because of what he has done. The people don't want to talk to him anymore about county issues and no one respects him anymore and don't want to hear anything he has to say. He has had to cancel events in October and November after he got arrested and he had to cancel his talk at a political breakfast yesterday. I heard that the supervisors meeting last time was taken over by protesters and votes to have him censured and also asking him to resign. He doesn't even honor the votes of his fellow supervisors, so how can he govern effectively now? I know that I will never talk to him; I'll go to someone else on the board for help, but I can't stand to even see him now that I know what he has done to those girls.

Oh, and Mr. Angry Old Man, I looked up that Farris man and he was elected after all the dirty laundry about him was aired. The people made their choice many years after his troubles, while Chris Dumler committed a serious crime while he was in office. I don't think anyone would have elected him had they known he was a sex offender, and went to jail for it.

Contrary to Mr. Rooker saying Dumler is young and should be excused an error in youth, please recall he kept making the same mistake over and over. The court dealt with 3 separate women. Hearsay says at least 9 over a few years are known. Mr. Rooker and Mrs Maley should also resign in light of their support of a known sexual predator.

Mrs Mallek not Mrs. Maley

on the positive side S.A.R.A. should be acknowledged for their comments. These people deal with the aftermath of sexual violence on a daily basis. If anybody knows the issues, THEY DO.

Mr. Rooker and Mrs. Mallek are pure political beast who care little for the individual rights of the citizens, especially women.

I live in the Scottsville district, did not vote for Mr.Dumler, am not a member of the GOP, but I do own 2 pitchforks and several flashlights. That all being said, I want Mr.Dumler to resign from the Board of Supervisors. I have even collected signatures on a petition, but not many, since almost everyone I have approached has already signed a petition. Up to this point everything I have written does not insult Mr.Dumler or anyone else. That is because I believe in civil discourse, and the discussions on social media have been civil if the person agrees with you, and divisive if they do not. Calling someone a peasant because they have an opinion different from yours, is just as wrong, as calling the person who made the peasant comment mean, spiteful, and pitiful. Also, attacking someone’s bushiness, because their personal politics do not agree with yours is not what this is about. Also, I have no problem with protest at events Mr.Dumler is attending, but if he is not there, then go have coffee and discuss your next move. The movement has lost its way. The issue is whether Chris Dumler should or should not go, and we must be like Mosbys raiders. Mosby only had one objective in each raid, and he stayed focused on that objective, which is why he was successful. Now, civilly and focused, on to why I think Mr.Dumler must go. Chris Dumler pleads guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery, and claims he took the plea bargain, because he could not afford the type of defense he would need in a jury trial. I have looked into this, and found that it is a fairly common practice for counsel to tell their clients to plead to a lesser charge, so they are not bankrupted trying to defend themselves. So, with out a trial, as Mr.Dumler has said, only two people know what really happened that night So, all we have is what is in the news, court documents, and the guilty plea to the misdemeanor charge of sexual battery. The total sum of events and information available has caused me to lose faith in my Supervisor. Mr.Dumler seems to think that if he just works hard enough, then we will once again have faith in him and his ability to lead. No, I do not believe Mr.Dumler can regain our trust that easily. I know that this issue resulted from a choice he made in his personal life, and he has the right in his home to do what he wants, unless it breaks the law, especially if another person is harmed. Mr.Dumler seems to treat the offense he was charged with, as nothing more than a barking dog disagreement with his neighbor. I see no remorse or humility in his statements or actions. He seems to think that issuing a court ordered apology is all he needs to say on the matter. Chris Dumlers actions tell me that he not only needs to resign from the BOS, but from everything else he is involved in. He should focus on his law practice and getting the counseling, which he obviously needs. I pray Chris will seek beyond the court ordered counseling, the help he really needs. There are many good LCSW’s in Albemarle and Charlottesville, who could help Chris become a better person. Chris is young, and he can get past this if he really seeks the help he needs. Chris, please heed my advice, because hard work and a boyish grin are not enough. I am sorry some one has threatened your life. I pray they are caught, because they have broken the law, and the spirit of our Constitution, which is not based on the threat of force or violence, but on good men and women engaging in civil discourse. Since writing this, which took three days, enough signatures have been gathered, and now the question, does county sexual harassment policy applies to Chris Dumler. Chris, I urge you to show a little class and resign, before you are forced out. As I said before, Chris get the help you need, so you can move beyond this and hopefully be a better person in the end. I pray the women, who came forward, are receiving the help they need to heal from this, This all comes down to more than politics. It comes down to two people and something that happened between them, that led one of them to contact the police, what exactly happened we don't know, and as you said Chris, only two people know what actually happened that night, I just hope that it is not a night you repeat in the future, and with good counseling, that is not court ordered, and with you fully vested in getting better, it doesn't have to continue to happen.

Because of my history with Chris I believe that he needs help. He clearly has a problem. I took his abuse first hand. Mostly emotional, but once or twice physical. I believe he should resign for his and everyone else's sake, and get the help that he needs.

@Ex girfriend: How do we know you're really Chris' ex?

@CvillianWhy would I want to lie about that? It was a pretty awful time in my life.

@Ex girlfriend, I'm sorry for my insensitivity. Chris and his supporters have called the women who stepped up to testify against him liars, even after his conviction. I just wanted some affirmation that you weren't just some Republican posing as his ex. I guess there's nothing more you can do and still keep your anonymity. Again, sorry.

I do not personally know the women who came out against him. I don't even know their names. I do know that I went through abuse that my family and friends can vouch for. And yes, I don't feel comfortible losing my anonymity. But I also felt the need to say something. Even if its not taken seriously. I do not expect anyone to believe me. I'm sure many people think I am some random Republican who wants Chris out of office. In all honesty I don't care about that. I just hope he gets help.

Ex, you are generous to be concerned for his health. Know that you are not alone. The twisted positive of this is that it provides a chance at gealing for -apparently - a lot of manipulated women. I wish there was a way we could all reach out to each other. Much love. We will find ways to take back control of life and pride in who we each are.

Ex girlfriend, Please speak out publicly about Christopher Dumler. I implore any young lady who was abused by Dumler to speak out. Do NOT let your voice be silenced. It is truly the only way to get a lot of people around here to open their eyes and see Mr. Dumler for the dangerous individual that he is. He is being protected by these people who are asserting he did nothing wrong to you or any other women. If a young woman is reading this right now and has kept her abuse by Dumler silent, please for the sake of many future victims of Dumler, speak out now. Tell the world who Chris Dumler really is and what he is capable of doing.

I am another of Chris's victims. Concerned Mom, it's easy to say we should speak out publicly, but much harder to actually do so. If he were locked away for years, if he had been required to register as a sex offender, if people who want to protect him didn't spread lies and misinformation despite having no idea what they're talking about... it would be a lot easier.

I'll say this. Alcohol was not involved in the assaults he perpetrated on me. Sex toys were not involved (where on earth did anyone get that idea?). He forced me to do things I did not want to do through intimidation and physical force. I said no and he laughed and kept going. And I am far from the only woman he assaulted in this way. People who say he did nothing wrong or made a "youthful mistake" are in denial in the same way many rape victims are in denial. They do not want it to be true, so they decide it is not true, much to the detriment of his future victims.

Chris told me no one would believe the things I had to say of him. He said he'd just say I was crazy, which he's done with other people. I know that would happen and nothing would be done anyways. Its not as easy to come forward as people may think. I also would have to share information with my family that would simply break their hearts. So unfortunately I just cannot.

and to nottheonlyone and speakingup I am so sorry you went through this too. I may not be able to know you in person, but I would give you big hugs if I could!

Will some talented, concerned lawyer find a way that these victims can preserve their confidential stories and still get justice in this community.

I am an attorney and former prosecutor who has chosen to be a stay-at-home mom for a little while. Should the victims like to chat, please feel free to contact me. You can look up my name in google in order to verify who I am--you'll find at least some of the sex offense cases I prosecuted were covered by the local news.

These women should call S.A.R.A. and document their stories. They should be scheduled to meet separately at times that would prevent them from running into each other. The women could then maintain their anonymity and possibly get the counseling they might need.

S.A.R.A. 24 hour hotline. 434 977-7273


Bob, I have had counseling on my own time, and urge other women to do the same if they have been abused! It is very helpful.

and Katherine, thank you, I will consider that!

Mrs. Katheryn Peters was a partner with Attorney Snook, Chairman of the Democratic Committee. Both Democratic supervisors have defended Dumler against all logic.

She was also an Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney. The current Commonwealths Attorner is Denise Lunsford is a personal friend of Dumler.

S.A.R.A. and your Counsilor may also have legal recommendations.

DailyProgress.com | Past candidate's telephone invite gets questioned
www.dailyprogress.com, 24 Sept 2004 [cached]
Lloyd Snook, chairman of the Charlottesville Democratic Committee, wasn't bothered by what some in his party view as a partisan use of city resources.
"I know some people look at it and say this is just an effort by the Republicans to drum up support for what they're trying to do - and it is - but I don't see anything wrong with that," Snook said.

Attorney: Katherine J. Peters
Firm: Snook and Haughey, P.C.
Address: 408 East Market Street
  Suite 107
Charlottesville, Virginia  22902

This isn't about me but I do want to be honest. I was not a partner at Snook & Haughey. I was, however, an associate there. I know Denise, but have never worked for her. She is Commonwealth's Attorney for the County, whereas I was an assistant for the City (Dave Chapman). I acknowledge they are both democrats. I have never nor do I currently share their political views--something they both knew upon my hiring. On that note, it is a travesty that the charges and Supervisor Dumbler's guilty plea to sexual battery are a political issue at all. This entire excercise to have him removed shouldn't need to occur, as he should have stepped down upon conviction. All members of the board should have voted in favor of his resignation, regardless of their personal political affiliation, out of respect for his victims and all victims of sexual assault. But, notably, what has been lost in the conversation is: what do his victims want?

Thanks for the heads up, Concerned. It's very hard to know who to trust in all this. I know another young woman who is paralyzed in trying to decide what to do about her personal story, which sounds all too similar to what Ex and Speaking up are saying, which is so similar to my own. It's heartbreaking.

This isn't about me but I do want to be honest. I was not a partner at Snook & Haughey. I was, however, an associate there. I know Denise, but have never worked for her. She is Commonwealth's Attorney for the County, whereas I was an assistant for the City (Dave Chapman). I acknowledge they are both democrats. I have never nor do I currently share their political views--something they both knew upon my hiring. On that note, it is a travesty that the charges and Supervisor Dumbler's guilty plea to sexual battery are a political issue at all. This entire excercise to have him removed shouldn't need to occur, as he should have stepped down upon conviction. All members of the board should have voted in favor of his resignation, regardless of their personal political affiliation, out of respect for his victims and all victims of sexual assault. But, notably, what has been lost in the conversation is: what do his victims want?

As someone who experienced physical abuse as a child (and has since dealt with it), I find the remarks here of those who've experienced violence and helplessness in the face of physical force that cannot be resisted to be chilling, courageous, and heartfelt. I sincerely hope they find a path to healing, safety, and justice.

I urge young women to not let men like Christopher take advantage of you. When you start being isolated from your friends and family, when your job or school become second to someone else and their wants, and everyone is telling you something is wrong...BELIEVE THEM.
And by god, just because you are in a relationship with someone....NO WILL ALWAYS MEAN NO!! Don't let them tell you otherwise. Katherine is right, this is NOT about his political standing. This should be about women feeling safe in our community and knowing that justice will be served no matter who a person is or what position they serve in the community.

Its true Chris did not stop when I said stop. But the emotional abuse was far more damaging. Just because you are not being hit does not mean you are not being abused. I urge the women in our community and everywhere to seak help!

Apologies to Mrs. Peters

To those women who are trying to figure out who they can talk to about their experiences -- Dave Chapman (C'ville commonwealth's attorney) is a good starting point. If you have not talked to police or CAs already, you are not a "known victim" according to the plea agreement and can still press charges if you want to. Contact info is here: http://www.charlottesville.org/index.aspx?page=23 He is a good guy.

No problem Concerned.

Has anyone reached out to Chris' current girlfriend. Is she ok? I know she tried to bail him out, and let him use her laptop computer when his was taken for evidence. I just can't think that this isn't the behavior of an abused woman like exgirlfriend and nottheonlyone are talking about. He committed his battery against that young woman while living with his girlfriend, so he cheated on her and then made a public spectacle of their relationship. Who would stay in that relationship after that humiliation? Maybe someone who is brainwashed and abused? I hope she's ok.