Missing teen: Search continues for Alexis Tiara Murphy

Relatives of missing Nelson County teenager Alexis Tiara Murphy pleaded for the public's assistance at an afternoon press conference on August 7, four days after the 17-year-old vanished and just one day after her white Nissan Maxima was found in the Carmike movie theater parking lot, less than a mile from the store where she worked.

"We really have got to get her home," said Alexis' aunt, Angela Taylor, urging anyone with information to contact law enforcement. "Our family is struggling with this," said Taylor, speaking through tears

In a phone interview earlier in the day, Taylor described the hours leading up to Alexis' disappearance on Saturday, August 3, as the young woman worked a shift at the new second-hand store, Kid to Kid, on U.S. 29 North, then returned home to the small Nelson town of Shipman, where she lives with her mother, grandmother and two brothers. According to Taylor, Alexis told her brothers she was traveling to Lynchburg to purchase hair extensions prior to a scheduled Wednesday hair appointment. She tweeted "burg bound!" on August 3, along with more than 40 other brief messages to her more than 11,000 followers.

She left home around 7pm and never returned.

"When she didn't come home that night, they knew something was up," says Taylor, who says her niece had a midnight curfew and that she was in constant phone contact with her mother and family.

"She would always call to let us know she was on her way home," says Taylor. "If she was going to be late for her curfew, she'd call."

Calls to Murphy's phone went straight to voice mail on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

"That's so unlike her too," says Taylor. "Her phone is like her sixth finger— attached to her at all times."

Taylor describes Murphy as a "very popular" volleyball player and rising senior at Nelson County High School. She frequently spends time with close friends, says her aunt, but doesn't have a boyfriend.

Her disappearance is being investigated by multiple agencies including the FBI, Virginia State Police and Nelson County Sheriff's Office. On Sunday, police conducted a search of the 29 corridor around Lovingston and, after the discovery of her vehicle on Tuesday, August 6, investigators searched the neighborhoods and shopping center around the Carmike Theater.

"We know that they're doing everything in their power to bring her home safely," says Taylor. "That's comforting."

Both Nelson Sheriff David Brooks and FBI Special Agent Jeffrey Mazanec, head of the FBI's Richmond division, urged the public to call in tips that could be critical to the investigation.

"We need the public's help," said Mazanec. "Someone has had to see Alexis after her disappearance on Saturday."

Alexis Tiara Murphy, who is 5'7" and 156 pounds, according to a police flyer, was last seen wearing a pink blouse, floral print spandex pants and brown boots. She was carrying a dark and light-colored grey purse. Her right nostril and left side of her upper lip are pierced.

Anyone with information should contact the Nelson County Sheriff's office at 434-263-7050.

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I pray this young woman is found safe.

So sad, I hope they find her safe. The only thing I found odd is that a 17 year old high school student has 11,000 twitter followers?? Is this normal? Seems kinda concerning, especially since the article said she had sent out over 40 tweets that day, so 11,000 people (I assume mostly strangers) knew her whereabouts/plans/activities.....

Tonight there's a nationwide Amber Alert for Hannah Anderson, a blonde girl abducted from California. It's on national news. I don't mean to imply that Virginia is too racist to take the abduction of black girls as seriously as it does white girls, but I am saying that maybe the east coast needs to get a better amber alert system. Some people on the comments boards were complaining that they got the Hannah Anderson alert at 3 a.m., but others were saying they're glad they got it, and the people who don't like it can always turn the feature off.

I'd encourage everyone to go back through their old receipts and e-mails to help themselves remember where they were on the day of this abduction. Take yourself back, then ask yourself, do you remember anything odd happening that day?A man who was loud, or several men who were behaving strangely around women, maybe trying to find the victim they could lure away somehow?

You need to report that now. Don't feel that it has to be more important than it is, just make the call or type the e-mail, and tell them how you remember it was on that day, and what you saw or heard. It may seem insignificant, but it might fill in a time gap from other tips, add a piece to the overall story. The smallest detail could help.

I happen to be the person who saw the car load of 4 men with a motionless body strapped under a man's overcoat on the night of the Harrington abduction. I wish I'd gotten an amber alert that night, because I would have called police right away instead of waiting until the sketch came out months later.

There's one other thing that the police and FBI won't tell you, but I've been waiting for 4 years for them to bring those guys in, so I will.

The suspicious car I saw had FOUR men in it, three white/tan, and one black (the driver). And if you'll remember, the Fairfax rape suspect (whose DNA was found on Morgan Harrington) first saw her attacker standing with his "friends." So the "man" who abducted Morgan Harrington is actually "men" as in plural. Don't think you're looking for just the one guy. It could be anyone.

I saw one of the men in that car -- a sexual predator from New Jersey who'd stalked me in the past -- in Champaign, Illinois several months ago, and he had someone in the front seat with him who may have been a female. I thought, that can't be right -- I've never seen him with a woman before, women avoid him because he's a total psycho. So I went to the Illinois missing children's page and saw someone who looked a lot like that person right away. Then I read the listing completely -- it said that she might be heading to Champaign (she was "missing runaway" from the Chicago area, which usually means that the girl was abducted but she had an argument with her parents recently and so the police aren't sure enough to say that she was taken).

The reason I bring that girl up is that she was a fair-skinned black woman who had light brown hair. I know that they say predators usually prefer one race or another, but that one guy apparently can go either way. So it's possible that this girl was taken by one of the Harrington abductors -- nobody knows until he or they are caught.

Also don't be shy about reporting law enforcement people to the FBI if you suspect they may be involved. That one white accomplice I just mentioned may be involved with homeland security.

You know, I feel a story coming on. You know why? My air conditioning unit suddenly smells like urine again. That's what the stalker (the one who I'm sure was involved in the Harrington murder, but who the cops haven't arrested yet) has been doing to harass me lately. I doubt he did it personally -- one of his friends probably noticed my comment and decided to retaliate.

Well, two can play at that game. From now on, when harassment (actually stalking) happens, I'm going to share some information on that stalker via the internet.

Tonight's story is one that I didn't even tell the Virginia State Police, as I didn't remember it until recently. There are even details that I didn't remember until after telling the FBI about it, so the internet is getting the most complete account yet.

In 2005 I decided to take a couple of road trips to explore Long Island (was working in NYC at the time). On the way back from one of those trips, in the evening, I stopped at a small bar for a drink to finish the evening.

In walks the stalker, in white pants and a leather jacket so small that it looked like a child's size. (He's a small guy, only about 5'6". And yes, I think that he was trying to look like John Travolta.) I don't remember if he'd even ordered a drink before he started barking at the female bartender, "PULL DOWN YOUR PANTS! PULL DOWN YOUR PANTS!" There was no apparent reason for this. It was literally a few seconds into his visit.

Then he sits on a bar stool and falls backwards and hits his head on the floor. He didn't look drunk before this happened, although it made me wonder if he was stoned. Then he got up, without getting a drink, and wandered into the back room where a group of people were sitting at a table.

I left shortly after that, before he came back -- he'd been stalking me for years by that time, and I really didn't want to see him again.

So, want another stalking story? If the urine or other harassment continues, I could easily be persuaded to tell more, and more....

I am so sorry for the inexpressible feelings of utter worry the family and loved ones feels. In a different way I am sorry that anyone reads jaded and cruel comments that appear in this comment section. For those who care for ALEXIS, know that many care for her life and respect your love for her. Your love matters.

the crazies are out of their cages already i see

More of the same- I'm not sure I am following your comments. Someone has stalked you from NYC, to Champaign, IIL, to Charlottesville, VA?

Does the Harrington family know about the information you have from that night?

On behalf of the community dedicated to finding the lost and preventing abduction, I apologize for the comments you will be forced to endure throughout your already painful ordeal. Please learn quickly to dismiss the ill-advised and know that the sane community is behind you in finding your loved one.

Well put messimamm. To the family of Alexis Murphy all of you have my complete support. I am hoping and praying for a swift resolution to the hell you are going through. Praying for your beautiful girl's safe return.

More of the same, please give more detail about the four men and the car you saw that may be relevant to Harrington case. Where did you see the car? What time did you see the car? What kind of car did you see? What exactly did you see that made you believe these four men were involved in Morgan's killing? Also, where did you read that Fairfax rape victim said she saw others with her assailant?

I also agree with Suzie, that it is extremely odd that a teenager has 11,000 twitter followers. That is just not right. And following almost 4,000 people? Just not normal at all. 57,000 tweets? It is not known if there is a connection, but parents PLEASE monitor what your kids post online, and who can see it. Just from reading her front page of tweets, she mentions what time and days she works. It looks as if she was having problems with a boyfriend and her family (normal teenager stuff) so I'm really hoping she ran away.

Nothing to see folks, teenage runaway, will show up in another city at a boyfriend's house in less than a week.

One might only *wish* that this young lady's disappearance is nothing more than a brief get-away to a boyfriend's house. That would be the very *best* scenario and would provide blessed relief to her family and loved ones.

From what's been released thus far, however, it appears that LE--including the FBI--do not believe that is the case. [You cannot obtain search warrants (filed today in Nelson County Circuit Court under a court seal) based upon a suspicion that a young girl is simply hanging out with her boyfriend.]

I fear for the safety of this young girl and hope she is reunited soon and unharmed to her family and friends. What they must be experiencing has to be excruciating, so any snarky comments made here on this thread are reprehensible.

I think we know who More of the Same is.

@ More of the Same:

You state: "I happen to be the person who saw the car load of 4 men with a motionless body strapped under a man's overcoat on the night of the Harrington abduction. I wish I'd gotten an amber alert that night, because I would have called police right away instead of waiting until the sketch came out months later."

1. How were you able to see the body if it was strapped under a man's overcoat?
2. If you saw this body, why did you not report it to the police immediately as a motionless body strapped under a man's overcoat in a carload of four men would certainly be cause for alarm for anyone--especially following the disappearance and potential abduction of a young man the very same evening?
3. If there were four men in the car--two in front and two in back--where exactly was the body in the vehicle?
4. How were you able to see into the vehicle--and *under* the man's overcoat, to see a body strapped underneath?
5. How would you be able to see into the vehicle and under the overcoat without one or all four men seeing you, seeing them?
6. Did your noticing the body give any visible rise of concern or alarm on the part of any or all of the four men in the vehicle? [Based upon your assumption that these were the individuals who abducted Morgan, would they not be very alarmed that you'd seen them and the body they were attempting to hide?]

You go on to say:
" And if you'll remember, the Fairfax rape suspect (whose DNA was found on Morgan Harrington) first saw her attacker standing with his "friends." So the "man" who abducted Morgan Harrington is actually "men" as in plural. Don't think you're looking for just the one guy. It could be anyone."

7. Where did you read that the Fairfax victim first saw her attacker with his "friends"?
8. Even if the Fairfax victim did, in fact, first see her attacker with his "friends", and her attacker is linked forensically to the Morgan Harrington abduction/murder, that does not mean that:
a. the man who attacked the Fairfax victim acted in concert with said "friends"; or
b. Morgan's abductor perpetrated his crime along with two, three, or four of his "friends"

You go on to say:
"I saw one of the men in that car -- a sexual predator from New Jersey who'd stalked me in the past -- in Champaign, Illinois several months ago, and he had someone in the front seat with him who may have been a female. I thought, that can't be right -- I've never seen him with a woman before, women avoid him because he's a total psycho. So I went to the Illinois missing children's page and saw someone who looked a lot like that person right away. Then I read the listing completely -- it said that she might be heading to Champaign (she was "missing runaway" from the Chicago area, which usually means that the girl was abducted but she had an argument with her parents recently and so the police aren't sure enough to say that she was taken)."

9. If one of the men in the car was a convicted sexual predator from New Jersey, why did you not immediately report your sighting to the police--especially given the motionless body you indicate was strapped under a man's overcoat, and especially given that Morgan had disappeared the very same evening of your sighting?
10. If that same man had, in fact, stalked you in the past, why again would you not report your sighting immediately--that very same night--to the police?
11. Assuming you did not follow this man's--your alleged stalker's--every movement, why would you indicate that you "had never seen him with a woman before"?
12. You indicate you saw someone in that vehicle (earlier in Illinois, with the sexual predator/stalker) sitting in the front seat who "may have been a female" and, later looking at the missing person's reports, saw a someone who "looked a lot like that person". Don't "may" and "looked a lot like" appear rather vague descriptions upon which to base any conclusion?

You add:
"The suspicious car I saw had FOUR men in it, three white/tan, and one black (the driver)." and "That one white accomplice I just mentioned may be involved with homeland security."

13. Were there three white men in the suspicious car, two white men in the suspicious car, or one white man in the suspicious car?
14. Even if there was only one white "accomplice" in the suspicious car, what led you to believe that he may be involved with homeland security?
15. What information or evidence led you to the conclusion that any of the individuals in the suspicious vehicle were involved in any branch of LE, let alone specifically involved with homeland security?

You proceed to add:
"You know, I feel a story coming on. You know why? My air conditioning unit suddenly smells like urine again. That's what the stalker (the one who I'm sure was involved in the Harrington murder, but who the cops haven't arrested yet) has been doing to harass me lately. I doubt he did it personally -- one of his friends probably noticed my comment and decided to retaliate."

16. Have you ever reported your "stalker" to the police? If so, was he ever charged or convicted of stalking? If so, in what state or jurisdiction? If he was convicted (or even just charged), did you report this latest incident, re: your air conditioner, to LE? If not, why not?
17. You mention that the air conditioner incident is what your stalker "has been doing to harass (you) lately", indicating he has done this same thing to you earlier. Did you report that earlier incident to the police? If not, why not?
18. You indicate that you "doubt he did it personally", yet you state right before that this (the air conditioner incident) is "what (your) stalker has been doing to harass (you) lately." If your stalker had been doing this recently to harass you, why would you believe it was not he but he friends who did it this time?
19. What comment did you make that your stalker's friends would notice that would prompt them to retaliate against you?
20. Your only earlier comment was at 10:48pm. Your later comment was at 11:46 the same evening. Are you suggesting that between your earlier comment at 10:48pm and your second post at 11:46pm that a friend of the stalker read your comment/reference to him/them, got in his vehicle, drove to your home, and urinated on your air conditioner just as his friend-the-stalker had done some time prior?

You start off your 11:46pm comment with "You know, I feel a story coming on." You later go to on to re-count a story, saying "Tonight's story is one that I didn't even tell the Virginia State Police, as I didn't remember it until recently. There are even details that I didn't remember until after telling the FBI about it."

21. Are you saying that, once you remembered this story, you decided to go directly to the FBI (rather than the VSP) with it? If so, why?
22. After remembering more details following your report to the FBI, did you follow up with the FBI to advise them of the additional details you'd forgotten earlier? If not, why not?

In re-counting your story you say "In 2005 I decided to take a couple of road trips to explore Long Island (was working in NYC at the time). On the way back from one of those trips, in the evening, I stopped at a small bar for a drink to finish the evening. In walks the stalker...He'd been stalking me for years by that time..."

23. Are you indicating that in 2005 the stalker--the person you'd seen:
a. years later--in 2009--in a car with three other men on the night of Morgan Harrington's abduction/murder;
b. who was a sexual predator from New Jersey who'd stalked you earlier;
c. in Champaign, Illinois several months earlier;
walked into the very same, small bar outside of NYC that you were in?
24. If this same individual had been stalking you for years by that time, had you at any point reported him to the police? If so, had he ever been charged or convicted?
25. What might prompt this individual to stalk you for years prior to 2005, and then from NY/NJ 8 years later to Virginia?

Tonya [August 8th, 2013 | 9:43am] perhaps said it best when she asked "Someone has stalked you from NYC, to Champaign, IIL, to Charlottesville, VA?"

This same someone who you allege abducted a young girl in Champaign, IL...later conspired with at least three other men to abduct and murder Morgan Harrington...is also involved with other individuals who were involved in the Fairfax County sexual assault...has harassed you for years...and has at least one of his friends now harassing you (re: your air conditioner), as well?

More of the same, I would submit that through no fault of your own and by no direct intention, you stretch the bounds of truth, reality, and plausibility. I say that, and offer the 25 questions above, in all kindness and sincerity.

Methinks that last post was penned by a lawyer or some one who should be a lawyer.

I'm with you, Brandy.

@ Cassy C- Who is "More of the same". I am really curious.

@Help me understand- WOW- you are impressive! Are you an attorney? If not, may I ask what you do for a living? Believe me when I say, if I were ever being prosecuted, I would want you at my defense table.

Lord knows it might be too late to say this, but for parents, just know that it's a not a good idea for your child to have that many social networking contacts unsupervised. Up and coming celebs may not have as many as 11,000 twitter followers. This girl should have been accompanied by a family member when going out at night, especially if it was for something as innocent as shopping. People are crazy and it's important to be careful.

The Hook is not doing a very good job of filtering out the comments of the obviously mentally ill lately. Did Hawes do all of that when he was there?

@ Tonya: Thank you for the kind words; however, I am not an attorney nor do I play one on tv. I simply have some familiarity with criminal investigation and prosecution.

[BTW: Hopefully it was clear that my intent was not to defend whomever is the person or persons guilty of Morgan Harrington's abduction and murder, and/or whomever is responsible for Alexis Murphy's disappearance. Rather, my intent was to underscore the fact that there are many aspects of "more of the same's" two posts that lend themselves to deeper scrutiny, and result in significant questions and inconsistencies. Without being able to verify same I would suggest that if LE has already spoken to that respondent they have likely reached a similar conclusion.]

@ Help me to understand... We must meet for coffee! I love your wit!

@ Tonya: Ah, would that I could take credit for that earlier witticism.

This is truly the most difficult situation for the Family of Alexis Tiara Murphy. It just may be advancement for the children that are so often pushed aside. Let’s pray the fast response; the jurisdictional involvement does not impede the cooperation of all Law Enforcement.

This is not an adult, she is truly a girl. Not shinny to so many! She is soon to be found a true victim of horror. Not one of fiction, not one to be used for selfish reasons. The exact opposite of the PR story preserved for the entitled.

See and watch! What will show up is what is called to those that read “ Poetic Justice”.

This wonderful girl, needs justice!

The Hook chooses to lead this weeks issue (and the website) with a story about bears when a little girl is missing and the authorities need help from the community to find her?! Shameful! Glad to see you FINALLY decided to post a story.

I find the latest news on this case rather interesting, i.e., FBI agents are showing pictures of a man to business owners in Charlottesville, e.g., Ultimate Bliss adult shop and Quick Pik convenience store on Angus Road. The bad news, though, is that while employees at both locations said agents showed them photographs of a man and questioned them about Alexis, they say they did not see her. [The FBI confirmed that they are showing photos of people seen in close proximity to Alexis on other surveillance cameras and are attempting to identify those people.]

Here is my question: while LE has these photos based upon surveillance video, what led them to check both Bliss and Quick Pik to see if a man in one of the photos (or Alexis) had ever been in there? What connection(s) has LE been able to make between the man in the photo and these particular establishments? [It's probably safe to say that the man in the photo is not a convicted sex offender (and/or does not have a criminal history) because LE would already know his identity.]

Additional questions (for which others here may already have answers):

1. Alexis was driving her dad's car. Did she routinely use his car, or was this a one-off exception when she used it a week ago yesterday?

2. Alexis place of employment was in very close proximity to where her dad's car was found, which was also in close proximity (e.g., walking distance) to her grandmother and uncle's apartment. Her scent was found near where the car was found and (?) leading on/near the trails to the apartment complex. Could her scent have been left there not on/around the evening in question, but been left from an earlier time/occasion when she was perhaps walking from work to her grandmother's apartment, cutting through the theater parking lot? Were the tracking dogs able to determine if the scent was recent/closely proximate in time to the time the vehicle was found?

3. She was last seen last Saturday on video at the Liberty gas station in Lovingston at 7:15pm. She last tweeted at 3:04pm that she was headed to Lynchburg. Her phone last pinged near Cannery Loop. On the gas station video, in which direction was her car pointed while at the gas pump bay--north (up 29) or south (down 29)? I am assuming that her car was pointed south, appearing as though she had returned from shopping earlier in L'burg and was filling-up upon her return and heading home to Shipman. [This would also be consistent with her phone last pinging near Cannery Loop.]

4. The question of the hour: how and why did her dad's car end up in Charlottesville? This may be a bit of stretch; however, could the vehicle have been intentionally placed there in an attempt to mislead LE? To wit:

Alexis tweeted at some point prior to her disappearance that she was unhappy w/ her parents--something not unusual for teenagers to say. [In this instance she tweeted something to the effect that "They never come through when they say they will".] More importantly, she also tweeted at some point prior to her disappearance that she needed to "get away from here for a while". [Note: I am *not* implying that Alexis is a walk/run-away; quite the opposite.]

If Alexis had a seasoned BG ("Bad Guy") stalker following her every tweet, he would have read both of the above tweets and may have thought that he could abduct her but make it appear as though she was a walk-away. He might hope that LE would both: a) read those two tweets (as he did)--and we can be certain that LE very quickly began reviewing her tweets; and b) see her dad's car left in CV; and c) mistakenly believe she might be a walk-away. [Translation: the BG could have intentionally planted the car where he did in an effort to mislead LE into thinking (along w/ the tweets) that she was a possible walk-away rather than abducted. The combination of the car planted where it was, along w/ the tweets, might lead the BG to think he could buy himself a bit more time if LE was initially wondering if she was a walk-away.]

[All of the above may admittedly be a bit of a stretch.]

Other readers are encouraged to review and poke holes as necessary in any of the above theories.

@Help Me To Understand

The Liberty station is set up in a way so that the pumps force cars to face either east or west to fuel up. Second, a car must leave through one exit and sit at a stop light to either turn north or south. I don't think the store cameras would be able to determine from which direction she came or which direction she was left.

Her tweets about her parents only implied to me that she was a typical teenage girl. Her many tweets making references to drugs, sex, and masturbation are more disturbing. It's certainly possible for her to attract the wrong kind of attention from a BG.

I think the Harringtons were so afraid the public would see Morgan as the semi wild child she probably was and stop caring about her. Or were worried that her memory would be tarnished by what was on her facebook page and other social network outlets. Most people saw that for what it was worth. Superior parents out to make their child appear to be better than everyone else's child when really, she was pretty normal. Thus the disconnect with the Harringtons. Alexis' family, on the other hand, has been very real and genuine from the outset. My bet is that they, with their honesty and sincerity, have got everyone's attention. I sure hope their baby girl turns up ok.

@Help Me To Understand

I noticed that Alexis seemed to be in contact through Twitter with a self-confessed "creep" (and with a handle referencing marijuana) who seemed to be saying that he was "gonna be gone" for a while and "laying low."

@ One Thing: Thank you for clarifying the orientation of the gas pumps at the Liberty gas station; that was very helpful. [Given that I am not familiar with this gas station I was remiss not to have checked this out earlier on Google Earth.]

Re: Alexis' tweets - I agree completely that her tweets WRT (with regard to) her parents imply that she was probably a typical teenager. [How many of us as teenagers did *not* complain about our parents?] As you suggested, it is her other tweets making reference to drugs, sex, etc. that are cause for greater concern because these are the types of comments that will immediately attract the unwanted attention of the BG.

The sad reality is that the BGs who are out there lurking about in the cyber world--and their numbers are legion--look specifically for signs of vulnerability in any of its forms in their targets. That vulnerability can take any of several forms.

Couple this with the fact that most young people have not yet developed an appreciation for their own vulnerabilities (as witnessed by the fact that they post so much personal information--including but not limited to photos) and they unwittingly make the BG's job of targeting a likely victim that much easier.

This is (yet) another cautionary note to parents to be cognizant of just how much personal information their children are posting on-line, and to talk with their children about not revealing information that makes a BG's nefarious task that much easier.

@ Beschen: Good catch. [I have only scrolled through a few days' worth of Alexis' tweets so missed the ones you noted.] A self-confessed "creep" who implied that he was "gonna be gone" for a while and "laying low" would--and undoubtedly already has--drawn the attention of LE.

I'd venture a guess that, given the volume of Alexis' tweets (and >11K followers), there is a mountain of on-line data that LE is currently having to pour through. Theirs is a tedious, time-consuming, and no doubt frustrating task. That said, I remain cautiously hopeful though given that LE has at least one photo of at least one person who has apparently caught their attention. I wait patiently to hear more about that to see where that thread may lead LE since they have now tugged on it.

It would be nice if Ms.Courteney Stuart would put a recent photo to replace this one. For the sake of what the FBI is asking for. A picture showing how she appeared last week would certainly aid in responses for help from the public.

And maybe an update? This is your reporting backyard!

Your an A class reporter Courteney! Help this girl and her family!

The FBI has just taken into custody a man charged with the abduction of Alexis Murphy.

Hallelujah! I hope she's ok.

To a jury of your peers.

Let us pray

And let the FBI do their job

@ If You're Lying, They'll Be Taking Me Into Custody As Well: Why on Earth would you even think to write such a thing?

If yours was an attempt to be humorous, please be advised that it failed miserably.

Why would they arrest someone for abduction if they haven't found her? Wouldn't they follow this person to see if they are lead to Alexis? I have never heard of an abduction charge without a body.

Maybe they hope he will tell them where she is if she is still alive. They couldn't wait and risk her having been left somewhere to die.

@ help me to understand, I was not joking when I wrote before I thought, as I always do and let my faith, or lack thereof, lead me to rejoice at the assumption that Alexis is still alive even if she has been through hell. The byline is something we can both learn from but now is not the time for argument or second guessing.

For those of you making disturbing, heartless, judgmental comments about the Harrington's and how they have handled their daughter's murder and disappearance, please stop! Michael Sutton: how in God's name can you repeatedly and so boldly and cruelly insinuate that Morgan was not a "true" victim?? That is pure evil and a lie! She and her family did nothing for her to deserve the horror she endured! And, if you feel that other cases dont get the attention they rightly deserve the put the blame where it belongs for that too..on reporters!! IYou have not walked in their shoes or experienced their pain! Your criticism does no good for them or this current case or any case! Each case deserves the same respect and attention! Your disrespect is harmful and tasteless. They have worked tirelessly through their loss and grief to work to find Morgan's killer in the best ways they know and their efforts and advocacy will only help to find more missing children, change laws, and try to prevent further violence. They are doing everything they can to find the killer so he cant harm more young women. Even if there are no connections in the cases, I am certain their hearts and prayers are with this other family!! Please reevaluate your criticism of any family who has or is experiencing the tragedy or fear of it like these families. And, they are a very real, genuine family. God forbid they loved their child so much that they saw the best in her! What good does it do to compare the families? They both love their daughters. That is all that matters. And,at the end of the day, what if Morgan was a typical college student? The focus needed to be on the predator....he is to be blamed and only him!!!! No matter what. You stated "this Doctor and his wife dragged people into this mess to solely absolve themselves of any responsibility." How can you possibly think they have any responsibility in her abduction and murder?? Certainly I agree with everyone on here that we should encourage all parents and loved ones to monitor their children's tweets,social networking posts and encourage them to practice smart safety decisions...but at the of the day,put blame where it belongs: focus on finding missing children and getting predators off the streets. For God's sake,practice a little nonjudgmental compassion for any parent or family experiencing such horror. Even if you have experienced your own tragedies,you haven't walked in their shoes for their own situation!! Michael Sutton: I don't have a clue how you can be so bitter & ignorant to insinuate that Morgan was not a victim, much less her family!!!! She was assaulted and murdered! A family lost their daughter and sister! What have they done so wrong for you deny their loss and tragedy?? Just because you disagree with how they have reached out to find her killer?? Wouldnt you do anything you could in any way possible to find your child and her murderer? You are a very,very bitter person! Because her father is a successful man with a PhD you are denying their loss???!!!??? Do you have any idea of the humble work they do on the side locally, nationally and internationally? Apparently not! Shame on you for allowing your shallow INSECURITIES to judge them and their loss! You are transparent. Your comments make it clear that you feel that their social status denies them the right to grieve and survive the loss of their daughter. Get over yourself. Violence does not discriminate like you do with your reverse discrimination!!! ALL victims deserve justice!!! And ANYONE who is abducted, assaulted, and/or murdered is a victim! Just as i have prayed for years that they find Morgan's killer and get him off the streets to protect others from further harm, I pray so much that they find this young girl and can reconnect her with her family!!! Opposite of this Insensitive, judgmental, mean MS character who lacks insight, thank you Help Me To Understand for having some and for your sense of wisdom and compassion....and I wish I could have been as classy in my posts...I am just really appalled that someone would say Morgan was not "a true victim.". Praying endlessly for Alexis' family and ALL families experiencing such horror and fear. My heart, prayers, & love go out to this child's family!!

@ Answer Not A Fool August 12th, 2013 | 12:07am:

To be abundantly clear: my comment following your earlier byline ("If You're Lying, They'll Be Taking Me Into Custody As Well") was in reference to your implication that I or anyone else posting on this thread would lie or intentionally post a mistruth when stating that the FBI had apprehended and arrested a suspect charged in the abduction of Alexis Murphy.

Perhaps it is just me, but I found it in incredulous that you might think that someone would intentionally mislead readers by posting such a statement were it untrue. For anyone to do such a thing would be to fly in the face of the anguish currently felt by the family and loved ones of Alexis Murphy. Perhaps I am naïve in this (and I am generally the farthest thing from naïve), I find it difficult to be believe that anyone might do such a thing.

On a much lighter note, I *do* understand and share your desire to rejoice ("Halleujah!") in the hope that Alexis may yet be alive and found unharmed.

I also agree that now is not the time for arguing or second-guessing. Instead, it is the time to support Alexis' family in the hopes that she is returned to them safe and sound.

@ ???? August 11th, 2013 | 10:30pm: You asked " Why would they arrest someone for abduction if they haven't found her? Wouldn't they follow this person to see if they are lead to Alexis? I have never heard of an abduction charge without a body."

Red was correct in his response inasmuch as LE clearly harbors hope that, now that he is in custody, the suspect will disclose to them--either intentionally or through a series of verbal slips/cues--Alexis' location. To wait to arrest him would be to risk many things, not the least of which is that, in the interim, she would come to greater harm or that he would harm himself thereby cutting off all possibility of ever finding her--or at least negatively impacting LE's ability to do so.

Too, it is as yet unclear if LE had not already followed the suspect and, as noted above, were unable to wait any longer to apprehend him.

You make an understandable point, re: filing a charge of abduction without evidence of a body. Again, at this point we do not know what LE knows. For example, by this time they have interviewed (and re-interviewed) the suspect who has provided enough information to lead them to the conclusion that he was involved in Alexis' abduction. There may be a nexus of data points (e.g., video surveillance, on-line exchanges/tweets/FB communications, his own responses to interview questions, etc.) that have supplied sufficient probable cause for the magistrate to issue the arrest warrant.

The bottom line: even absent a body, LE had enough to detain and arrest this individual. Now they have the upper hand and are able to negotiate with--at least to some degree (and/or bring to bear increased pressure on)--this individual to disclose information that will allow LE to return this young woman to her family.

God willing we will have resolution to this case soon.

Dakota August 11th, 2013 | 11:28pm

Now that would be bizarre, if they are one in the same. Guess Courteney Stuart already knows.


@Dakota August 12th, 2013 | 9:37am
michael sutton August 10th, 2013 | 6:41am

This is truly the most difficult situation for the Family of Alexis Tiara Murphy. ...
The exact opposite of the PR story preserved for the entitled.

See and watch! What will show up is what is called to those that read “ Poetic Justice”."

How long did you know? FBI direct involvement from get go! Good work "D"

This is so sad. I feel like I know Alexis personally now after meeting her cousin and reading her many tweets/watching her mini videos. She is beautiful but lonely and was starving for attention bless her heart. I can't understand something though....how on earth did she get 12000 twitter followers?? I am very popular on youtube but only have a few hundred twitter followers. Also, its really strange that the abducter may have driven her car to where it was later found. That to me implies that he knew that she worked in that vicinity! This BG was most likely a stalker of Alexis who foolishly put every single important detail of her life on freaking TWITTER! From where she lived in Nelson County, to what school she played volleyball at. I am so concerned now for my own teenage daughters because kids are so naive, and think that the bad things of the World only happen to other people.:( #Jesushavemercy

Forgive me for being honest, but I can tell you who really killed this girl, Morgan Harrington and probably most other missings in the state -- LAZY COPS, that's who.

Police in this state will find every excuse not to investigate rapes, and then when another rape happens and then another, and then an abduction and then another, and then a body is found, they stand around like it's a mystery to them how it happened.

But they know EXACTLY how it happens -- it's the same guys they've let off and made excuses for a million times before. Good ole boys rule in this state, and good ole boys don't care much for what happens to women.

Fairfax bothering to take a report, get a rape kit done, and have a sketch made is the exception, not the rule. You'll notice that news reports said the victim in that case was visiting someone from an embassy in the DC area, so she probably had a connection powerful enough to get something done about it, probably the president himself.

The rest of the women in this state are victims to the police doing nothing as the norm. And until they're all fired and replaced with people who can actually do their jobs, women will continue to get abducted and murdered all the time, mostly by the same criminals they claim they can never find or catch. Entirely because they don't want to.

I want to add something to what you said. In the Harrington case, the Secret Service agent she recognized in the back seat of the NJ car (from other posts)? He was accused of stalking and rape in Stafford, but the Sheriffs there closed the case without even processing the rape kit. He has a 20-year history of stalking and rape, but police always manage to "lose" or disregard the reports about him. I guess that's how he got so arrogant. He thinks he's untouchable. "Oh I couldn't have dunnit. I'm a big (short) Secret Service agent." He knows how to play them like a fiddle, because he's still getting away with worse crimes today.

Any cop will tell you that crimes this violent don't come out of nowhere. He'd have years of earlier crimes before a rape, and years of rapes before a murder. The condition of Morgan Harrington's body says that it wasn't his first murder.

He has been at it a long time. Giving cops years to catch him before he got that far. But they couldn't be bothered.

Anyone who disses a female 22 year old murder victim for any reason whatsoever I am liking for that murder and for other crimes as well.

Fascinating! The man they arrested in Murphy's abduction is Randy Taylor, 48. He was also the prime person of interest in the never-solved disappearance of Samantha Clarke in Orange County. He was the subject of a The Hook cover story, as he claimed he was being harassed by police. At the time, Taylor lived in Orange County but now, I believe, lives in Lovingston. The mug shot of Taylor looks like a guy who has done a lot more than abduct a girl.

This should be an interesting evolution!

Don't tell me that Randy A. Taylor abducted this girl? Wasn't it just last October when the Hook put this lurid little psycho on their cover so he could whine on about how wronged he was and to beg for the pity that all sexual psychopaths demand? All this fawning by the Hook over a morally malignant cretin while a young woman, Samantha was missing or dead.

What happened to the autistic runaway she saw with the agent in Illinois - Shelby Waller? I googled her but she seems to have dropped off the missing lists, or at least her picture was yanked.

Did they find her at all? Was she alive? Was she able to communicate to her parents what happened to her? I guess when the victim is black the news doesn't take such an interest. I just hope her bones didn't turn up in a field somewhere like Morgan Harrington's.

Another board - before the comment was yanked - said that 'someone' left a hat that looked like the girl's in the lobby of the witness' hotel, like he was saying he could get away with it any time he wants.

Maybe attorney Adam Rhea can tell us where Samantha Clarke's body is and while he's at it, he might also know if Alexis Murphy is alive or dead. Hook, get RHEA on the phone. He was all too happy to bring his scumbag killer client down to your office last Fall when he thought talking to media might divert law enforcement away from Taylor's crimes.

michael sutton August 12th, 2013 | 9:35am

Keep thinking , I sure hope Courtney is digging ........


Glad someone brought up the old Reynolds case, because he sort of looks like the old sketch. But then, so did Ralph Leon Jackson.

How can they charge him without a body? What other evidence is so convincing?

As for the Stafford Sheriffs, Stafford's a hole. Wouldn't surprise me if they were bribed by the suspect, with a beer or something just as stupid.

Why are so few media outlets showing the picture of the camouflage GMC surburban that police are looking for?

Is it taboo to bring up politics? The VSP couldn't find Morgan Harrington's killer while "Blow-dry-Bob" McDonnell was governor. Meanwhile he and the Republicans-in-charge were more concerned with stopping abortions than finding missing girls or their killers. Or crimes against women and children in general.

Just saying, his priorities aren't with crime victims.

10506 Thomas Nelson Highway, where police seized camouflage suburban, is just a stones throw away from Anchorage Farm.

If by "stone's throw" you mean over 25 miles, then yes, you'd be correct.

Quoth the Raven: "Randy Taylor's attorney Adam Rhea, right, with his client, says usually when clients tell him they're being framed, he doesn't believe it-- except in Taylor's case."

Mr. Rhea--you might want to retract that statement at your earliest convenience. The FBI is involved this time, and I think this is the reason they were brought in right from the first. You and Judge Daniel Bouton might just have blood guilt on your hands.

(According to the Bible, when we deliberately put someone's life unnecessarily in danger, we become blood-guilty.)

Just Saying: Bob McDonnell is STILL the governor, so what's your point??? The governor never looks for missing persons. That's not his job.

"10506 Thomas Nelson Highway"

I know the man who owns this property. He will be crushed if he rented his place to someone who would bring harm a young girl.

10506 Thomas Nelson Highway, where police seized camouflage suburban, is just a stones throw away from Anchorage Farm.

117 Georgetown Rd in C-ville .... would be an interesting place to ponder....

drew August 12th, 2013 | 1:47pm

Seized , not looking . They are hauling off a camper now .

Dakota, what might we find at 117 Georgetown Rd?

dalia August 12th, 2013 | 2:31pm
10506 Thomas Nelson Highway, where police seized camouflage suburban, is just a stones throw away from Anchorage Farm.

Randy Taylor didn't live at that address when Morgan Harrington went missing. He lived in Eheart's Corner trailer park on Ridge Road in Orange County until recently.

Dakota August 12th, 2013 | 12:21pm

Keep thinking , I sure hope Courtney is digging ........


Alicia Reynolds went missing in March of 1996--Randy Taylor might have been in prison.

"In the 1990s, Taylor concedes he was convicted of being an accessory to burglary. After serving five years in prison,"

Gobsmacked August 12th, 2013 | 4:11pm

Broken link , He very well could have .

There was a quiet spell on the Rt 29 corridor around that time also , eh ? Through 2009 maybe

The two public pics of Taylor differ. One has neck tats, the other does not. If his mug shot is from Albemarle, what was he arrested for in Albemarle?

FBI mug, presumably recent, shows no tats on Taylor, but Albemarle mug shot does.

Sage should get some well deserved attention by the FBI .

Longo can go back to sleep .

Who are sage and longo?

don August 12th, 2013 | 4:44pm

FBI mug, presumably recent, shows no tats on Taylor, but Albemarle mug shot does.

The FBI mug shot has tats both sides of neck. Hard to see, because of the angle, if the picture is small, but the enlarged shot on WDBJ7 you can see them.

I think both mug shots were from yesterday. Albemarle did one because he was booked in there.

117 Georgetown is a previous address.
He's lived in Ruckersville, Barboursville and in Ft Walton Florida. FBI was on this case swiftly because they may suspect he's a serial killer. He's a repo man so I hope they are searching dumps and scrap metal places. Who is Alexis? This son he speaks of must have a mother.. Who is she and what does she know?

They just removed a camper from Taylor's Rt 29/Cannery Loop house

Zane -- do you know where has got convicted of the burglary charge and when he was in the pokey?

My fear is that Taylor has (or believes he has) little to lose right now by keeping quiet and not telling LE where Alexis is--and I am convinced that he knows. [LE would not have been able to obtain a warrant for his arrest for abduction by force if they did not have sufficient evidence to present to the magistrate. LE is far from always right; however, my money is on them in this instance.]

Right now Taylor is only facing the abduction charge. If he has harmed Alexis in any manner, that would only add to his charges. So, he keeps quiet in the hopes that LE will not (ever) find her.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, I also believe that there is a greater *chance*--emphasis on "chance"--than not that Taylor is tied to the earlier Samantha Clarke disappearance. Taken in part from the earlier referenced article from the Hook:

"Although he didn't know Samantha well, Taylor says he was so concerned that the young woman was headed into an ambush that he decided to warn her."
1. Why would a 40-something man who had only just met 19YO Clarke and had only been in her presence twice be so concerned for her safety that he felt it necessary to reach out to her?
2. Could it be that Taylor is just that compassionate and concerned for vulnerable young women who might inadvertently walk into trouble? or
3. Is Taylor instead presenting a classic "*I* didn't harm her. I was trying to *save* her from someone *else* who might want to harm her." This translates to "You're confused. You see, *I* am not a BG; I try to *save* women from BGs!"

[Momentary seque here: An especially skilled BG can easily lure an unwitting target by presenting to be someone who is interested only in trying to keep the young victim *out* of harm's way from other, "real" BGs, thereby painting himself as a savior or knight-in-shining armor of sorts.

For example, if a BG sees a young woman walking alone at night, he knows he cannot just stop and offer her a ride because that might be a bit too obvious. Instead, he can stop and express his (allegedly) genuine concern for her safety, advising her that walking alone is not safe as there really *are* BGs out there who might do her harm. In this manner, he can attempt to disarm his target with his profession of concern for her safety from *others* who might want to target her. He can attempt to gain her trust based upon his expressed concern. And in some cases, the ploy works.]

The article goes on to say that Taylor "asked the first young man for Samantha's number, and says he sent a text message to the cell phone number the man provided. (Those texts were received by Tinder, who had the phone at work, and didn't respond.)"

4. I wonder what were the content of those texts received by Tinder. Did she read and delete them?
5. Did they say--as Taylor alleges--that he was trying to reach Samantha to warn her that she might be in danger from the second man and his girlfriend? or
6. Did they simply say that Taylor was trying to reach Samantha? [Recall that Samantha and her mother (Tinder) shared a cell phone so Taylor did not know that the texts he sent would in this instance be initially received by Tinder, not by Samantha.] The content of those texts seems a potentially important data point.

Perhaps most curious is this: "Still, Tinder doubts Taylor's version of events, since Samantha had told her mother she might go on another repo ride that night and considers Taylor would have been the most likely driver."

From this it appears that Samantha had reason to believe that she might go out again that evening and be in the company of Taylor. That Samantha was planning on seeing Taylor at some point that evening is curious indeed...*especially* given that Taylor was the last person known to have had verbal contact with Samantha the evening she disappeared.

And this from the article: "After that conversation with Taylor, Tinder made contact with the second man and his girlfriend, who took her and her sister, Rhodes, to see a lakefront community where Taylor kept a camper, and where they said he would sometimes hold parties."

7. Might this be the very same white and blue camper belonging to Taylor that was taken into evidence today by LE?

And finally "Taylor says that to the best of his knowledge, Samantha had never been there (to the lake at the Greene Acres subdivision). But the second man and his girlfriend were familiar with it, says Taylor, who contends the duo know far more about Samantha's whereabouts than they've told investigators."

Here again Taylor appears to be pointing the finger far away from himself and attempting to deflect and re-direct the attention to others; that is, *other* alleged BGs/bad actors.
8. What leads Taylor to assert *he* knows that the second man and his girlfriend know far more about Samantha's whereabouts than they've told investigators?

Taylor's own words in near the very beginning of the article were most puzzling."The case needs to be solved," says Taylor, "but the way they're going about it is ridiculous." He closes later with ""I'm worried about what's going to happen next," says Taylor, reiterating the pain that Samantha's family feels. "I know they need this solved," he says."

9. Why wouldn't Taylor simply say "I'm innocent and I have absolutely nothing to do with this case" rather than saying "The *way* LE is going about solving this case is ridiculous."

I find Taylor's choice of words, (i.e., "the way" and "ridiculous") in this instance very puzzling. I also find it interesting that Taylor twice says "The case needs to be solved" and "I know they (Samantha's family) need this solved." Both statements bespeak a distanced, dispassionate manner...this from the man who professed to be deeply and only concerned with Samantha's safety from the bad intent of others.

The bottom line: I am not saying that Taylor *is* guilty of Clarke's disappearance. I *am* saying that he was a person in interest in her disappearance, and has now been arrested and charged in the disappearance of a second young woman.

Either Taylor is a very, very unlucky--and innocent--individual who once was and has again been unfairly targeted by overzealous LEOs....or....he is someone who was able to slip by the first time but perhaps not-so-much the second time.

Or some combination of the above.

Time will (hopefully) tell.

In the interim let us only hope that, unlike Samantha Clarke, Alexis Murphy is found.

[One, final note: Serial offenders do not often stray from their established m.o. and likely targets/victims. That is, they generally--but not always--tend to target within defined demographics. For example, certain offenders will target young Caucasian women, while others will target older Caucasian women, while others will target young Hispanic women. It is not often that a serial offender will move outside of his chosen demographic.

In these cases, we have two young women who have disappeared; however, one is a medium-to-large build Caucasian while the other is a small-to-medium build African-American.]

Dakota August 12th, 2013 | 4:47pm

Sage should get some well deserved attention by the FBI .

When you see the picture of Alexis running with this article, does it remind you of Sage in two of his pictures dressed like a girl? It spooks me every time I see this picture and one other of Alexis.

Help me to understand... wrote: In these cases, we have two young women who have disappeared; however, one is a medium-to-large build Caucasian while the other is a small-to-medium build African-American.

Alexis is 5' 7" tall and weighs 157 pounds--not so small. They are both female teens, attractive and outgoing and like excitement. They are more alike than they are different. A guy who looks like him might have to compromise his principals if he can't find his type soon enough.

How easily we forget.

Where was sage last seen alive?

@ Gobsmacked: I know you directed your earlier comment to Dakota; however, I could not agree more with you that the resemblance between Sage and Alexis was absolutely striking. [The difference, though--at least to my mind--is that the individual who was last in contact with Sage fell off the grid almost immediately following news of Sage's disappearance, and has not been seen or heard of/from since...more importantly, LE has been unable to track/find that individual. In Sage's case, I believe the m.o./intent/catalyst may have been vastly different than what may (or, may not) have occurred in Alexis' case.]

WRT to the similarities between Alexis and Samantha, my point was more directed to ethnicity than anything else. Still, your points are well-taken, though, that there are certain similarities between the two (e.g., age and outgoing nature) and that if Taylor is the BG in both cases for reasons he may have felt compelled to move outside of his original target demographic, e.g., young Caucasian females.

Law Enforcement has been watching him for years. Tried to put on GPS, got caught and evidence was not allowed several years ago. The local police needed the Feds to make sure the ‘I’s were dotted and ‘T's were crossed.

Just so sad! They could not have caught him in the act, instead it maybe a wonderful girl now is forever lost. He was being watched, he was testing the waters LE new he was in "get em sum" mode a few day before due to a couple of hints from a one time tipster. Plus, his movements and actions were being monitored.

You can see the chatter on the boards in Virginia. If you look at time stamps from post on The Hook and all over you can see the alert being put out. Look for comments on Medical Pot or on music. Look at other boards. He was on the move.

The tipster has been proven right. Look at other cases where you can hear in LE's comments that they need this tipster to come forward. Sometimes you hear the frustration in LE’s words.

But, as much as the tipster is not a bad person, they are afraid. There is much overlap, way too much. But not all of these things are connected. They may be connected due to jurisdiction and circumstance, not always by the perpetrators.

Does seem that scum sometime drinks from the cesspool. All know each others work and trade info on LE, bad-cops, lazy cops, cops they have something on. Proximity to lakes, caves and heavy terrain that seemed not to be in anyone’s jurisdiction. Easily: hiding places or hide outs or compounds are successfully maintained for a few years before moving to another county or even State.

This scum is not to be confused with the 1 or 2 real tipsters. The real tipsters are not bad people. The tipsters are not informants. They are very afraid. Some of these perps will dabble in informing on other unrelated crimes, they seem to get a kick out of it. Yet, if found out could cause death in a prison.

This being pointed out and the timing is such, now perhaps with this part of the scum being held and the little sick gang being flushed like RATS, just maybe our tipster or tipsters will feel safe enough to go straight to THE FBI! No local or State LE.

This has been fertile [bad choice of words] ground for FBI involvement. Just believe me, there is a huge mess, there are cases you have never heard of, then the cases you are familiar with are only connected due to circumstance.

One must support the FBI! We need not a constitutional loop-hole to allow this epidemic to continue. The last article written in The Hook only allowed him to flex his so called power on the underlings in crime and the sickest - sexual crimes.

You do know he was in an adult media store, he is brazen or was. Don't think of him going to the Adult book store as him needing a sexual fix. No it is to mark his territory and in his sick mind tell the other scum. Daddy's Back! "D" knows of what I speak!
It is much like rape in prison is much more about the perceived power than it is about what we think of as sex.

Well this time take him out, but find that girl alive! She may be alive and unattended. There may be hope!

We need the FBI, never again a PR FIRM!

Hey you! Call the FBI, you can do it! Now is your chance!

The resemblence of Alexis and Sage in several photos is chilling to me .

Sometimes we see what we want to see .

Maybe its just me .

I have a good feeling the sage missing case will get the look see it deserved from the start

I am not feeling a MH connection , anything is possible.

Jill = RED HERRING ? I found it interesting she was contacted so quickly and in front of a camera stating the cases were not connected .

I agree with MS

There is hope for Alexis , This girl could be held somewhere and this PERP looks promising for at min 2 missing Women .

Time for a massive ground search .

Just because Dan Harrington is the associate Dean of Psychiatry at Virginia Tech, MK Ultra central, and Gil speaks Arabic fluently (to the best of my undertanding). The picture of Cho in uniform with fellow Marines was probably fake anyway, as was the article about the links to CIA recruitment at tech being removed from the University's website after the very unfortunate incident. Nothing to see here.

If I had a daughter I'd love her with all my heart and I'd miss her with all my heart if she were taken from me. I wouldn't take any crap about it either.

Is the Hook covering this story? No updates since the arrest or earlier--more information and innuendo coming from comment boards than from the newspaper--getting scooped by the Progress/WVIR---where is the reporting?

Local AM radio seems concerned that an arrest has been made without locating the abductee.

Va has convicted without a body .

With the sealed search warrents , FBI on the ground FAST ( lighting fast and heading the investigation ) one has to wonder with the added support from Quantico did they turn a DNA match on the car quick .

Taylor is a pure opportunist who will kill any vulnerable woman who happens to cross his path. Age, race, appearance, are secondary.

I'm definitely not a lawyer however. Maybe someday, who knows?

What is the best public source on this case? Websleuths? Bedford Informer appears reliable. And thx Dakota for your great insights. The pitiful mother of Taylor's child knows plenty. Why is the Hook not telling us more about Taylor like where he works now and where he's lived and worked in the past? When the Hook thought they could depict this monster as a wronged man, they got tingles, now just an ominous and negligent silence.

The girl's probably in a Rothschild dungeon in France right now. I hate to be blunt, I really do.

After all, the Rothschild's (you know which one's I mean) are the complete scum of the earth.

"Just because Dan Harrington is the associate Dean of Psychiatry at Virginia Tech, MK Ultra central, and Gil speaks Arabic fluently (to the best of my undertanding)."

WOW , were all the way back to MK Ultra... that was fast .

I thought they sent in the psysics and dreamers then MK Ultra followed by BOC then clowns .

Or is it clowns then BOC.

They like to hurt them and rape them and kill them. So I've heard. (It's been on the news too. Just not in this country)

Don't I know you from somewhere?

Maybe after Taylor gets exonerated for the abduction rape and murder of at least two women, he can focus on suing anonymous strangers who know exactly what he is.

There's nothing wrong with clamming up when you're being framed

Not that it will keep you completely out of harm's way.

And Alex Jones is one outlet, anyway.

The anti-Semites and tin-foil-hatters are busy today. John Galliano, I'm looking at you!

Bob, are you the anonymous stranger who knows exactly who Randy Taylor is? I only think I know who he is: Randy Taylor. Maybe they blocked your last name too, or maybe you're using an alias. I guess we all do that from time to time. I know I have. Hey, people have even used my name as an alias themselves. On this comment forum.

I don't have a problem with Gil Harrington speaking Arabic. After all, she grew up in Saudi Arabia for a time, so I've heard anyway.

This is no time to argue or make jokes. Let's all continue to do our best to be mature, hopeful, and constructive in solving this mystery. You may have the answer and not even know it.

Help me to understand... August 12th, 2013 | 10:38pm

@ Gobsmacked: I know you directed your earlier comment to Dakota; however, I could not agree more with you that the resemblance between Sage and Alexis was absolutely striking. [The difference, though--at least to my mind--is that the individual who was last in contact with Sage fell off the grid

I don't think there is any connection between the disappearances of Sage and Alexis--I just see the striking resemblance between some of the pictures. In other pictures of each, they look nothing alike.

Two days after the arrest of Randy Taylor, and STILL the lead story on The Hook is about bears. Every news outlet from Roanoke to Richmond has the lead story about Alexis--except the Hook.

How does a guy get two years for arson and what did Taylor burn down in Albemarle just two years ago and why is he out?? What kind of gun was recovered from his car last fall and where is it? Where was Samantha Morton last seen and what was her cod? Who are Taylor's associates and did they help him? Does repo man Taylor have access to a tow truck and if so, has it been seized? Was Alexis' Nissan maxima towed to carmike? What did he buy at the porn shop and quik mart? How many vehicles did Taylor have access to at Ruckersville used car lot and have those cars been searched or seized?

Wasn't there a woman awhile back from Stafford,(or near) VA who went missing...her mother finally had a funeral for her? She was originally from Stanardsville/Ruckersville. Her mom said the last call she had was that she was riding to NC with someone who was repossessing a car.

There are at least 15 missing or dead victims, homicides unsolved, in central Virginia. Most are women. Some are young men. Somebody better be mapping them out and looking for commonalities. One thread mentioned that several of the missing had been in car accidents before they vanished. Towing. Read "Final Truth" autobiography of Pee Wee Gaskins who abducted, tortured and killed over 100 victims of every race, gender and ethnicity in south Carolina, some for sheer kicks, until he finally got executed for a single murder, the one he did in prison. His book is a detailed gruesome shocking explanation of where, how and why he killed more than 80 people and never got caught.

The comments have gone completely to hell all over the Hook's website. Is there no one to filter the insane and the purely ridiculous garbage that these articles always draw? Maybe the idea is that allowing comments from the crazies might somehow lead to the guilty party?

Even the name. I guess it's possible. It's also possible that he was framed, even for writing the book. I don't know, I wasn't there. There's only one judicial system that is perfect and that is Jesus Christ. Praise Jesus Christ! I'm just an ordinary guy, and that's why I need His forgiveness and mercy, big time. I need your prayers too. My name is John Giuliano. I haven't murdered anyone but I may as well have murdered Jesus Christ Himself.

If the Holy Bible tells us so it is the truth!

FBI must know he is a killer and came into case after Samantha's disappearance. That explains why FBI was on the ground on day two without a body and why they obtained warrant to search his house BEFORE her car was even found at carmike.

Lord Have Mercy On Us All!

i don't want to be capitalized. i know i won't, either.

@ Hawes we NEED you, you're right, we do need Hawes. I think the lack of deletions (even of comments coming via proxy server) is just a case of growing respect for free speech, and a case of who can get over themselves quicker, me (and others) or the folks at the Hook. It's a race to the finish and we're all neck and neck!

Adios amigos, I won't have access to gratifying my computer addiction for much longer, and I hope to head for the mountains, without Busch beer.

I appreciate everyone commenting to try to solve the crimes that apparently have slipped through the cracks of the system, however, I think that Alexis' family deserves a more caring support group. It appears that everyone is talking about the previous deaths of children in the area without considering what that may be doing to Alexis' family. We all hope and pray that she is still ok and will be coming home.

The truth isn't always funny. I didn't mean anything by that, I'm just an insensitive person by nature.

I'm going all out, I put myself on the line, and went crazy in the process. It didn't make anything better for anyone but myself, at least at this point in time. The information I provided to the police is in their hands at this time, I can't make them investigate who the man in the white pickup truck I made eye contact was who *somewhat resembled* the police sketch of a suspected murderer was, but at least they know one more place where Alexis Murphy is not, and that is a hopeful sign, even if though it is far from a relief.

Just not close enough.

It's a huge relief. It's just not a Hallelujah moment.

Alexis may still be alive. Don't give up hope. Look at what just happened in Cleveland/Ariel Castro. What is terribly sad, disgusting and intolerable is the fact that no matter where any woman goes today in America, some murderous failed male psychopath is inevitably waiting to harm her. Why? Who or what is spawning all these monsters?

You know where to direct them

I know I shouldn't even be saying it (especially since it's me) but someone has to point out that the answer to your question who or what is spawning all these monsters is that the one who's name we must never speak of seeks to draw down both women and men so that he can draw down children while they are still vulnerable to his influence so he can raise them to become like him. I know, he got me when I was a child and I'm still trying to throw him off and keep him off to this day.

There are no monsters out there. I'm the only real monster, everyone else is perfect. Anytime I think there are monsters out there I remember that it's all an illusion, I'm trapped eternally in a house of mirrors where all I see is a monster and I just want myself to look like someone else. The glass can't be shattered from the inside, only from the outside, and when it is my house will be destroyed.

Pretty interesting interviews with Isreal Keyes released by the FBI today .


Keyes was a talker as long as it was looking out for his own best interest, interesting at around the 30:00 mark hearing the FBI lie through there teeth as they try to trick Keyes into talking. ....

I hear the RAT is not saying a WORD.

A little waterboarding never hurt anybody .

This much I know and I am not bothered by it in the least

I'm no fan of Nancy Grace (she's too hyperbolic for my taste); however, I was encouraged to see that she spent the entire hour of her HLN show this evening highlighting the Alexis Murphy missing person case. The only question I have, though (and this is something Nancy Grace mentioned more than one time during the show), is this: was Randolph Taylor actually seen on surveillance video from the Liberty gas station? [I believe the answer to this is yes but had not yet heard the definitive answer.] If so (and more importantly), was Taylor seen in close proximity to Alexis--also seen on video?

While Nancy Grace may have been correct in saying that Taylor was seen on the video *and* that he was seen *with* Alexis, I do know that Grace mis-spoke on at least two occasions when she stated that Samantha Clarke left her home on the evening she disappeared and "went to Taylor's trailer". To the best of my knowledge, at no point did LE ever indicate during the Clarke investigation that Clarke left her home and went to Taylor's residence. [For that matter, it seems that the evidence that first led LE to Taylor was the five cell phone calls he made to Clarke--not a visit from Clarke to Taylor's home.]

The one very good thing about the HLN feature this evening was that Nancy Grace aptly pointed out the street signs at the Liberty gas station, specifically bringing this to viewers' attention. Because Rt. 29 is a one of the major N/S routes in central VA, and the Liberty gas station is a large one, there is every chance that someone not local (as all locals have already heard news of Alexis' disappearance by now) may have been traveling through the area and seen something on the evening that Alexis went missing--but until tonight may not have even heard about her case.

People from out of the area may not have heard earlier about Alexis' disappearance; however, with the HLN story this evening, perhaps someone passing through stopped at the Liberty gas station and may know something.

It only takes one clue, one person who saw something, to help crack a case.

Hypocrites: Your ignorance is unacceptable. She is missing, who cares about her twitter account dummies..
If this were Your White daughter missing you would have a problem with someone Idiot pointing out her Twitter account.
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we always seem to greet evil with a BIG smile where our nations kids are concerned . by saying hey its cool to meet a stranger in the bar and bring him home with you . <<< the missing CLARKE girl . or hey its ok to have all your personal info on the interenet where 1,0000s can see it . <<< the missing MURPHY girl . guess that makes our whole nation a SUSPECT . when we open the door to EVIL - do we not expect it to come in ? as we long and pray for our missing kids to return home . EVIL longs and PREYS for its next victim .

Wow how thoughtful is it that in this time of need for prayers and help for this young girl we have insults being thrown around accusations being made that (white) people are guilty of cannibalism etc... the main thing that needs to be thought of is this young girl and her family not pointing fingers at the races this time it being(white hypocrites) as far as i am concerned it should not matter what race the accused is what matters is finding this girl and bringing closure to her family. i realize that it was easy to stereotype the whites as they have committed some heinous crimes over the years and i can definitely see where that brings doubt but i am not on here talking about every crime that is committed with a gun is by a gangbanger homie either. lets quit with the insults and focus on finding this young girl.

ToTheHypocrites aka justa thought aka ENRAGED CRACKER --stop trying to start a race riot. Everybody here is on the side of Alexis Murphy and her family. And Samantha Clarke and her family.