deer hunting

Hunters wanted
Published on Aug 29th, 2012
Another fatality: State charges hunter for mistaking man for deer
Published on Feb 24th, 2012
33 comments Sadly, the tragic lesson from Ferrum University was not learned by a Chatham-area man who allegedly shot and killed his neighbor after mistaking the innocent citizen for a deer. Related stories •...
Bloody Sunday? Repeal of hunting ban thrills-- and chills
Published on Jan 31st, 2012
55 comments When Karen Wood was shot to death in her own backyard in 1988 while wearing white mittens, some suggested the Maine woman's death was her own fault. After all, those mittens might resemble a deer's...
Sunken deer
Published on Sep 8th, 2011
5 comments A deer that died of unknown causes lies submerged in a tiny pond on private property in the West Leigh subdivision during the 2009-10 hunting season. As they did that season, Virginians ages 15 and...
Happy hunter: Landers eats up national exposure
Published on Oct 25th, 2010
52 comments Jackson Landers about to skin the tail of an invasive green iguana in the kitchenette of his pop-up camper on Big Pine Key, Florida. PHOTO FROM LANDERS' BLOG In July last year Jackson Landers...
Snap: The hunt goes on
Published on Dec 26th, 2009
1 comments Stranded commuter? Nope. Deer-hunting slows for no season, as this 9:46am, December 24 photo seems to indicate.
Two charged: Decoy deer loses tail in sting
Published on Dec 17th, 2009
36 comments Sheriff Chip Harding, left, hopes embarrassment will deter illegal hunters, such as suspect Richard Todd Besecker, right. PHOTO COURTESY ALBEMARLE SHERIFF'S OFFICE An Albemarle Sheriff's Office decoy...
Deer-hunting class hits NYT
Published on Nov 25th, 2009
4 comments Complete with a video showing him field-dressing a deer, Charlottesville insurance exec Jackson Landers, whose deer-hunting class for urbanites has been getting local ink from his mother and other...
Near miss: Professor dodges bullet.... really
Published on Dec 8th, 2005
0 comments The clash between traditional rural culture and sweeping development in Albemarle County took a precarious turn Saturday, December 3, when a bullet ripped through an Ivy home, shattering a window and...