May 2nd, 2002 issue #0113

May 2nd, 2002

4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst headline in a national story with a Charlottesville connection: “Child-killer fights neighborhood publicity” appears in the April 28 Washington Post, detailing Gl...


Real Estate - On the Block

  • Upstairs, downstairs

    ASKING: $549,000SIZE: 3,612 sq. ft.YEAR BUILT: 1932ADDRESS: 1910 Barracks RoadNEIGHBORHOOD: Rugby RoadCURB APPEAL: 4 out of a possible 10LISTED BY: Sonja Casero of Century ...

Movie Reviews

  • A movie... or something like it

    Life or Something Like It is the movie that asks the question, if you had only a week to live, would you sleep with Edward Burns?It also asks whether, given the film's prem...

Music Reviews

  • Hogwaller Ramblers at Escafe

    Hogwaller Ramblers at Escafé April 28, 2002By Amy BriggsSunday night I found myself sitting in a place I'd walked by for years, listening to a band I'd heard about for nea...


  • Cleared in Spotsylvania

    Four days after pleading his innocence in the brutal 1996 slaying of two hikers in Shenandoah National Park, Darrell David Rice has been ruled out as a suspect in the long-...

  • Grape moment

    When UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce hosted a wine symposium, there was some sniping over the fact that no wine was served with the box lunch.  After all, the keyn...

  • Louis is back, baby

    Both Central Virginia PBS stations have decided to ignore the advice of the PBS boss and will broadcast the new television show hosted by ousted icon Louis Rukeyser.WVPT be...

  • Out of control

    Lisa Harris was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perched on the sidewalk on East Market Street, the 27-year-old property manager was enjoying the Dogwood Parade when a...

Strange But True

  • Ride pride

    Q: Your timid date has never ridden a roller-coaster. "C'mon, you're gonna love it!" you lie. Which seat offers best hope of turning her into a trembling helpless puddle?&#...



  • Brad Chandler

    He’s the Chandler in Chandler, Franklin & O’Bryan, the largest personal injury law firm in Virginia. Senior partner Brad Chandler is probably the best-known lawyer&...


  • Snap Dan's pencil!

    The Hook will not get a second look from me. Your advice columnist in the April 11 issue [Savage Love, “Virginal lies”] first extols the virtue of casual sex to a young...

Cultural preview

  • Cartoon hits the stage

    Good grief! Could you ask for more?All of your favorite characters are in attendance: Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, and Linus, plus Sally, Schroeder, and the always-optimist...

  • Close encounters

    Whether you are an avid birder who loves to rise at the crack of dawn to crash around through sodden bracken or a backyard birder who appreciates the avian sights from your...

  • Folk triumph

    By Mark Grabowski

  • Print stint

    Back in 1964, a group of mostly non-printmaking artists got together with a man named Ires-Sillman– a guy who produced most of Josef Albers’ prints– and made ...

  • Rave reviews

    By Elizabeth Kiem

  • Sharing strength

    If there’s one thing I am more than grateful for, it’s that hunger is something my children think about only when they haven’t taken a snack to soccer practice. We’...

  • Speak out!

    By Mara Rockliff


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