May 23rd, 2002 issue #0116

May 23rd, 2002

4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best news for City Councilor Meredith Richards: She’s the Democrat nominated to run against Republican Virgil Goode in the Fifth District congressional race. Best news fo...

The Dish

  • Whoa, Nellysford

    When John Corbett left the downtown dining scene two years ago, no one was sure– Corbett himself included– whether his culinary talents would please local palat...


  • Kindred crazies

    The internet is outing me. What was once my deepest, darkest secret– that I fantasize about television actors– is a cottage industry on the internet. Forget the...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • California dreamin'

    ASKING: $725,000SQUARE FOOTAGE: Fin. 2,982, unfin: 286YEAR BUILT: 1972ADDRESS: 3436 Peyton Ridge RoadNEIGHBORHOOD: Turner Mountain section of IvyCURB APPEAL: 7 out of a pos...

Movie Reviews

  • Wake-up call

    Insomnia shows the result of when good scripts happen to great actors. Al Pacino has been coasting since winning his undeserved Oscar for Scent of a Woman a decade ago, and...


  • Public relations nightmare? Service district withdraws request

    Allegations of botched handling have delayed a proposal for a slicker Downtown Mall that was to be presented City Council earlier this week.A letter from the City to downto...

  • Rugby bombing

    Most of Bruce Avenue and the neighborhood around it slept right through the 4am May 5 bombing of a mailbox, including the owners of the mailbox.Writer John Casey lives abou...

  • Spicer's island

    By Susanna Henighan

Strange But True

  • Lit up

    Q: Is that really a light on a lightning bug, or isthat just glow juice? Why don't we humans have one on us? Maybe we don't eat the right stuff. —Bug CatcherA: Real light...


  • Avant gardener

    The rains have come, and in their wake shrubs, flowers, and cool-weather crops are strutting their stuff. As we lick our lips in anticipation of all those gifts from nature...

Cultural preview

  • Getting Bud buried

    Seven years ago Betty Hales directed a large ensemble cast for the first run of David Bottrell and Jessie Jones’ Dearly Departed for standing room only audiences in Wayne...

  • Giving back

    Like many schools in the area, Monticello High requires students to render some service to the community as part of the curriculum. Projects can be anything from entertaini...

  • Mixed bag

    This is, one supposes, the kind of exhibit that small institutional museums have to put together on occasion. The work currently on display in the upper gallery at the Univ...

  • Out, skank! Stream cleanup preserves oasis

    Enjoying the great outdoors at this time of year is kind of a no-brainer. The weather is perfect, the outdoor cafés are open, and many of the thousands of college students...

  • Slam! Local poets go to the mat

    By Mara Rockliff

  • The buzz about Buzby: Jam-band epics make fans happy

    By Mark Grabowski