July 18th, 2002 issue #0124

July 18th, 2002
  • Poison Ivy: If you build it, they will scream

      "Growth may be inevitable, but ugliness is not."From the Scenic Virginia preamble. Ivy cherishes the notion that it's a rural community. The scenery along Route 250 west is mostly white-fenced fields and woods. Its subdivisions are hidden from 250, unlike the more obvious sprawl attacking Crozet, its designated-growth neighbor to the west. The village of Ivy is nothing more than a post office, a nursery, a couple of gas stations and Duner's, a pricey, culinary oasis for affluent country folk.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

      Best case of landing on one's feet: Eavesdropper Edmund A. Matricardi, who resigned as head of Virginia's Republican Party, is hired by South Carolina Republicans. N...

The Dish

  • Eyes on pies

     It's official: the former Papagallo space at Seminole Plaza across from Forest Lakes will house Pizza Bella North, according to Christine Manning, who co-owns the ori...


Real Estate

  • Foreclosure Auctions

    REAL ESTATE- Foreclosure Auctions Published 7/18/02 in Issue #24 of the Hook July 18, 2002, at 10am at the Fluvanna County Courthouse Property: 5 Pinehurst Lane, Palmyra...

Real Estate - $old

  • SOLD!

    Published July 18, 2002 in issue #24 of The Hook Update Address: 772 Ridge Street Seen in The Hook : 2/7/02 Asking: $125,900 Contract price: $125,400 Days on market: ...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • If only... Charm compensates for location

    Asking: $245,000 Size: 1,737 fin. sq. ft., 1,158 unfin. sq. ft. Year built: 1948 Address: 1016 Long Street Neighborhood: Locust Grove Curb Appeal: 6 of a possible 10 Listed...

Movie Reviews

Music Reviews

  • Buttah at Orbit

    By Damani Harrison The weather lately has got me all messed up. Monday I was suffering from a near-migraine type sinus headache caused by the changes in pressure and humidi...

  • Jim Waive at the Blue Moon Diner

    By Amy Briggs The products of serious effort have a certain mystique. Well-written correspondence, elaborate tattoos, quilts, graffitied tableaux, log cabins, tended garden...


Strange But True

  • Worms, bugs, and kisses

      Q: Any truth to the old tapeworm remedy of fasting for three days and then holding a bowl of food (soured milk?) up to your mouth so when the hungry worm smells it a...


  • Hot type: Letterpress printing goes glam?

    By Elizabeth Kiem "He has a new book out," people say, meaning that an author has written a new work that has been mass printed, bound, and stocked on shelves in bookstore...


  • Letters on the Rivanna Trail controversy

    Gimme! I enthusiastically nominate Shirley Presley for this year's coveted "Mine! Mine! Mine! Award for Vigilant Possessiveness." [July 4 cover story: "Trail Nix](http://ww...

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