January 27th, 2005 issue #0404

January 27th, 2005
  • Been there, done that: Brides' parents offer tips

    In Father of the Bride, Steve Martin suffered nearly every possible pre-wedding pitfall, proving it's not just the bride and groom who get the jitters. Handling irate in-laws, soothing their children's frazzled nerves, and maintaining composure while hemorrhaging hard-earned money are just a few new skills parents of the bride are sure to gain during this exciting but nerve-racking time...   Peggy Bender Meghan and Mike Parsons Keswick Hall

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  • Dream team: It's not always easy for the experts...

    From last minute cancellations to hairy situations to blood-covered grooms, these tales from the trenches show that even the wedding experts sometimes have to (literally) roll with the punches– or kicks, as the case may be.   Takes the cake Riki Tanabe Albemarle Baking Company

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  • Get published: Websites and mags publish pics

    You've spent a year planning the big day and big bucks having it beautifully photographed. Should those high-dollar images simply molder in an album that you'll pull out only once or twice a year (if that)? Why not publish them so that all the world (or at least all the world who are planning weddings) can see just how beautiful you looked on your big day?   Here are some suggestions: theknot.com

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  • Getting hitched: The Hook's guide to conjugal conundrums, nuptial nostalgia, and that utter rarity: the blissful bride

    There's nothing like a wedding to bring out the best– and worst– in people. If you get along with your folks, planning a wedding can be a bonding experience. If you don't? Well, didn't Dante write something about nine circles? In the Hook's third annual wedding issue, we've captured a little bit of everything: magic moments, tried-and-true tips, and worst-case scenarios. If you're getting married, ever have, or think you ever will, there's something inside for you!

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  • Honeymoon's over: Is the first year the hardest?

    The wedding went off without a hitch, you're bronzed from a week-long Hawaiian honeymoon– heck, you've even written all 200 thank-you notes. Now what? Anecdotally at least, the first year of marriage can be one of the hardest. As you settle down into a regular life together, your partner's quirks may seem a bit more exaggerated than they did pre-wedding– even if you lived together. Something about "'til death do us part" makes loud chewing and the dirty laundry on the floor somehow less endearing...

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  • Then and now: How'd they meet, how'd they marry?

    Chris Bradley and John Penn Turner August 16, 1997 Chris and John received publicity as one of the first same-sex couples in Charlottesville to hold a commitment ceremony.

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  • What a day... Newlyweds reflect on the good, the bad, and the funny

    Published January 27, 2005 in issue 0404 of the Hook   It's a day to remember, that's for sure, and these 2004 newlyweds show you can't plan for everything! Emily Umberger and Pradeep Rajagopalan September 18, 2004 Ceremony and reception at Lego Estate

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Biggest sticker shock: Albemarle real estate jumps an average 27 percent in the county's latest biennial property assessment. Biggest budget: Albemarle schools Superintende...

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Question of the Week

Real Estate

  • Commercial construction permits

    ALBEMARLE 12/10/04 Hollymead Town Center LLC, tenant upfit, Bonefish Grill, $54,000. First Interstate Charlottesville Limited Partnership, wall sign for Lime Leaf, $4,000....

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    ALBEMARLE 12/1 Judy L. Savage to C. Murphy Moss, trustee, 2037 Brownstone Lane, Still Meadow, $518,000. Kevin R. and Susanne S. Cooper to Gerri G. Russell, 3715 Ashleigh Wa...

  • Off the Block!- SOLD

    APPEARED IN THE HOOK: June 24, 2004 in issue 0325 ADDRESS: 832 Reas Ford Road DAYS TO CONTRACT: 160 ASKING: $335,000 SOLD FOR: $270,000 LISTED BY: Roger Voisinet, ReMax Spe...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Deco-rated: Condo sports high-style design

      ADDRESS: 408 East Market Street ASKING: $389,000 BUILDING: 1,652 fin. sq. ft. LAND: 0 YEAR BUILT: 1985 NEIGHBORHOOD: Maclin Building Downtown CURB APPEAL: n/a LISTED...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    January 31 at 10am at the Fluvanna County Courthouse Property: 1055 Thessalonia Road, Bremo Bluff Debtor: unknown Amount owing: $74,579 Bidder brings: 10 percent of the sal...

DR. HooK

  • Clogging: Curb cholesterol to live longer

      In Asia, red meat is as rare as pink diamonds in America (though I'm sure J Lo might have a trove). When my cousins immigrated from South Korea in 1975, I remember h...

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  • COB 2: Filling it softly

    PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Usually the first to arrive on the scene, Albemarle's fire and rescue departments were the last to move into the county's new digs on 5th Street Ex...

  • Decade o' BRO: Outdoor mag returns to its roots

      It started as a thin bi-monthly insert in a local weekly paper, but this month Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine is celebrating a muscular 10 years on the stands– a...

  • Donations down: Tsunami hurts local charities

      When the extent of the death and destruction wrought by the December 26 tsunami in the Indian Ocean became apparent, Americans began to give... and give... and give....

  • Duping Link: Photo fans swarm Waynesboro

      Commercial photographer O. Winston Link was on assignment in Staunton in the mid-1950s when he decided to use an evening off to jaunt over to Waynesboro to get a gli...

  • Fecal fall-out: Driver charged in DMB dumping

      Prosecutors filed charges January 19 against the Dave Matthews Band tour bus driver accused of dumping 800 pounds of human waste onto a sightseeing boat on the Chica...

  • Rape debate: Getting tough on on-Grounds attacks?

      The University of Virginia has released a proposed revision of its sexual assault policies just two months after fourth-year student Annie Hylton, who claimed to hav...

  • Revolting: Crozet group nixes master plan

    Tom Loach has worked on plans for the "neighborhood model" since it was a gleam in the eyes of "new urbanism" devotees in Albemarle County. Supervisor David Wyant, a lifelo...

  • Unlisted: New TV stations off the grid

    Larry Jacksina buys the Daily Progress on Saturday for its weekly television listings insert. Two stations he couldn't find: WCAV Channel 19 and WVAW Channel 16, the new CB...

The Brazen Careerist

  • Be creative: Look to the bad times

      I have found that bad situations get creative juices flowing. And I have come to have an appreciation for the bad times; they give us unique opportunities to find ou...

Sports Doctor

Strange But True

  • Supersize: Modern Goliath in Ireland

      DRAWING BY DEBORAH DERR McCLINTOCK BY BILL SONES AND RICH SONES, PH.D. Q. Who was the "Irish Giant" Charles Byrne, and how does his story cast modern light on the d...



  • Fair trial: Hingeley gets defensive

      It was Jim Hingeley's early career as a hardened criminal that made him so uniquely suited to head up the public defender's office in Charlottesville. Just kidding. ...


  • Be wary of "mandatory"

    Thank you for publishing the Reason article by Ronald Bailey promoting mandatory private health insurance instead of government provided universal health care [January 20 c...

  • Don't pine for Parkway

    Poorly researched, "They said it­ it must be true," propaganda marred your [December 23] "Year in Review" article. You irresponsibly claimed that the majority of citizens ...

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4Better Or Worse


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Real Estate - $old

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate Property auctions

Sports Doctor

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