Longo named chief of chiefs

Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo was named president of the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police August 27 in Williamsburg. The Hook caught up with him August 29 on the Downtown Mall, and he assured us the position isn't just a figurehead job, and that there are lots of serious police chief issues about which he'll be lobbying Richmond.

Charlottesville had another chief of chiefs not too long ago. Fire Chief Charles Werner served as president of the Virginia Fire Chiefs Association in 2010.

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Chief Longo is a true professional in the field of law enforcement. He has made a positive impact on the quality of life in the Charlottesville community through his policing strategies.

Yes, he is a professional. But he lied to me about investigating my daughters rape case. He told me that he could not investigate it because he did not have jurisdiction, and then when given the opportunity to do so, said he would not. Campus rapes that occur on University grounds should be fully investigated by local police when they are reported;yet I believe he is a part of the system that allows a blind eye to be turned whenever a campus rape occurs in your city. I would hope that my family's horrible experience and persistence to have that rape properly investigated and documented taught him that ignoring a crime does not erase the fact that it happened. Immediate Commonwealth Attorney notification when a felony occurs on a college campus would result in timely and detailed investigation, and eliminate the back-and-forth who has jurisdiction over the crime nonsense between local and campus police.


This is the same Chief Longo who thought it was Constitutionally OK to collect DNA samples from every black male that happened to be on the streets of Charlottesville?

Not every male, probably just you!