Snap o' the day: Protest and counterprotest

snap-teaparty-protest-smallKirk Bowers (left) and Steve Peters agree to disagree.

The Jefferson Area Tea Party and a group called host a press conference to denounce federal funding of abortion in health care reform legislation August 2 at the Free Speech Monument. About two dozen Tea Partiers were met by about the same number of health care/Tom Perriello supporters, including members of Catholics United, who say the denouncers' claims are completely false.


CViller: If that is the case, why do young people vote in such small numbers and older folks in such high numbers? I'd say the sign carriers achieved their goal, publicity for their cause.

It used to be young people protesting. Guess they are to busy with their video games to care about reality.

nottoliberal: Maybe we realize standing around with signs does no one any good. Maybe young people realize that the only way to change things is from the inside....I guess retired people have left the bingo halls and hit the streets....orthopedic shoes must be flying of the shelf.

Sign waving works. Your reading about here,are you not?