Snap: Calm before the (big) storm

news-rotundasnapWith a moisture-laden low pressure system hovering off the East Coast, a frigid air mass moving down from Canada, and a whopper of a storm system picking up Gulf moisture as it steadily moves east, the sweet spot of the storm is going to create havoc. Here's the UVA Rotunda Thursday the 4th of February at 7:41am.

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And if you truly want to be prepared for the storm, run out and purchase "Frederick" by Leo Lionni. Frederick will teach you all you need to know about coping with winter.
Mary Dixon Weidler writes in her review of this book :

"Frederick the field mouse has the heart of a poet, but how does that help his family prepare for the cold winter? Using his imagination, Frederick memorizes the best of the summer days, and then warms his family with those memories during the cold, gray winter."

my family LOVES that book!

One day at a time --the sun is shining, sidewalks clear, roads snow free; it's a wonderful day to go for a walk and store up some sunbeams.

The most recent update for the Shenenhoah Valley is 16"-24" .

This is the best winter in 14 years .