Snap o' the day: Nude pix reaction


A kid who sees a naked person isn't going to fall apart! A kid who sees a unclothed person isn't going to go rob a bank. I can't understand parents being upset over this? Ever been to Long Island? Breasts are seen all over the beach. Kids see this all summer long and accept it is fine. Parents ought to spend their time worrying about what kids are reading on the internet while unsupervised. Parents should be worried about their kids being exposed to the wrong sorts as they hang out in shopping malls. Parents better worry about violence on TV and in video games. Viewing a beautiful body should be a normal part of life.

*yawn*-a full blown kerfluffle? Can't remember when that last happened in our sleepy little 'burg.

the hook isn't brave enough to print pictures of full-frontally nude men, that's for sure.

Gasbag thinks he will pass on images of nude men. Thanks anyway.

Hope UVA students never turn on their TV’s ââ?¬â??or go to the movies, no telling what they might see these days. Can their comments at chn19 be real ?

When my daughter was 5 we went to a special exhibit of Greek nudes at the National Gallery. She brought a friend who commented to her ââ?¬Å?these people are nude ââ?¬Å?, and my daughter responded, yes, it’s ART . I doubt if she would give the photos in this article a second glance. Too busy studying

1st let me say I agree that, overall, our society’s too uptight”Šbut I have to point out that our liberal lean is most often in the direction of female nudity, is it not? That said, would we be as supportive of an issue displaying full male frontals? I tend to think not.

Now, allow me to also point out - a ââ?¬Ë?SHENANIGANS’ advert on the opposing page??? C’mon now. If you want to slip by on the full frontals, at least give some forethought to a responsible layout. Wow.

I love porn. However, it's a free paper so be a little more responsible with your photos. And please, for everyone's sanity, lets not turn this into a rediculous "porn is degrading to women" feminism arguement. Everyone loves naked, just not in a free paper my kid can pick up on his way to school.

Parents should be more concerned about all this sexting going on with their kids using cell phones and computers. Most parents have no clue what their kids are doing with all this new technology out here. It's not very often a 15 year old kid walks into the kitchen and says, "Hey mom! I just sent Davey a picture of my breasts using my Blackberry!"

Let's see some hot dudes!