Snap o' the day: Where's Nicole?

snap-urbanAussie country musician Keith Urban plays John Paul Jones Arena Thursday, August 27. One of his buses made an early arrival and was spotted in the Omni lot Sunday, August 23.
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We went to his show in Cleveland over the weekend and have to say, we had a blast. The place was packed with loving, kind and genuine people who enjoyed spending that five or so hours together. We were pleasantly surprised with Sugarland's performance that whipped us into a frenzy before Keith came on stage.

We were exhausted after this show and would urge anyone who hasn't seen it, to RUN to get tickets for this thrill ride. The best show we have been to, bar none. Thanks to Keith Urban and Sugarland for a job well done and worth the price of the tickets.
Most excellent.

I wouldn't pay a nickel to see his concert after spotting his bus advertising for Verizon. Verizon has done more damage to this area in the last 4 months than any cell phone provider has done in the last decade. This after Verizon promised that nothing was going to change once they acquied the Alltel network.

Sorry to hear about your problems with Verizon but it isn't Keith's fault. I've had my fair share of problems with phone service but not with Verizon so everyone has some sort of problem with all companies in certain areas. Do yourself a favor and reconsider seeing Keith Urban's an experience you will NEVER forget.


Wait a minute- you are boycotting Ben & Jerry's because they support a convicted cop killer? I would have expected you to own stock in their company!!

Wow, country music fans are loyal! Even to these young whippersnappers like Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney. Personally, I'm waiting for Merle Haggard to grace the JPJ show.

It's nice to see that Keith & Nicole enjoy each other. The baby looks like both of them and is adorable. Keith always mentions them during his shows and thanks Nicole for being his wife.

What a great couple.


@ Kidman sucks

More hate from the haters.

This is not Keith's bus, it is Verizons bus that is advertising for Keith. They are one of the sponsers for this tour. IF Keith arrives in a bus you don't actually think it would be parked in front of an arena do you?! His bus is in the back with the bands buses and the tractor trailers.

Nicole who?????

Marie, I'm not saying their service isn't good. They simply refuse to honor the plan and benefits I had with Alltel. Verizon simply doesn't want all the "grandfathered" plans Alltel had with longtime customers that don't match Verizon's current plans. Just like everything else in life now, it's all about the almighty dollar.

As soon soon as I have time to worry about it, I will probably switch all my cell phones to nTelos. The only delay is so far is looking into and purchasing my own nTelos capable cell phones. I do not let cell phone service providers lock me into 2 year contracts by providing me with cell phones. it's one of the biggest scams on the face of the earth.

If Keith Urban takes the Verizon logo off his bus, I will buy tickets for myself, my wife and my daughter. :)

I used to have AT&T but I can't use my cellphone in the subway so I switched to Verizon. This service is very convenient because my husband can call me anytime especially if he will be late picking me up at the train station. If you have a problem with Verizon, I suggest that you contact their office with your issues.

Meanwhile, Keith Urban is an outstanding entertainer. I've seen many concerts in my lifetime and he is one of the best. His connnection with his audience is unparalleled and you can see the joy/emotion when he plays. He is also a stellar guitar player and mesmerizing to watch. If he plays in your area, you shouldn't miss his concert. It is truly a great way to "escape" for a few hours and leave your cares, problems, and issues for a while.

Who cares where Nicole is. She probably off filming another flop no one wants to see. Keith is a great muscian. He puts on a wonderful show. He was famous before that skeleton came along. Why does everything about Keith have to be tied to that old bag of bones these days. His talent stands on it's own.

HHHHEEEEEYYY MISs BOO!!!!! GO out and get a NTELLOS phone they have a big office in the valley. So you're kinda buying local!!!!!!!

Ohh, Jeebus! Wanting crooked corrupt cops off the street is a whole different ball game than wishing death upon the good decent hard working cops.

You're right, cher. Keith also doesn't have his picture plastered on the side of his bus. This is a Verizon bus. They had one at the Green Day concert too but with Green Day's picture on it.

It isn't fair to hold a how a business conducts business, whether right or not, against an artist. Would you refuse to go to a concert by your most favorite artist just because you don't like the arena? Probably not.

On another note, we've had Verizon land & wireless service for approximately 12 years with absolutely no problems at all. No line problems, no dropped service, no billing problems. Prior to Verizon we had Cingular, who had been Cellular One, who had been Houston Cellular, all of which were horrible. We built a new house about 3 miles from the city limits and had zero bars as soon as we hit the city limit sign! We began investigating other providers and Verizon came out on top in every area not only locally but nationwide. I'm sure not everyone who has Verizon has outstanding service. We don't have carryover minutes but we have extremely reliable service, globally.

Sure it is. I also boycott Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream for their continued support of convicted cop killer Wesley Cook. (Later changed his name to Mumia Abdul-Jamal)

"I also boycott Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream for their continued support of convicted cop killer Wesley Cook."

"I wouldn’t pay a nickel to see his concert after spotting his bus advertising for Verizon."

Watch out, self righteous citizen on the loose!

Methinks you just like to have stuff to complain and be self righteous about!


- Miss Boo