Snap o' the day: Swim faster

snap-beach-hoursBudget cuts have sliced beach time two hours at Albemarle County's Mint Springs, Chris Greene and Walnut Creek lakes, now open from 11:30am to 7:30pm, down from last year's 10am to 8pm and saving around $20,000, says parks and rec director Pat Mullaney. "The other advantage is more time to run swim lessons," he says. So far, the complaints are minimal, he says.

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So the county is saving a little over a 25 cents per resident per year.

I bet if we all put on our thinking caps we could find 20k in savings.

I wonder how much of that 20k will be consumed in Police overtime chasing tresspassers out in the early am and early pm?

This is SO typical of government... cut obvious services to blackmale people into higher taxes.

Whoever decided that this is the best place to save 20k should be FIRED.

Demand accountability from your government people. Maybe they could get rid of one janitor on the mall and make the others actually work.

toolittle toolate, the city and county take pride in not laying off any employees, even in the worst of times. They're not worried about how you pay your taxes after YOU get laid off from employment.