June 6th, 2002 issue #0118

June 6th, 2002
  • Who's watching the kids?

    The blonde, blue-eyed middle school student arrives home from school, says hi to her mom, and then disappears in front of the computer.She seems like a typical 14-year-old who likes ‘N Sync and 98 Degrees, except that this girl has been sexually molested by three different people, and two of those incidents occurred on the premises of a licensed daycare provider.While one assault resulted in an arrest and conviction, an outraged mother still wants to know how the state could allow the daycare provider to maintain her license.Abandoned baby

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best celebrity wedding: Mary Chapin Carpenter got married outdoors in downtown Batesville on Saturday, June 1– to a real carpenter. Dave Matthews and Sissy Spacek att...

The Dish

  • C&O alfresco

    For over 25 years, the C&O has been a venerable downtown dining venue. And while patios multiplied just blocks away on the bricks of the Mall, diners didn’t seem to m...


Real Estate - On the Block

  • Key West oasis

    ASKING: $349,000SIZE: 2,392 finished sq. ft., 676 unfin.YEAR BUILT: 1984ADDRESS: 5 Steubin LaneNEIGHBORHOOD: Key WestCURB APPEAL: 7 out of a possible 10LISTED BY: Charlotte...


  • Diaper dilemma

    Cloth or disposable diapers? The vast majority of parents choose the latter for their convenience and for what is generally perceived as a lower “yuck factor.”But would...

  • Jesus v. Jostens

    The sign in front of Western Albemarle High School announced a June 1 baccalaureate service at a nearby church to send grads into the world with prayer.Some dismayed parent...

  • Unlimited Vitality closes

    The shelves are sparsely stocked the day before Unlimited Vitality shut its doors after 23 years in business– but then, the shelves had always seemed sparsely stocked...

Strange But True

  • Hot-footin'

    Q: There are people who can perform the amazing feat of walking barefoot over red-hot coals without injury. Is this a case of mind over matter? –Dr. T. SchollA: Actually,...



  • Trains are the answer

    Loved the story on the railroads of Charlottesville. Trains are nothing if not big, powerful and awe inspiring, perhaps with a touch of soul. They are why I chose to build ...

Cultural preview

  • Electicism unbound

    By Mark Grabowski

  • Enchanted land

    Walking into the light-filled space of the Village Playhouse is entering an enchanted place. Wooden play stands draped with blue swaths of fabric form a pillow-lined playho...

  • Laying it on

    As part of a three-venue super exhibit this month, Les Yeux du Monde gives up a bit of wall space for oil paintings by former UVA art professor Ted Turner. It’s more than...

  • Lookout, Savannah

    By Elizabeth Kiem

  • Out of bounds

    Like most ski resorts that cannot offer skiing year round, Wintergreen has a slew of other activities to keep people outdoors and moving even though it’s warm, and those ...

  • Pushing for change

    By Mara Rockliff

  • Scotland bound

    Billed as “the world's largest celebration of the arts,” Scotland’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe is an explosion of artistic expression. The Festival, which began in 194...