June 27th, 2002 issue #0121

June 27th, 2002
  • Trouble on Walton's Mountain

    Fans converge...But not on Walton's Mountain Carolyn Grinnell, president of the Waltons International Fan Club, was there in Schuyler the day the museum opened in 1992. She loves coming up from North Carolina every fall to the quaint little town where the club has had reunions with fans and cast members at the museum. This year, however, the fan club will hold its July 13 reunion at the Doubletree not in Schuyler but 45 minutes away in Charlottesville. As with so much in this story, explanations vary.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst swipe at the League of Women Voters: City Council’s invitation to a League observer to attend the June 18 interviews with school board candidates that were closed t...

The Dish

  • Tea time

    If you think you’re hip, sitting in a coffee shop sipping a grande double skinny latte, Dish has some sad news: you’re actually passé, because, like, coffee is so ’9...


Real Estate - On the Block

  • Anything goes

    ASKING: $189,900SIZE: 1,700 square feetYEAR BUILT: 1920ADDRESS: 814 Hinton AvenueNEIGHBORHOOD: BelmontCURB APPEAL: 6 of a possible 10LISTED BY: Betty Duncan of Century 21 M...

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Strange But True

  • Hairy and scary

    Q: In search of the roots of vampirism and werewolfism, modern science has looked recently past gas-bloated corpses shifting in shallow graves (the "undead") and rabies vic...


  • David Toscano

    After 12 years on City Council, including a stint as mayor, David Toscano is ready to ride into the sunset. Yeah, right.One place you won’t find Toscano on July 1, date o...


  • Bottom line

    I was very pleased to see an article about cloth diapers (http://readthehook.com/99145/diaper-dilemma) in a recent issue of The Hook, and I'm happy that Charlottesville...

Cultural preview

  • Dirty blues

    By Mark Grabowski

  • Fourth fest

    By Elizabeth Kiem

  • Grab the goggles

    After the success of “Get Surreal” a year or two ago, the Second Street Gallery is back in the locally produced group show gig. With “Surreal,” the Gallery approach...

  • New citizens

    By Mara Rockliff

  • Swimming season

    They say “Records were made to be broken.” It seems central Virginia is trying to prove the old cliché true: every  June, July, and August we seem to reach new he...

  • Theater jackpot

    It’s practically a tradition already. Come July, the folks at Live Arts will roll out their third annual Summer Theater Festival (STF). Based in part on the famous Fringe...