February 23rd, 2012 issue #1108

February 23rd, 2012

4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Hungriest: Twelve UVA students begin a hunger strike February 18 in support of a living wage of at least $13 for the university's lowest paid employees.


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  • Another fatality: State charges hunter for mistaking man for deer

    Sadly, the tragic lesson from Ferrum University was not learned by a Chatham-area man who allegedly shot and killed his neighbor after mistaking the innocent citizen for a ...

  • Illuminating: They might be... dissing me

    Brooklyn-based duo They Might Be Giants performed what we think was their sixth Charlottesville concert since we began keeping score in 1990. Along the way, they penned a t...

  • Recycling on Park

    Recycling on Park Street requires skillful juggling of bins and traffic. (This is the kind of photo someone might take if they were killing time outside the offices of Geor...

  • Snow falls: Packable, throwable blanket precedes Prez Day

    It had been the season without a snow accumulation– until the eve of President's Day, when the kiddies would already have the day off from school. Despite the irony, ...

  • Some photos: As Huguely trial delayed Thursday

    Huguely stories • Not trauma: Brain doc says CPR did the damage • Chasing any: Three women rebuff Huguely meet-ups • Forensic litany: Lots of exhibits, less DNA evid...

  • Table of contents

    COVERIntent to kill?After a three-day break, the jury in the first degree murder trial of George W. Huguely IV took up deliberations. Here, a look back at the evidence and ...

  • Winter wallop? Snow forecast up in the air

    So far, winter 2012 hasn't been much like winter at all, with temperatures more than three degrees above average and snowfall nearly 14 inches below average. That could all...


  • There was no brawl b/w MHS and CHS

    Regarding ["Biggest brawl"] in 4Better or Worse  in the February 16 issue: First of all, there was no "brawl." Not one punch. I was there. CHS players were playing ver...


Black and White

  • Henry Graff

    How does the out of town coverage compare to that of the local broadcast folk? I have not seen any out of area broadcast coverage of The Commonwealth of Virginia vs. George...